Viaene Ignace win 1e national Perpignan Yearlings (2004)

Ignace and Rita Viaene, Loppem (BE)

Just like with the old pigeons, it is again a “small” fancier that wins this flight. With his 4 small lofts and his 17 widowers and 24 youngsters, Ignace doesn’t have more pigeons then a general sprint-fancier, and yet Ignace is performing on a high level for years already, when we talk about long distance flights. After winning the 3th national zone A with a yearling from St-Vincent it was the turn to “Beultje”, a yearling, to win the national race from Perpignan

”Het Beultje”

The national winner yearlings from Perpignan, “Het Beultje”, is a daughter of “De Barcelona”. “De Barcelona” won the 2nd provincial, 12th national and 23th international of Barcelona in 1998. The origine of the pigeon is Noël Peiren that came from the Frans Beulens pigeons originaly. This pigeon can be seen as ‘the head’ of the loft “Viaene”. The mother, the “435/00”, is a hen that he bred for himself, directly from Noël Peiren pigeons. Ignace immediately saw the breeding value of this hen, that’s why this pigeon never raced. This couple already bred some fantastic pigeons before, like the “132” that won the 29th price from Barcelona and the 4th from Perpignan. The 306/01 is a halfbrother of “Het Beultje” and this pigeon won the 2nd price from Dax. Another halfbrother won the 7th price from Dax. This is the proof that it isn’t quantity that matters, but quality.

The loft Viaene

The pigeons in the lofts of Viaene come for 80% from the double national winner 2004 Noel Peiren from Zedelgem. He got those pigeons directly from his brother Gerard Viaene. For the rest the loft was added with pigeons from Lucien Staelens from Wevelgem, Georges Dhaenekint from St-Kruis, Roger Deblauwe from Damme, Antoine Vanhove from Loppem and Jan De Clerq from Maldegem. The colony “Viaene” is limited but if you have to compete against them, you’d better be prepared.