Hi, my brother has a pigeon that is about 1yr 6 months. The pigeon started vomiting and also having yellow droppings?

Je veux bien savoir la meilleur façon pour bien prépare les pigeons pour les courses de fond dans un climat sec?

I am having trouble with my young birds flying. The whattles and eyes look clear but the feathers on the head are puffed up?

What would cause cramp in a pigeons legs after a 3 hour fly in a light head wind?

What should I give pigeons that return from a long distance race to recover faster?

My pigeons have watery droppings! what caused this?

My young birds drink the drinkers dry. The raison??

Wat kan ik doen om, in geval van een ziekte, het gewichtsverlies te beperken?

My pigeon has flying problems and picks next to the corn. What is the treatment for this?