Bruggen Rene from Vlijtingen wins 1st National Perpignan Old Pigeons (2004)

It is again a small fancier, who showed the so called “big ones” the way to go and manage to take the national victory on Perpignan, the closing race of the extreme long distance season of 2004. This is an honour that the winner, Rene Bruggen, managed to achieve in very difficult conditions. It was suffocatingly hot with a light head wind through out the journey, a flight for really strong pigeons.
It is the DONKERE ‘TIJGER’ 5269884/2000 who became the national winner (and 4th internat. Against 18.192 p). He was clocked at 6:32 after crossing 929,649 Km at a speed of 1105,41 meter per minute. This pigeon has not missed one prize this season, but he didn’t have the luck yet in getting a top prize. It is a beautiful cock with pure Dutch extreme long distance blood in his veins.
His father is the ‘193 SAYA’, directly from the line of the famous ‘ABOR’ of the Saya brothers.
His mother the ‘542 GOORISSEN’, is a direct daughter of the famous Perpignan pigeon from his late sport friend Twan Goorissen (NL), who has the infamous Vander Wegen-blood in flowing. Before the winner left for Perpignan, he was allowed an hour to enjoy his hen and that has definitely given him plenty of motivation. The fact that this pigeon also has plenty of breeding provincial was proved by his son about two weeks ago by taking the 24th place provincial from Marseille. The legendary apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
As we have said in the beginning, Rene Bruggen belongs to the category of small fanciers, maybe we could even say “very small” fanciers. Rene has in total 50 pigeons sitting in his loft (including breeders, widowers and youngsters), out of which 8 are widowers raced on extreme long distance. His widowers can’t bring up any youngsters in the season. On April 15 precisely they are coupled and after a few days they sitt on their eggs on widowhood. In the origine of his pigeons you can predominantly find pigeons of Saya- brothers, with which is Rene achieving spectacular results.
It’s not easy to get good results on almost all flights with only a few pigeons, but it is really impressive what Rene Bruggen accomplished untill now, because he had 12 prizes from his 13 basketted pigeons in 2004, on the long distance, just see for yourself :

12 prizes from his 13 basketted pigeons
2 out of 2 from Barcelona, starting with the 105th national !!
5 out of 5 from Marseille, starting with the 24th provincial !
2 out of 3 from Béziers, starting with the 4th provincial !
3 out of 3 from Perpignan with one of them the 1st NATIONAL !!

And all that with only 8 widowers!! Many from our so called “big” racers would have to blush if their result had to be compared with the results of Rene Bruggen. It is in fact just a logical result of the basis that Rene has established in the past. In 2003 he won 2nd Prov Montauban and 42nd National; 2nd Prov Marseille and 36th International !! Pretty good…and that is not even mentioning his results from Barcelona and Perpignan from previous years:

: 107th National etc…
2002 : 611th National etc…
2003 : 116th National etc…
2004 : 105th National etc…

2001 : 8.041 p. 821st Nat….
2002 : 7.898 p. 123rd Nat…
2003 : 7.537 p. 408th Nat…
2004 : 1st NATIONAL !!!

That is a clear evidence of the quality in the lofts of Rene Bruggen. For our PIPA visitors, we tried to convince him to tell us his little secret.His answer was very simple: good pigeons !! According to Rene, is the rest very easy. He goes to see the vet three times a year. Once a month his pigeons are treated against Tricho, for three days. The last three days before basketting is some maize added and they are fed with a spoon. That much for an uncomplicated feeding system of Rene Bruggen. Using this system he was able to achieve spectacular performances on extreme long distance, even on an international level and the ultimate top his carrer is now the 1st place at national Perpignan!