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(18/09/2014) Jimmy Van Kerckhoven (Denderhoutem, BE) wins 1st National Gueret II of 16,604 youngsters

The national race from Gueret, which concludes this season, was a tough one because of the late liberation. At some places, prizes were won up to Monday noon. Jimmy Van Kerckhoven won the race with the fastest pigeon of all 19,035 competitors.

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(07/09/2014) 盖雷 II 2014 | 全国冠军 - 比利时 幼鸽组: Van Kerckhoven Jimmy (Haaltert-Denderhoutem)

盖雷 II 比利时全国冠军"幼鸽组"冠军: Van Kerckhoven Jimmy (Haaltert-Denderhoutem). 冠军鸽是在比利时时间星期日18:06:05(换算北京时间请加6)归巢,翔距548.707 km, 创下平均分速1203.88 米/分