Devlaminck Eric wins San Sebastian Franco-Belge W-FL. (2005)

Eric Devlaminck from Hulste

Released at friday 8th of July at 2.30 pm for a distance of 931 KM the “San Sebastian” of Eric arrived at 3.45pm at his loft. The 7 year old cock, 3128422/98, of the master of the extreme long distance did it again! Eric also won 24th prize and all his 4th and last pigeon won 81st prize, a great performance!

The “San Sebastian” is a 7 year old cock coming out of the 3056178/95, a cock from Leon Messiaen from Grammena paried up with a red hen, the basic pigeon of his loft the “Barcelona Duivin” This hen already proved her value. She raced 7 times Barcelona from which she won 5 top 50 National prizes! The last race she hurt herself but she could make it home, but this was the right moment to put her in the breeding loft. In first generation she didn’t really gave much impressive results, but especially in 2nd generation she proved she is the most important breeding pigeon at the lofts of Eric Devlaeminck. During the years, Eric purchased some other pigeons from a.o. Emiel Deny, Lionel Debusschere and Leon Messiaen.

The “San Sebastian” already won several nice results like Biaritz 229th/ 2.902, Marseille 252nd/ 4.183, Marseille 869th/ 19.290 etc. Also some brothers perform very well, a full brother “De Langen” already won a.o. Cahors 117th/ 11211, Dax 73rd/ 4.272, Perpignan 816th/ 7.198, Marseille 491th/ 5.185. “De Braven” won Marseille 190th/ 4.615, Marseille 319th/ 4.183, Dax 34th/ 5.026. Also the “Tully” & “De Kwakkel” are full brothers and won following topprizes Marseille 88th/ 5.195, San Sebastian 7th/ 2.891, Perpignan 65th/ 6.489 etc.