Declerck-Blancke (德克勒克- 布兰克) 鸽友信息


(06/06/2011) The “Ulrike” van De Clerck – Blancke from Tielt won the 1st provincial from Bourges in West-Flanders by the yearlings

In the provincial doubling of the national Bourges–I there were 1463 yls basketted in the coast province, from which a hen in widowhood was the fastest by the yearlings.


(16/01/2010) 比利时德克勒克-布兰克(De Clerq-Blancke) ~ 2009年12月泰国FCI世界锦标公棚赛德克勒克-布兰克赢得冠军、亚军与21位

德克勒克-布兰克2009年12月泰国FCI世界锦标公棚赛赢得冠军、亚军与21位: 冠军泰国小姐(Miss Thai 2009)被日本鸽友以15000欧元拍走 亚军泰国先生(Miss Thai 2009) 被中国鸽友以6000欧元拍走