Spierings Wout - Waalwijk NL

Wout SPIERINGS, Waalwijk - NL (2008)



 On a drizzly, rainy day I went to visit Wout Spierings in Waalwijk (the people of Brabant pronounce it: Wólluk). Waalwijk is a city and municipality in the Dutch province North-Brabant and has approximately 45.000 inhabitants. It lies between Drunen and Waspik in the region the Langstraat. The nearest big towns are Tilburg, 's-Hertogenbosch and Breda.

The fancier
Wout is 39 years old and Carpenter by trade. He began racing pigeons independently in 1982. His father also used to keep racing pigeons.

The loft accommodation
In the garden behind the house there is a beautiful L-shaped loft. The loft is 15 metres in length. It is divided into 6 compartments, wherefrom 3 are intended for the widowers, 1 for the breeding pigeons and 2 for the youngsters. The front of the lofts for the old pigeons faces east and for the youngsters faces south. There are aviaries in front of the lofts, which are partly “wrapped-up” with wind breaking gauze.

Stock building
The basis of his current stock was laid with pigeons of the sort Gebr. Janssen, which he obtained via his father-in-law Nico Treffers. These pigeons were later crossed with other pigeons including those from John van Unen from Etten-Leur, Cees Gijzen from St. Willebrord (sort Gebr. Hasendonckx and Wouters Coremans), Peter Remie from Tilburg (sort van Loon x Broeckx) and Jos Monsieurs from Kaatsheuvel. Wout’s pigeons are full and well-muscled and can manage the heavy work. Wout prefers to race the 1-day Long Distance races, a discipline in which he has specialised over the last three years.

Wout has a maximum of 12 breeding couples. Up until 2006 Wout possessed a phenomenal stock couple, that was formed by “Strakke” x “Dora”. Absolutely everything that this couple produced was of high quality. The “Kanjer 745”:
1st youngster WHZB 2002 came from this couple. That the inheritance quality of this sort of pigeons is good was emphasised in 2003:
5 youngsters out the “Kanjer” raced a first prize.
In 2005 Wout won a 1st and a 2nd from Le Mans against 12.884 pigeons; nationally it was 5th and 7th place against 99.104 pigeons.
The 1st prize was won by a youngster out the “Kanjer” and the 2nd prize by a youngster out the stock couple “Strakke x Dora”.
In 2006 “Dora” unfortunately stopped laying eggs and the “Strakke” was that year sold to Mike Ganus (USA).

Other top breeders are for example:
“Startrek”, 02-NL-0273744. This tyrant comes out the stock couple “Strakke x Dora” and is the nest brother of “The Kanjer”.
A few good performances of “Startrek” are:
Creil 6th against 7.724 pigeons
Le Mans 41st against 10.389 pigeons
Houdeng 43rd against 5.592 pigeons
Houdeng 78th against 8.102 pigeons
Orleans 26th against 1.848 pigeons
La Souterraine 54th against 2.369 pigeons
“Blue Moon”, 01-NL-0182009.
Blue Moon wins include
La Souterraine 2nd against 10.453 pigeons
Nijvel 3rd against 6.031 pigeons
Creil 4th against 6.351 pigeons
Morlincourt 3rd against 3.926 pigeons
St. Ghislain 13th against 5.916 pigeons Pedigree : Click here

The pigeons are generally coupled in the middle of January because this is the best time for Wout. When the youngsters are two weeks old the hens are removed. The youngsters stay with the cocks, which from that moment on are put into the dusky darkness from 6pm to 7am. Wout did this to keep the condition short, because they have to come into condition by the start of the 1-day Long Distance races. The darkening of the cocks is stopped a few weeks before the start of the 1-day Long Distance race.

Racing system 1-day Long Distance races
He usually begins with 35 cocks for these races. The cocks are raced in widowhood. The hens are only raced as youngsters. Wout shows the hens to the cocks before basketting, but sometimes he puts the widowers in the basket and leaves the basket in the loft while he lets the hens loose in the loft. When the cocks return home from a race the hens are waiting for them in the brooding loft. Wout’s widowers usually begin the season with the second or third Sprint race. Then the widowers are basketted every week until the first 1-day Long Distance race. In the week between two 1-day Long Distance races the widowers are entered for a race on the Sunday from Pommeroeul (170 km.). So as we mentioned in the above paragraph the widowers are put into the dusk/darkened, but no lighting is used during the season. Deciding in which order your pigeons are nominated is not difficult according to Wout, as long as you know your own pigeons, because the pigeons that have to be nominated betray themselves. For example they only eat a little bit and then fly back to their box. For some pigeons this behaviour can be a sign that they are in (top) condition.
During the racing season the pigeons are given a bath every Sunday. During the moulting period the pigeons are given the opportunity to take a bath twice per week. Sometimes Wout adds Apple vinegar to the bath water.

Feeding system 1-day Long Distance pigeons
Saturday and Sunday morning the pigeons are given Beyers Koopman all in one (a lot of protein).
Sunday evening and Monday morning they are given depurative.
Monday evening sport mixture is added to the depurative.
From Tuesday up to and including Thursday the pigeons are given sport mixture. The sport mixture is from Vanrobaeys.
From Monday evening onwards they are given a teaspoon of mixture with every feed and this consists of 1 part nibbling seeds, 1 part rice and 1 part hemp.
On Tuesday evening the 35 widowers are given 2 kilo feed, to which a mug of sheep fat, a mug of peanuts and a mug of 48+ cheese has been added.
The sheep fat is melted and the peanuts and cheese are chopped into pieces. Herstelpower (recovery power) from Gert-Jan Beute is sprinkled over this “fatty snack”. The remainder is consumed by the widowers on the Wednesday morning.

Because Wout has to leave for his work, the widowers only train then for an hour in the morning. In the evening they train longer than an hour and sometimes even for two hours. During the week Wout doesn’t take the pigeons away to train because he just doesn’t have the time. In the week between two 1-day Long Distance races the pigeons are basketted for a Sunday race from Pommeroeul. The pigeons are not fed so heavily in that week. They are given the “fatty snack”, but less than for a 1-day Long Distance race.

Medical matters
About two weeks before the first 1-day Long Distance race the pigeons are given a cure of ronidazole for five or six days. After the first 1-day Long Distance race they are given a tablet for tricho every four weeks: BelgaMagix or the Weerd or Spartrix. For the remainder they are not treated during the season if it is not necessary.

Top racers
Gold Feather
, 05-NL-0567250, comes out “Floris x The Blue Lelie”.
In 2007 Gold Feather was 3rd Ace pigeon 1-day Long Distance of Brabant 2000.
A few good top performances of this tyrant:
St. Quentin 4th against 7.775 pigeons
Blois 62nd against 44.591 pigeons 16th against 7.384 pigeons in Brabant 2000 5th against 2.207 pigeons in the Long Distance Union
Bourges 25th against 6.929 pigeons 9th against 1.671 pigeons in the Long Distance Union
La Souterraine 11th against 2.078 pigeons
Creil 46th against 6.410 pigeons

Jaws,05-NL-0567251, comes out “Floris x The Blue Lelie”.
He is father of “Blues Le Mans”.
Jaws achieved the following top prizes.
Baden-Baden 41st against 6.520 pigeons 20th against 1.625 pigeons in the Long Distance Union
Creil 59th against 6.410 pigeons Montluçon 57th against 4.799 pigeons Long Distance union 24th against 1.344 pigeons
Morlincourt 56th against 4.672 pigeons
St. Ghislain 85th against 3.331 pigeons
Pithiviers 136th against 3.992 pigeons

Bolide, 06-NL-0752173, is a son of “The Super” (96-NL-8019718) x “Silver Girl” (05-NL-0567266).
In 2006 he was 3rd Ace pigeon Middle Distance youngsters from Brabant 2000 and also 1st Golden Crack.
A few of his performances:
Bourges 20th against 10.442 pigeons 2nd against 2.665 pigeons in the Long Distance Union
Chateauroux 9th against 7.880 pigeons 2nd against 1.855 pigeons in the Long Distance Union
Pithiviers 11th against 2.708 pigeons
Orleans 55th against 11.390 pigeons
Orleans 24th against 1.882 pigeons
Bourges 61st against 6.929 pigeons 22nd against 1.671 pigeons in the Long Distance Union
Chateauroux 55th against 1.943 pigeons

Goede Late, 06-NL-0752178, is a grandson Strakke x Dora. Amongst other things,
he laid down the following performances.
Chateauroux 3rd against 7.880 pigeons 1st against 1.855 pigeons in the Long Distance Union
Baden-Baden 11th against 6.520 pigeons 7th against 1.625 pigeons in the Long Distance Union
Morlincourt 51st against 4.672 pigeons
Chateauroux 39th against 1.943 pigeons
St. Quentin 169th against 7.775 pigeons

The best youngsters of 2008

Totaal prize
Prize kilometres

2.834 p.
2.743 p.
1.912 p.
1.677 p.
08-3857441 M
08-3857428 M
08-3857414 H
08-3857394 H

These youngsters ensured that in 2008 Wout became 4th national loft champion youngsters.
The “441” is a direct pigeon from A. Thijs & zn. and raced amongst other things
St. Quentin 4th against 2.349 pigeons
Creil 30th against 6.258 pigeons
Sens 82nd against 3.632 pigeons
Morlincourt 80th against 2.834 pigeons
St. Quentin 87th against 3.066 pigeons
The “428” comes out the “Bolide” x “Bleu Saffier”.

His wins include:
Creil 99th against 6.258 pigeons
St. Quentin 97th against 4.108 pigeons
Sezanne 103rd against 4.303 pigeons
Sens 88th against 3.632 pigeons

The “414” comes out a son “Strakke x Dora” X daughter out “Bleus Le Mans x Blue Shadow”.
Her wins include:
St. Quentin 3rd against 2.349 pigeons
Creil 20th against 6.258 pigeons
Morlincourt 15th against 2.834 pigeons
Orleans 79th against 1.468 pigeons
Sezanne 389th against 4.303 pigeons

The “394” comes out a grandson “Strakke x Dora” X sister “Strakke”.
This cock won amongst other things:
Creil 16th against 6.258 pigeons
Morlincourt 13th against 2.834 pigeons
Pommeroeul 28th against 3.246 pigeons
St. Quentin 50th against 2.349 pigeons
Orleans 87th against 1.468 pigeons

Good racing results 2008
Old pigeons

Bourges 24-05 2nd against 2.665 pigeons with “Bolide” and 20 of the 38 in the prizes. 20th against 10.422 pigeons and 18 of the 8 in the prizes.
Chateauroux 08-06 1,2,9,31,34,39,41,46,50,55 etc. against 1.855 pigeons and 25 of the 39 in the prizes. 3,9,29,99 etc. against 7.880 pigeons and 27 of the 39 in the prizes.
Blois 21-06 34,45,47,62,64,76 etc. against 2.089 pigeons and 19 of the 34 in the prizes. 188 etc. against 8.079 pigeons and 19 of the 34 in the prizes.

Morlincourt 19-07 12,13,15,18,51,54,80 etc. against 2.834 pigeons and 30 of the 58 in the prizes. 33,42,44,48 etc. against 6.388 pigeons and 30 of the 58 in the prizes.
Creil 26-07 10,13,18,42,45,57,98 etc. against 2.743 pigeons and 28 of the 56 in the prizes. 16,20,30,85,99 etc. against 6.258 pigeons and 31 of the 56 in the prizes.
Sezanne 02-08 19,20,33,41,51,53,54,58,65,73,88,91 etc. against 1.912 pigeons and 26 of the 49 in the prizes. 29,31,58,75,91,97 etc. against 4.303 pigeons and 30 of the 49 in the prizes.
Sens 09-08 7,35,37,47,58,59,60,63,100 etc. against 1.677 pigeons and 22 of the 49 in the prizes. 7,48,52,65,82,83,84,88, etc. against 3.632 pigeons and 23 of the 49 in the prizes.
Orleans 23-08 16,35,41,49,64,71,72,79,80,82,92,96,97 etc. against 1.468 pigeons and 28 van 50 in the prizes.
St-Quentin 30-08 3,4,8,11,41,50,93,96,99,100,101 etc. against 2.349 pigeons and 33 of the 50 in the prizes 51 etc. against 3.250 pigeons and 35 of the 50 in the prizes.
Orleans 06-09 2,7,13,28,76,88,94 etc. against 918 pigeons and 26 of the 50 in the prizes. 2,7,16,44 etc. against 2.183 pigeons and 30 of the 50 in the prizes.

Championships 2002
1st, 5th, 8th Ace pigeon youngsters WHZB

Championships 2003
4th national loft champion 1-day Long Distance

Championships 2004
national loft champion youngsters
1st Ace pigeon youngsters WHZB

Championships 2007
1st loft champion 1-day Long Distance
14th Ace pigeon 1-day Long Distance
23rd loft champion youngsters
Province 2 Brabant 2000 (2800 members)
1st loft champion 1-day Long Distance
3rd and 21st Ace pigeon 1-day Long Distance
11th loft champion Middle Distance youngsters

Championships 2008

4th loft champion youngsters Province 2 Brabant 2000
5th loft champion Sprint youngsters
5th loft champion Middle Distance and Long Distance youngsters

All the above mentioned championships were achieved by descendants of the super couple “The Strakke” X “Dora”.

Teletext mentions in 2005
La Souterraine 2nd
Le Mans prov. 2 1st and 2nd
Le Mans national 5th and 6th
Orleans 10th
Chateauroux 8th
Blois prov. 2 2nd
Blois national 10th
Montluçon 4th
Chantilly youngsters 6th
Chateauroux 3rd and 9th

André Kersten 7th Ace pigeon Sprint youngsters RCC Roosendaal. Below a few of the best results of the 2008 season youngsters and late races, achieved with 100% Wout Spierings-pigeons and cross pairing with pigeons from Wout.
St Quentin
12-07-2008 RCC against 2.420 pigeons: 19,39,119,129,194,195,199,248,279,284,288,315,318,328,332, 390,399,468,53 and 20 of the 41 in the prizes.
19-07-2008 RCC against 2.074 pigeons: 12,30,37,46,49,50,86,194,212,216,239,241,261,306,423,427,430. 42/17

26-07-2008 RCC against 2.116 pigeons: 13,21,26,35,48,114,139,145,148,158,159,207,269,321,331,363,377,378,
393,456 and 20 of the 42 in the prizes.
02-08-2008 Brabant 2000 against 18.733 pigeons: 56,104,670,680,710,1189,1824,2514,2678,2708,2722,3202,3927,3971,4007 and 15 of the 30 in the prizes.
09-08-2008 Brabant 2000 against 16.382 pigeons: 17,72,73,295,329,376,380,928,982,1252,1286,1575,2038,3108,3778 and 16 of the 30 in the prizes.
23-08-2008 Long Distance club against 4.395 pigeons: 66,180,204,206,250,251,453,573,578,583,948 and 11 of the 16 in the prizes.
06-09-2008 Long Distance club against 2.694 pigeons: 7,8,12,14,42,99,103,120,137,353,356,361,376,590,613 and 15 of the 27 in the prizes.
St Quentin
16-08-2008 RCC against 2.990 pigeons: 3,26,28,51,58,62,66,74,93,101,116,118,132,164,169,172,175,251,267,309, etc. and 29 of the 44 in the prizes.
St Quentin
30-08-2008 RCC against 1675 pigeons: 1,3,14,30,32,38,43,47,49,50,64,70,71,82,87,92,103,109,110,112,113,114,119,139, 169,329,350, etc. and 31 of the 43 in the prizes.

Roosendaals Concours Combination:
150 members
1st Loft champion youngsters Sprint and 6th and 10th Ace pigeon
1st Loft champion Middle Distance youngsters and 1st and 3rd Ace pigeon 2nd Loft champion Late races

Brabant 2000”: 2800 members
4th Loft champion youngsters Sprint National championships:
32nd loft champion youngsters
42nd and 45th Ace pigeon youngsters

Jac. Kok & Zn., IJsselmuiden
Bred from a daughter of the 744 (is brother of the Kanjer) a beautiful cock, who as a yearling in 2008 won from Arras (334 km.) a 3rd against 3.632 pigeons. A young cock out a sister of the Strakke won amongst other things in 2008 a 1st against 154 pigeons and a 2nd van 354 pigeons (from Morlincourt 390 km.) and promised to become a super.

W. Boelhouwers, Teteringen
The cock that on the 19-07-2008 raced 1st prize Montluçon in Brabant 2000 against 6.035 pigeons, has as mother 04-NL-0468219 and comes out the couple “Floris” x “Blue Le Mans” from Wout Spierings.

Mike Ganus (USA) and Peter Colijn from Nieuwendijk
These men have been successful for years with pigeons bought from Wout Spierings.

Adrie Thijs from Heikant
The hen 06-0752192 (sister of the Strakke 011), that he was allowed to borrow this year from Wout Spierings, has given him magnificent offspring including the 7th national from Orleans. Descendants of the Super 718 X Silver Girl flew by him the 5th, 24th and the 47th prize Provincially from Orleans with 6.698 pigeons in the race. This same couple also produced the summer youngster 07-3761815, who won the 1st prize against 656 pigeons in the Province from Chateaudun this year.
The pure Wout Spierings-pigeon 07-3711049 raced by Adrie in the club a 1st prize twice.
The 08-3856474, a grandson of the Diamond King x The Kanjer, flew in province a 1st prize against 804 pigeons and a 2nd prize against 1.142 pigeons. The breeding loft by Adrie Thijs is full of direct Spierings-pigeons and he does very well with them.

B. Giltay, breeding centre De Lage Landen in Spijk
He bought the “Magic Man” (100% Wout Spierings) from G. of the Spoel, who in 2005 raced a 2nd NPO Orleans against 10.500 pigeons. G. of the Spoel had also bred super pigeons from him.B. Giltay has paired this pigeon with various hens and has had very useful pigeons for racing and certainly for breeding. A son of the “Magic Man” is father of three 1st prize winners. This line also races well in Germany; so had mister Schaefer a grandson of this cock and he was best yearling in the large races. A daughter of the “Magic Man” was in 2007 5th Ace pigeon in a one loft race in Hungary.

The future
At the end of an interview I usually ask the fancier what his objectives are for the near future, but it is not possible in this case, because Wout is going to sell all his pigeons on Boxing Day, the 26th of December 2008 in Café Buitenlust, Huisakkerstraat 2 in Rijsbergen. So I asked him what he thinks his future will be like without pigeons. Wout answers resolutely, that he is not afraid of the well-known “black hole” and that he will be able to spend more time with his wife Antonet and both their daughters Minoesch (8, or as she herself says: nearly 9) and Nicolyne (6). He will probably take up some kind of sport like cycling. Wout, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family all the best for the future and who knows, maybe one day you will return to the pigeon sport.