Famille 3D (3D 家族) 鸽友信息


(03/06/2018) 比利时荷林(Ghlin)的3D家族(Famille 3D)取得波治I全国赛39411羽最高分速冠军!


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(26/05/2018) 波治 I 2018 | 全国冠军 - 比利时 成鸽组: Famille 3D (3D 家族) (Ghlin)

波治 I比利时全国冠军 - "成鸽组"冠军: Famille 3D (3D 家族)(Ghlin). 冠军鸽是在比利时时间星期六12:06:27(换算北京时间请加6)归巢,翔距390.858 km, 创下平均分速1275.44 米/分


(02/08/2017) 比利时出色赛绩 2017/07/28 - 2017/07/30



(30/10/2016) Another top year for the Family 3D (Ghlin, BE)!

Nothing can interfere towards the evolution of this young colony. Last year, the conto was stopped at 2 zonal victories and 5 interprovincial victories. For 2016, the balance 'only' show 3 interprovincial victories but this combination continued to show an exceptionnal regularity at all flying distances.


(05/02/2014) The Family 3D (Ghlin, BE) is one of the best upcoming lofts from Wallonia !

The fanciers who are closely following the national races had probably already heard about the Family 3D. This colony from the area of Mons already showed what it was worth several times.