Dumonceau-Pavoncelli, Saint-Vaast Shine once again from ‘their’ Montélimar

In addition to the national victory, Michel also had a magnificent performance nationally against 8.633 p. with 1,25,54,68… and 12 pigeons that managed to classify themselves from regional to national level!
It seemed certain that Michel had put his best foot forward this year, and attempted to send his team to Montélimar in the best condition possible… in order to defend his national victory from last year with all his might! National victory was not to be this time, but the duo Dumonceau-Pavoncelli once again had a marvellous series with arrivals at:
15h51  16h04  16h21  16h26  16h27  16h29  17h07… etc.
Translated in the provisional national prognosis it looks like this:
8.193 p.    52,98,166,188,192,199,325… etc.
With which they are once again ‘with verve’ the strongest performing colony at national level with no less than 7 pigeons by the 325° prize national. Once again a strong example of ‘long distance class’, of the very strong long distance clappers from Saint-Vaast, these of Michel and wife Dumonceau-Pavoncelli, in  ‘their’ seemingly chosen race, that of Montélimar!