“The Napoleon” 3035622-09 from Julien Vaneenoo -Wingene (BE) won 1st interprovincial St Junien.

This cock in widowhood beat the entire peloton which consisted of 1706 pigeons in the interprovincial region. He bridged the, for him, 602 km with much bravura and was the prelude to a marvellous series of top prizes for the Vaneenoo-colony in this tough race.

Regionally he scored the following figures against 156 pigeons: 1-2-4-18-20-29-32-33-34-36-37….(23/51). Interprovincial against 1706 pigeons, Vaneenoo won 1st -18th – 48th -165th -177th -249th – 267th – 270th – 278th etc….

The young promise, who was given the name “Napoleon” showed had already proved what he was capable of. He won from Arras – Roye (2 x) – from Ablis – from Blois  ( 57th / 1079p) – Brionne (reg. 6th/739p and prov. 135th/11193 pigeons), to then leave everybody behind him in the difficult  St Junien.

His pedigree !
Father: “Lancelot”: 07-3024198
Is grandson of top racer and top breeder: “de Moore” 094/96 ( 1st nat Cahors ’99) .
GF :”Fredje”: 3160799/03 (son of “Moore” x “Rita”)
GM: “Sheila”: 3160841/03
Mother: “de 297”: 06-3189297
GF: “ “Elvis” 3160595/03: is grandson of the phenomenal “Rocky” (super Barcelona racer)
GM: “de 310/03”: 3026310/03

With this beautiful victory with the youngsters we can take it that Vaneenoo didn’t only race well in 2009 with the old birds/yearlings, but also the youngsters showed their talents once they got to their number of kilometres.
We would like to remind you of the fact that this season Vaneenoo has already won 1st national from  Cahors as well as the 1st provincial from Montélimar plus several prov. and/or national top pigeons.
In addition we see from Tulle national the 127th and 222nd against 5676 old birds ( 2/2), by the yearlings from Tulle: 7467 p: 31-32-36-350-519-791-1709 ( 7/13).

Then some figures with the youngsters !
Blois 1079p: 1-6-18-19-22-26-38-39-57-60-63-64-76-78-87-94…….(56/121)
Bourges 416p: 7-9-26-33-35-36…………..
Brionne 739p: 6-7-17-22-24-25-32-35-54-80-84-87…………….
La Souterraine : 244p : 3-6-12-14-21-23-26-30-32-39…………….
Nantes I.P. 2883p : 89-173-281-300-340-350…………(13/27)
Let’s say that the Vaneenoo-team can proudly look back at the 2009 season ! Year after year they manage to breed “new” (national) top racers…..and this over more than a 30 year successful pigeon career. Our congratulations to patron Julien, son Bart and the faithful carers Pol and Erwin.