W. & F. Ebben (Beneden-Leeuwen, NL) claim a 1st Nat. sector 3 Chateaudun 12,511 p. with super class cock Linus

The sectoral race from Chateaudun can add a big name to their list of winners with Will & Falco Ebben, who claimed victory with a fantastic bird! The two year old Linus 994 wins already his 4th first prize of 2018, adding to a total of nine first prizes NPO for the uncle-nephew combination since their debut in 2011.

Linus 994 has had an almost perfect season so far with 4 first prizes, and he now hits the jackpot with a 1st prize national sector 3 of 12,511 pigeons. He has quite an impressive pedigree:

(23-6-2018) 1st Nat. sector 3 Chateaudun - 12,511 p.
(05-5-2018) 1st Niergnies      -     425 p. and   4th of    12,624 p.
(20-5-2018) 1st Niergnies      -     348 p. and   6th of    10,693 p.
(14-4-2018) 1st Duffel         -     386 p. and 14th of      4,870 p.
(10-6-2017) 2nd Chateaudun     -     114 p. and 23rd NPO     3,543 p.
(29-4-2017) 3rd Quievrain      -     366 p.
(12-5-2018) 10th Quievrain     -     413 p.
(20-5-2017) 15th Vervins       -   4,955 p.
(31-7-2016) 15th Moeskroen     -   1,743 p.
(16-7-2016) 24th Asse Zellik   -   2,480 p.
(06-5-2017) 37th Chimay        -   5,374 p.

Linus 994 is named after Falco's son and Chateaudun was his final race of the season. He was in the top 6 of fastest pigeons of more than 10,000 pigeons on three occasions, and he won 9 prizes 1:25. It means Linus would need one top result short to be a contender for the title of best ace pigeon WHZB. But he will nog get another chance at winning a top result in this competition. He was holding a top ranking in the general pigeon championship sprint in the district on the eve of Chateaudun, and he was in 1st place in the middle distance championship with a considerable lead. Stilll, Willy decided to basket him for the one day long distance. He said to Falco: "If you want one day long distance birds in your loft, you will have to race them in the one day long distance as well."

From renowned racing bird to the team's new top breeder; it looks like Linus 994 is on his way to following in the footsteps of his parents, two fantastic pigeons that dominated the competition. The sire is Diablo, 1st NPO Morlincourt 16,971 p. as a youngster and a grandson of stock hen Roosje. The dam of Linus 994 is the new star of the team for Ebben: Indy. She won 6 first prizes (including 3 wins in the region) and a 2nd-3rd-4th NPO. She comes straight from Schaerlaeckens, from 20 eggs that Falco obtained from them, and that went straight to the racing team (the same strategy was used in 2016 and 2018). Linus 994 was raced by Falco in 2016 as a youngster (Comb. Ebben). Two brothers of his were racing that year as well; his nest mate was successful in the entente, and the other brother won a 6th National Melun Sector III of 10,654 p.
Click here for the pedigree of Linus 994.

A fantastic season for Will and Falco

The victory from Chateaudun is a first major highlight in a truly fantastic racing season for the Ebben pigeon family. Over the past few weeks Will and Falco received four honourable mentions in the 'Grandmasters' pages of the 'Het Spoor der Kampioenen' magazine. The one thing still missing on their palmares was a first prize in a major competition. "I am so glad that this very racing cock takes the win", says Falco, "since he is a descendant of our two big stars: Roosje, winner of 6 first prizes in big races and Indy, 6 times first and 2nd, 3rd and 4th NPO." This adds to a total of 9 victories in the NPO, even though this team has never had more than 12 pairs of old birds in total widowhood over the years.

The highlights of W. & F. Ebben in 2018

28-4-2018 Quievrain 207 km 394 pigeons
2nd-3rd-6th-8th-12th-30th-43rd-48th-49th-50th (11/20)
5-5-2018 Niergnies 250 km 425 pigeons
1st-9th-10th-11th-12th-18th-20th-21st-22nd-26th-43rd-50th (12/21)
12-5-2018 Quievrain 207 km 413 pigeons
7th-8th-10th-11th-15th-16th-21st-24th-38th-39th-43rd-58th-97th (13/22)
20-5-2018 Niergnies 250 km 348 pigeons
1st-3rd-4th-5th-6th-9th-10th-18th-19th-25th-28th-33rd-45th-51st-63rd-65th-68th-80th (18/21)
26-5-2018 Pithiviers NPO 475 km 3,508 pigeons
4th-17th-220th-437th-523rd (5/9)
26-5-2018 Vervins 255 km 3,209 pigeons
29th-30th-75th-80th-86th-126th-195th-208th-276th-380th-672nd (11/13)
10-6-2018 Laon 283 km 685 pigeons
6th-12th-16th-26th-88th (5/8)
16-6-2018 Nanteuil 362 km 501 pigeons
7th-10th-23rd-26th-37th-55th-56th-86th-111th-131st (10/16)
23-6-2018 Chateaudun NIC 517 km 246 pigeons
1st-3rd-5th-6th-9th-10th-11th-19th-31st-46th-47th-53rd-56th-60th (14/16)
23-6-2018 NPO Chateaudun 2,878 pigeons
1st-21st-43rd-64th-82nd-83rd-95th-190th-380th-582nd-615th-659th-703rd (13/16)