Support the Italian pigeon fanciers who suffered from the earthquakes

We are appealing to all the pigeon fanciers of Italy, Europe and the whole world, all men and women of good will, all good Samaritans and everyone else for their HELP in alleviating the plight of those of our friends who live in the earthquake affected area in Italy. We want to by reassure them that they will not be left to face the disaster alone.

We are asking for help in the most simple and direct way. By asking our friends throughout the world to help us to collect as much money as we can and donate it to all the pigeon fanciers who have sustained damage due to the earthquake, so that they can repair their homes or their businesses, purchase what they have lost and receive treatment for their injuries if they have been hurt.

How can you help us?

In a very simple and direct way! Send your donations to the current account of Federazione Colombofila Italiana indicating as the reason HELP FOR PIGEON FANCIER EARTHQUAKE VICTIMS at:

  • Banca di Cavola e Sassuolo – branch of Reggio Emilia
  • IBAN: IT 49 Q 08623 12801 000130165818

We will act as guarantor for all the money received and we will ensure that it will reach all those in need as soon as possible and in proportion to the damage sustained.

Information about the way the donations have been distributed will be published in the media.

Anyone who requires further information can contact:

  • the Italian Pigeon Federation Secretary on 0039-0522-337725
  • the coordinator of the initiative Mr Claudio Debernardi on 0039-338-7994937

In the anticipation that our plea will not be ignored, I would like to thank you all in advance for all your help and donations.

Yours in sport,

The councillor of the Italian Pigeon Federation,

Claudio Debernardi