Loockx Guido (卢克斯 吉多) 鸽友信息


(28/08/2015) 比利时泰森德洛(Tessenderlo)的吉多.卢克斯(Guido Loockx)再次收获成功赛季:2个全省冠军和1个联省冠军!



(15/04/2015) 比利时特森德尔洛(Tessenderlo)基多.卢克斯鸽舍的新奥林匹克代表鸽“奥林匹克维奥莱塔”(Olympic Violetta)

现在的基多.卢克斯鸽舍拥有不少于4羽奥林匹克代表鸽,第一羽就是他的基础鸽“潘塔尼”(Pantani),1999年布兰克浦奥林匹克代表鸽。然后要数09年多特蒙德奥林匹克代表鸽“灰天空女士”(Mrs. Blue Sky)和11年波兹南奥林匹克代表鸽“凯穆克”(Kai-Mook),15年再添布达佩斯奥林匹克代表鸽“奥林匹克维奥莱塔”


(03/10/2014) Guido Loockx (Tessenderlo, BE) takes well deserved provincial win from Guéret II old birds after strong second half of the season

Guido Loockx managed to win four consecutive top three prizes at provincial level in the national races in August. His consistent level of performance eventually resulted in a well deserved provincial first prize from Guéret II, with his black coloured one year old hen Zwarte Kenji taking the win against 293 old birds. In addition, the 168/11 finished in 6th provincial.


(27/02/2014) 2013年比利时泰森德洛(Tessenderlo)的基多.卢克斯(Guido Loockx)再奏凯歌



(25/11/2012) 比利时泰森德洛(Tessenderlo, BE)的基多•卢克斯(Guido Loockx):加冕比利时KBDB全国一岁鸽最佳鸽舍冠军



(27/09/2010) 比利时吉多.卢克斯 Guido Loockx - Tessenderlo (BE) has a top candidate Olympiad pigeon in his ‘Kai-Mook’!

The region of Tessenderlo was repeatedly in the pigeon news during the last few seasons… especially in the provincial and national ‘extreme middle distance’ classics.


(09/06/2009) Verreckt-Ariën and Guido Loockx, Tessenderlo Surprise Chateauroux in Limburg from the 7th of June!

During the weekend of 6-7 June the Semi-National Chateauroux was on the calendar, a classic in the eastern half of our country. The weather gods put a ‘spoke’ in the wheels, because the rainclouds form Paris to the south of France, prevented the attendants from liberating the pigeons!