Super results from our co-worker Martin Martens - Waarschoot (BE)

28 pigeons raced and 26 prizes wherefrom 11 per 10 and 5 within the first 10!

It has been known for a long time that Martin Martens is good with the pen when it comes to writing reports about pigeons, but what he has  managed to achieve with his pigeons is top class.

28 pigeons raced and 26 prizes wherefrom 11 per 10 and 5 within the first 10!

Angerville old birds   6/6
Angerville yearlings   6/6
Orleans old birds      2/2
Orleans yearlings      4/4
Brive old birds        2/2
Chateauroux old birds  5/5
Chateauroux yearlings  1/3

He raced from Angerville because he had something to ‘put right’.
Two weeks ago he had his worst result for the last twenty years (13 prizes from 30 nominated pigeons in total).
Waarschoot stoodon its head...they also added some lies in the ‘sprint club’... Martin promised them 'rendez vous'  and Friday evening in the club he laughingly said that ‘tomorrow’ (Saturday) they would see who could race their pigeons the best!
A bit naughty..but he was there with his 4 best young cocks from last year  (in total with 6 yearlings)  ... now they know what’s what.

Only Antoine De Graeve had 2 pigeons between his 2° and 3° old bird, but his 6 yearlings had been clocked before the men with the ‘big mouths’ had a pigeon return home! Because Martin had firstly clocked Orleans he was one of the last to return to the club with his clock... it was deathly quiet during the printing out of the clock!
They stood with their mouths open... Martin then drunk his 'water' and as he left the club he said... if they wanted to learn how to race the pigeons... they only had to ask (haha)! A bit naughty...but he cannot stand lies.... especially not from men who hardly ever win a prize!

Chateauroux was his weakest race.. only 2 good old ones had been entered, the rest were pigeons for  'further', so not really for shining in this weather, no excuse, but come on... they also have to make their kilometres (these old pigeons won their small prize, the best was first and won the entire warranty, the second was 4th home.... the yearlings weren’t really good enough)
Martin would only be too pleased to repeat this every weekend!!
We wish him all the best.