Verhestraeten Sylvain(佛海斯特朗顿.希尔凡) 鸽友信息


(07/01/2019) Sylvain Verhestraeten (Herentals, BE) thrives with descendants of Channel nr 1 and her sons Jaguar 004 and Pichanel

Sylvain Verhestraeten won a 1st National Chateauroux of 12,071 pigeons in 2013 with racing hen Channel Nr. 1. This national victory also led to the discovery of an invaluable new bloodline in Herentals, in the form of her sons Jaguar 004 and Pichanel.


(23/01/2018) 比利时赫伦塔尔斯(Herentals)的希尔凡.佛海斯特朗顿(Sylvain Verhestraeten)凭借“香奈儿1号”和“捷豹004”的后代取得优异成绩

在2017年初“捷豹004”(Jaguar 004)获得布鲁塞尔奥林匹克代表鸽冠军, 2017赛季希尔凡的战队展现了超强的实力,这主要得益于“香奈儿1号”和“捷豹004”。