The young birds of Jespers-Vanderwegen (Holsbeek, BE) excel in the national race from Argenton II

In the past few years they have been known for winning one top prize after the other with their young birds in the national races. 2013 is no exception; they had no less than nine pigeons in the top 100 against over 19,000 young birds from Argenton!

Herman Jespers (a 55 year old car mechanic) and his stepson Johnny Vanderwegen (a 30 year old road worker) have confirmed their status as specialists in the young bird races. They had a great start to the season with their team of yearlings but their performance from Argenton II last weekend has surprised many. These were their amazing results from Argenton against 19,303 young birds: 7-8-33-34-60-63-64-65-92-etc. They had no less than nine pigeons in the national top 100. This is really exceptional!

Jespers-Vanderwegen is synonymous with their stock pair Kleine Dirk (from the Kannibaal line of Van Dyck) x Fleur (from the line of Ace Four of Schaerlaeckens). These two breeders have been the parents, grandparents and great-grandparents of more than 55 winners of top 100 prizes in the national races and last weekend some more prize winners have been added to that list. Two years ago Johnny and Herman paid a visit to Gaby Vandenabeele to reinforce their existing breed. The pedigrees of their successful pigeons from Argenton indicate that their Vandenabeele pigeons have been a great investment: the combination of Vandenabeele and their existing breed (based around Kleine Dirk x Fleur) has been the key to success in this loft.

An overview of the prizewinners from Argenton

-BE13-2006406, 7th nat. Argenton, had already won a national top 100 prize from Châteauroux one week earlier: he finished 97th against 12,071 young birds. The sire is a son of Kleine Dirk; the dam is a granddaughter of Bliksem of Gaby Vandenabeele. Click here for the pedigree of BE13-2006406.

-BE13-2006481, 8th nat. Argenton was bred from Arthure (winner of a first nat. zone C Argenton and a 10th nat. Argenton in 2012) x a direct hen of Kristiaan Hennes, which is also related to nothing but Vandenabeele, via the loft of Deno-Herbots. Click here for the pedigree of BE13-2006481.

-BE13-2006457, 33rd nat. Argenton has also won a 345th national from Châteauroux against 12,071 pigeons. His sire is Max, a full brother of Hercules, winner of a third national from Argenton. His dam is also a direct Kristiaan Hennes and a granddaughter of Bliksem! Click here for the pedigree of BE13-2006457.

-BE13-2006402, 34th nat. Argenton was bred from the direct Gaby Vandenabeele cock Napoleon and he is also a grandson of Bliksem. Napoleon is a proven breeder as the sire of, for instance, a 26th nat. La Souterraine. His dam is Tina, an inbred to stock sire Kleine Dirk. Tina is a sister of Dina, 1st nat. zone C Guéret, 4th nat. zone C Argenton, 275th nat. zone C La Souterraine... Click here for the pedigree of BE13-2006402.

-BE13-2006429, 60th nat. Argenton won a 233rd national from Châteauroux last weekend. She is a full sister of the winner of a 38th nat. Bourges last year. The sire is Splendid, which is a direct son of stock pair Kleine Dirk x Fleur. He is a full brother of F-16, Lady Fleur, Nathalia, The 500-duivin, Hope, First Son, Petit Fleur. The dam is another direct Vandenabeele hen (Petra) and a granddaughter of Bliksem. Click here for the pedigree of BE13-2006429.

-BE13-2006445, 63rd nat. Argenton. Both the sire and the hen are grandchildren of the outstanding breeder Kleine Dirk. Click here for the pedigree of BE13-2006445.

This perfectly illustrates that the crossing of their own breeding pair (Kleine Dirk x Fleur) and the introduction of the Vandenabeele pigeons (mainly grandchildren of Bliksem) are a perfect match. We have four more national races to go this season and the team from Holsbeek is in great shape!


Hoogstwaarschijnlijk het best spelende hok van België op de nationale vluchten met jongen de laatste jaren !


Dat zijn al uitslagen waar je mee kan uitpakken! Proficiat mateke!

Zoals aan de telefoon reeds vermeld, was/ben ik steeds enorm onder de indruk van jullie uitslagen op de GHF met jonge duiven. Ook met de jaarlingen is het een schitterend seizoen geweest.

FERM!!!! proficiat!

Proficiat Herman & Johnny!

Proficiat mannen ik zou zeggen doe verder , maar laat morgen ook wat voor ons . Sportieve groeten Mia en Theo

das top van die mannen van Holsbeek ik ken ze niet zo goed - We hebben één geluk op Isso hebben ze maar 23

mee - Herman & Johnny PROFICIAT !!!

Super performance , well done Johnny and Herman.

1st National Ancenis in UK this year for myself is also from a hen from Jespers-Vanderwegan inbred to Kleine Dirk,


Best loft of Belgium when it's time to race the national calendar with the youngsters.
Congratz Herman & Johnny!

Adrien Mirabelle - Quaregnon