Den Haese Raf(邓哈斯 拉夫) 鸽友信息


(25/02/2014) 比利时莫尔塞勒(Moortsele)地区的拉夫•邓哈斯(Raf Den Haese)在赛场上持续有着高水平的表现



(03/09/2009) Raf Den Haese, Moortsele (BE) Winner 1° Nat. La Souterraine 4.460 old birds

A good number of old birds were entered for the penultimate classic of the 2009 racing season, no less than 4.460. The old birds and yearlings raced in one and the same race and the same national doubling for the first time this season, in the joint category ‘old birds’. It was excellent racing weather, and there was a very gentle wind that varied between east and south-east above Paris, and ...


(26/08/2009) 比利時拉夫.鄧哈斯(Den Haese Raf) ~ 2009年8月22日拉索特年全國4460羽成鴿冠軍(初步成績22355羽第二高分速)

拉夫.鄧哈斯(DENHAESE RAF) 的2009年8月22日拉索特年全國4460羽成鴿冠軍(初步成績22355羽第二高分速)是羽2008年生灰砂眼雌 B08-4061050,血統顯赫,乃是100%愛力克.林伯格血統,(灰鴿王:2007KBDB全國長距離鴿王2位x夢想家全妹)的外孫女!