The 'Team CFTT' Candotti-Trunet (Meurchin, FR) is proving to be one of the leading name of the pigeon sport in France!

Established in a real pigeon area from France, the Team CFTT truly holds the upper hand in a combine bringing together several thousands of pigeons each week. In 2017 and in 2019, they were crowned as 1st General Champion CALC, one of the biggest combine from France.

The complete Team CFTT Candotti-Trunet.


Before getting deep in this topic, it's advisable to introduce this colony from the start. Our hosts of the day are in fact forming a quartet that was born a little bit more than five years ago. It is made up of Claude Candotti, Bruno Frimat, Dominique Trunet & Richard Tincq but they are racing under the name Team CFTT, previously the combination Candotti-Trunet. They decided to join forces because of a chronic lack of time, mainly for Claude Candotti & Bruno Frimat. The main manager is Dominique Trunet, now a happy retired man, while Claude and Bruno are taking care of the medical guidance, the new introductions, the breeding and racing strategy. Regarding the medical guidance, they are convinced users of the MAPP System developped by Alexandre Margris. As for Richard Tincq, his main task is to drive to the club to bring back the clock, a thankless but extremely important role since it allows his team mates to focus on the care of the pigeons, mainly the recuperation after their return. Everyone has therefore a well-defined task, which is important in order to be able to evolve serenely in such an association, even if during the racing season everyone gets involved when it's necessary regarding the daily cares, the trainings, the basketings, etc.

'Spiros', un des ancêtres de la colonie actuelle.

If they already had their own strain before the start of their association, they quickly agreed on the importance of the genetic heritage to use for breeding. Our four friends remain also attentive to the mercato, they are always on the lookout for the slightest opportunity. And they found some especially on the PIPA as this is where they found their main purchases. For the CALC races (400 to 800 km), they are using the lines of a cock from Verreckt-Arien as well as their basic pair formed by Ally 1' x 'Dimike' (see later). They are mainly crossed on the line of the 'Bagues Rouges' from Claude Candotti (Engels x Verbruggen). Regarding the international races, they use the line of the mother from the 'Narbonne' (a direct Bourlard father & son hen) who has been also purchased online, but also on the line of the 'Spiros' (2nd European Ace Perpignan 2007-2010) and of the 'Rood Pol' (direct Lemahieu and grandfather of the 'Narbonne'). More recently, several targeted purchases were made for the extrem long distance with the pigeons from Jos Martens and Verweij-De Haan. They will be used in cross breeding with the line of the 'Narbonne', 2nd international Narbonne 2018. The 'Narbonne', let's just talk about it:

Narbonne, 27th of july 2018

This date will always be important for the Team CFTT. In fact, the 15.577 pigeons basketted on Narbonne were released that day but it is mainly that day that their name has been put under the spotlight because of the performance of one of their pigeon. Indeed, their 'Narbonne' won the national victory in France against 2.738 pigeons while only the 'Celsius' from De Smeyter-Restiaen was able to fly faster than him on the international result. The french national winner will then end at a magnifcient 2nd international place against 9.154 old pigeons thanks to an average speed of 1.070 m/min for 817 km. Note that the temperatures went up to 37° that day. This gives you an idea about the performance achieved by the leading pigeons.

- 'The Narbonne' (FR16-007793)

1. Narbonne nat - 2.738 p. (817 km)
   2. Internat  - 9.154 p.

Father: 'Le bon meunier' (FR11-121338)
Super racer with ao. 139. Pau Int. 8.295 p. & 311. St-Vincent Int 11.388 p., out of a crossing Florizoone x Steketee. His father is a son of the 'Goeroe' (1. Dax nat 5.026 p. for Jacques Mylle) when paired to a daughter of the 'Witneus' Florizoone, winner of the Primus Inter Pares Barcelona in 1997.
Mother: 'La Bourlard' (BE11-9105803)
Direct René & Etienne Bourlard, direct daughter of the 'Montélimar', 1. Montélimar nat 7.187 p. (whose father is a grandson to the 'Laureaat Barcelona') when paired to an excellent racing hen from the Bourlard loft.
In the background, we find back both on the father and mother side the 'Gyselbrecht hen', base breeding hen for Bourlard and descendant of the 'Laureaat Barcelona' from the Gyselbrecht family and grandmother of all the national winners from the Bourlard family: 1. Limoges nat. '05, 1. Cahors nat. '06, 1. Narbonne nat. '08, 1. & 2. Montélimar nat. '10.

Click here to see his pedigree.

If all the eyes were naturally focused on a pigeon who came close to an international victory, the Team CFTT has yet another amazing pigeon who was the real leader from the racing team thanks to his amazing performances on the long distance races. 'El Torro', since we're talking about him, has made a name for himself with a rarely seen performance list while he has also a super pedigree!

- 'El Torro' (FR15-306510)

1. Jarnac CALC      - 1.366 p. (580 km)
(highest speed from 4.408 p.)
2. Jarnac CALC      - 5.490 p.
2. Brive CALC       - 2.824 p. (603 km)
2. Châteauroux CALC - 3.471 p. (420 km)
7. Montoire CALC    - 2.950 p. (340 km)
25. Tours CALC      - 2.683 p.
26. Pontoise rég    - 1.087 p.

Father: 'Ally 1' (BE11-3122905)
Super racer for Stefaan & Norbert Ally before he became one of the main breeder from the Team CFTT. In addition than 'El Torro', he is also the father of the 'Bouddhiste' (see later) and of the '321/16' (ao. 10. Brive 2.824 p. & 13. Châteauroux 4.763 p.). Through his mother, he is an half-brother of the famous 'Gouda' from the Ally loft, super racer & breeding hen. Moreover, the father of 'Ally 1' is a grandson of the legendary 'Wittenbuik' from Gaby Vandenabeele.
Mother: 'The Dimike' (BE10-5110075)
Direct Verreckt-Arien, real mix of all the top origins who made the success of this old combination from Tessenderlo. Her father is 'Den Dimi', an excellent breeder and full brother of 'Patricia' who is the grandmother of the 'New Patricia', hen from the golden pair 'Tarzan' x 'New Patricia' from PEC.
The mother of 'Dimike' is by the way a direct daughter of the super pair 'Den Dikke Lowet' x 'Lang Lowet'.

Click here to see his pedigree.

Moreover, while he was still in the racing loft, 'El Torro' already proved his worth as a breeder. He is in fact father of 'Jonge Torro':

- 'Jonge Torro' (FR17-438003)

25. Pontoise    -   469 p.
26. Châteauroux - 1.808 p.
26. Blois rég   -   513 p.
27. St-Junien   - 4.962 p.
36. Alençon     -   523 p.
59. Brive CALC  - 2.586 p.

The 'Ally 1' is also the father of another crack from the loft, 'Le Bouddhiste':

- 'Le Bouddhiste' (FR16-007816)

14. Chateauroux - 1.808 p.
16. Blois rég   -   776 p.
20. St-Junien   - 4.962 p.
26. Blois rég   -   439 p.
28. Ecouen      -   470 p.
49. St-Junien   - 1.479 p.
54. Ecouen      - 1.675 p.
101.St-Junien   - 5.360 p.

Father: 'Ally 1' (BE11-3122905) (see above with 'El Torro')
Mother: 'Persubette' (FR15-306553)
Daughter of the pair 'Persuba' x 'Daughter Tornado', through her father, she is a granddaughter of the 'Persup' from De Smeyter-Restiaen while her maternal grandfather is the 'Tornado' who won ao. 1. Montoire 2.058 p., etc.

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Another important racer from the loft:

- 'The 212' (FR17-263212)


2. Blois        723 p.
5. St-Just    1.466 p.
7. Blois        936 p.
7. Blois        513 p.
10. St-Junien 4.962 p.
13. Brive     1.451 p.
18. St-Junien 2.343 p.

Father: 'Old Verreckt' (BE09-5026754)
Direct Verreckt-Arien and basic pigeon N°2 from the Team CFTT, father of ao. 1. St-Junien 1.819 p., 2. Chateaudun 1.062 p., 2. Chateaudun 904 p., etc. His father is a full brother of 'Patricia' (grandmother of the 'New Patricia' from PEC) while his mother is the 'Brillianta Dikke', grandmother of the 1. Aurillac nat 2019 at Arien-De Keyser (once again a daughter of the basic pair 'Den Dikke Lowet' x 'Lange Lowet').
Mother: 'Persubette' (FR15-306553) (see above with 'Le Bouddhiste')

Click here to see his pedigree.

In conclusion

The Team CFTT stands out as the perfect example for each of us: they have succeeded in favoring a healthy and rigorous association rather than definately turning their backs on a passion to which they devoted themselves since their childhood. Their success proves that with a fair and realistic distribution of the tasks, combining family and a busy professionnal life with the intensive practice of the pigeon sport is indeed possible. Our sincere congratulations!