(21/02/2012) Sizzling party evening from PIPA and Het Duivenblad

Not only was the Fugare exhibition a bestseller, but also the party evening from ‘PiPa’ and ‘Het Duivenblad’ which took place on Saturday evening directly after the exhibition in the Xpo-rooms in Kortrijk was a real topper!

(23/10/2011) Videos public auction Pros Roosen

During the Pros Roosen auction on January 8 and 9, a lot of footage was shot, which was used for making a three-part video on Pros Roosen and the public auction. Part 1 is an interview with Pros Roosen himself, part 2 contains the interviews conducted before the start of the auction, and part 3 reflects the atmosphere at the auction.

(24/12/2010) 2010 比利时赛鸽天堂网 & 鸽报晚会- 照片

2010 比利时赛鸽天堂网 & 鸽报晚会于2010年12月19日成功落下帷幕!唯美的宴会厅在雪花布景的映衬下仿佛仙界一般!鸽界人士欢聚一堂!

(22/12/2010) 2010年12月18日比利时乔斯.托内(Jos Thoné)欧洲现场公开拍卖会照片


(27/10/2009) 2009巴塞罗那国际赛冠军得主范豪顿清舍拍卖会圆满落槌 - 现场图片报道


(22/05/2009) 比利時法蘭斯.速霸龍(Frans Sablon)2009年1月25日歐洲現場拍賣會空前成功

法蘭斯.速霸龍為帝盧-速霸龍合作時期負責育種者,PIPA有幸舉辦其現場清舍拍賣會,成功且圓滿結束。73羽拍賣鴿平均拍賣價為每隻4700歐元(含稅),可謂拍賣史上最成功的拍賣會之一。 拍賣當晚出席的名家有馬歇爾.阿布瑞契,范希兄弟,馬克.迪庫克,愛力克.林伯格,電腦戈馬利,希巴赫-榮格,伊爾米爾,保羅.海斯,羅森.波斯(拍走4羽),卡沙特父子,荷蘭雷騰兄弟..等人。