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(07/02/2020) PIPA has a soft spot for charity

Every year, the 4th of February is "World Cancer Day", an international day to raise public awareness on cancer. On Sunday 22nd of March, a group of PIPA employees will be running 2 x 100km in two groups of four.


(24/12/2018) Het Spoor杂志对PIPA尼古拉斯和托马斯.吉塞布赖特兄弟的采访

不久前赛鸽杂志Het Spoor der Kampioenen 对PIPA进行了采访,他们就PIPA的过去、现在和将来与尼古拉斯和托马斯.吉塞布赖特兄弟进行了回顾和展望。