Lex Udo (Heiloo, NL) demonstrates his skills with great achievements in 2012

(A)Lex Udo is a name that regularly appeared at the top of the results this season. His Ludo Claessen pigeon (a direct pigeon obtained via his friend Rens v.d. Zijde) has won several prizes this season, including no less than three teletext notations.

You recognise a pigeon by its feathers; a fancier is recognised by his successes. If the pigeon and the fancier form a good team you can achieve great success. The key figure in this success story is Lex Udo, a pigeon fanatic from Province 6 in the town of Heiloo. This is the home base of the sprint champions of Lex, who have been doing great in 2012.

Achievements in 2012:

2nd  Provincial Champion Sprint nominated
2nd  Regional   Champion Middle distance not nominated
3rd  Provincial Champion Middle distance not nominated
3rd  Provincial Loft Champion Sprint
3rd  Regional   Champion Middle distance nominated
3rd  Regional   Champion Sprint not nominated
3rd  Regional   Champion Young birds not nominated
3rd  Regional   Champion Young birds nominated
4th  Provincial Champion Middle distance
5th  Provincial Champion Super sprint nominated
5th  Provincial Champion Sprint
6th  Provincial Champion Super Sprint
7th  Provincial Loft Champion Young birds
7th  Provincial Champion Middle Distance nominated
10th Provincial Loft Champion Middle Distance

Chimay -     2456 pigeons - 1-12-32-33-53-68-etc              33/17  286km
         = 15,448 pigeons - 4th prize provincial
Soissons -   2163 pigeons - 1-2-6-33-34-43-96-etc             19/13  370km
Sens -       2186 pigeons - 1-4-78-89-127-149-150-etc         12/10  499km
         = 13,373 pigeons - 8th and 20th prize national!
Meer -       2337 pigeons - 1-51-55-56-148-149-150-etc        18/10  122km
         = 15,241 pigeons - 7th prize national
Morlincourt- 1290 pigeons - 1-3-8-9-20-22-23-25-45-etc        29/23  357km
         =   9131 pigeons - 3th prize national
Soissons -   1350 pigeons - 3-4-7-14-15-24-32-51-96-etc       18/11  370km
Meer -       3017 pigeons - 5-18-22-35-41-53-60-etc           34/24  122km
Nijvel -     1960 pigeons - 5-12-19-39-52-86-95-etc           19/16  224km
Grimbergen - 1086 pigeons - 7-8-17-50-97-etc                  18/10  184km
Meer -       3625 pigeons - 8-12-13-14-15-18-20-21-23-29-etc  22/16  122km
Duffel -     3728 pigeons - 8-18-19-52-55-etc                 20/11  168km
Nanteuil -   1517 pigeons - 8-11-12-48-96-etc                 18/12  408km

The pigeon breed of Lex (49) is mainly a combination of Steef Duijn and Rens v.d Zijde, two cracks with an impressive list of achievements. So it is not surprising that the most successful pigeons of Lex were bred by these two champions. He has a few pigeons that play a key role in the breeding and the racing loft. During the day Lex is assisted by Lia and their children Kasper (15) and Lieke (13). He has a busy career as a project leader so good time management is important here.

Top class pigeons

This is an outstanding breeding couple and the two pigeons are great breeders on their own as well. This is in fact a characteristic of many of Lex’s pigeons. They breed very well together but they are good breeders with other partners as well. In fact Lex does not change around his couples very often but he sometimes couples the same bloodlines with different partners. An important breeding hen is ‘Excellentia’, a hen of Rens v.d. Zijde (an Ad Schaerlaeckens). She plays an important role in Heiloo: she is one of his best breeders of Lex. Excellentia and Marvin form an outstanding pair. Several of their children and grandchildren have won big top prizes.

'Excellentia' x 'Marvin' have bred:

Morlincourt 1/12679
Strombeek   1/ 4360
Chimay      1/ 3827
Meer        1/ 3044
Duffel      1/ 2686
Peronne     1/ 2204
Hasselt     1/ 2180
Morlincourt 1/ 2130
Peronne     1/ 2068
Peronne     1/ 2057
Morlincourt 1/ 2044
Soissons    1/ 1743
Nanteuil    1/ 1383
Nijvel      1/ 1057
Kapellen    1/  501
Meer        1/  465
Strombeek   1/  434
Strombeek   1/  343
Strombeek   1/  338
Meer        1/  333
Peronne     1/  301
Meer        1/  235
Nijvel      1/  217
Chantilly   1/  201
Chimay      1/  201
Chimay      1/  176
Duffel      1/  175
Strombeek   1/  173
Nanteuil    1/  135
Nijvel      1/  125
Nanteuil    1/   70

Notice that this list only includes the first prizes; it does not even include the other top prizes. That explains why Lex breeds new racing pigeons from this bloodline every season. The second, third and even the fourth generation has a lot of top prize winners and ace pigeons! Lex has also coupled the ‘Marvin’ to ‘Amy’, which is a full sister of ‘Excellentia’. This pair has bred several promising pigeons as well. (Click here for the pedigree of 'Excellentia')

We will take a closer look at ‘Jonge Voormiddag’ and ‘Special’. These two pigeons have bred great descendants with several different partners. ‘Special’ is a daughter of the outstanding ‘Late Lange Vos’ of Ludo Claessens, whose descendants have won more than 100 first prizes. ‘Jonge Voormiddag’ is another pigeon of Steef Duijn. Both pigeons have become stock breeders in the breeding loft. They have been breeding both racers and breeders. (Click here for the pedigree of 'Jonge Voormiddag' and 'Special')
They have bred the following prize winners (both as a pair and with other partners):

Morlincourt 1/12679
Morlincourt 1/ 9841
Peronne     1/ 2279
Sens        1/ 2186 (8th Nat. - 13,373 over 80km and more)
Soissons    1/ 2163
Chimay      1/ 1879
Strombeek   1/ 1815
Soissons    1/ 1743
Morlincourt 1/ 1290 (3rd NPO - 9,131 pigeons)
Nijvel      1/ 1057
-/+20 other first prize winners

They are real cracks and their breeding qualities have had a great impact on this year's achievements, with for instance three teletext notations!

Lex Udo is the owner of a great team of sprint pigeons! In 2013 the main focus will be on the sprint/middle distance and the young birds' races (the sprint championship) again. We wish him all the best for next season!