Were you also successful with the pigeons from the Janssen brothers from Arendonk? Let us know!

The number of fanciers who owe much of their success to the direct pigeons of the Janssen brothers, is almost overwhelming! It is almost impossible to find them all. Maybe, you were one of them?

We can all agree that the Janssen brothers from Arendonk have been world-wide ambassadors for pigeon racing in Belgium. It would be hard to find a place where pigeon fanciers have not heard of the Janssen brothers, or where fanciers have not become successful thanks to the Jansesen pigeons. Never has there been a pigeon stock that was so successful all over the world. It should not be a surprise that Arendonk has turned into a sort of sanctuary for pigeon fanciers… At schoolstraat n°6, thousands of fanciers from all over the world used to visit… The Janssen brothers became world-famous not only thanks to their own successes, but also thanks to the successes of thousands of fanciers, who raced with descendants that they purchased in Arendonk.

Soon, the glorious Janssen colony will come to an end, and preparations are underway for the auction… This auction is also an homage to the most successful pigeon stock that has ever existed. It would be a never ending task to find all the fanciers who have been successful with descendants of direct pigeons purchased in Arendonk… We would inevitably overlook many of them. That is why we are making an appeal to complete this list:

Were you, or are you, successful with direct Janssen pigeon or their direct descendants, just let us know! You can e-mail us your most important achievements with Janssen pigeons, in a short summary of three to four lines (mm@pipa.be). We will be glad to add them to the auction catalogue.