A report on the British Barcelona Club young bird race from Wakefield on 11th September 2021

Ruby, Grace and Thomas with first and second open
Seventy five members sent seven hundred and eighty-five pigeons to Wakefield with the British Barcelona Club. They were liberated at 09.30CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Chris Maddison's loft

C and C Maddison of Boston timed seven pigeons to take the first seven open positions and the first six in section E. The first was cock on a velocity of 1753ypm and the last on 1696ypm. The national winner was bred by Russ and Denise Skinner of Boston and was one of a kit of youngsters that the Maddisons had this season. The dam is a winning daughter of Champion Rheedeem, the multiple prize winner at club, fed and specialist club. The sire is a grandson of Foxy Lady, raced by Prince Brothers and now at Syndicate Lofts. The second national winner was bred by James Harvey of Stoke and the dam was bred by Roger Phillips from Mark Gilbert's St Vincent and Tarbes winning bloodlines. The sire of second national was bred by Stuart Wilcox and contains Wilf Reeds certificate of merit winner, Darkie, bloodlines. 

Bernie McDermott & Martin Jones

McDermott and Jones timed four pigeons to take eighth, ninth, thirteenth and fourteenth open, first, second, sixth and seventh section J. Their first was on 1578ypm and their last on 1540ypm. The section J winner was from a kit of six that the partners purchased from Irish ace Wayne Doonan and which contain his top Leo Hereman's bloodlines. The second section winner was bred from two gift pigeons, the sire being bred by Robbie and Andrew Wilton from their top stock hen, Duchess. The dam was bred by Derek Walsh of Dynasty Lofts. 

Rob, Andrew & Louie Wilton

D Wilton and Son from Chadwell St Mary were tenth, eleventh, twelfth and sixteenth open and third, fourth, fifth and ninth section J with their first arrival on 1574ypm. They timed a fourth pigeon on 1516ypm to also take fifteenth open. Their first pigeon was a young hen, a daughter of their top Heremans Ceusters breeder, Golden Rossi. Second on the clock was a blue cock, a son of the Vandenabeele, Altior and third to time was a daughter of Bullet. 

Golden Rossi
John Adams

John Adams of Watford timed seven pigeons to take seventeenth to twenty-third open and the first seven positions in section D. The first two were on 1488ypm and the third on 1583ypm. John had all seven within two minutes and first to time was a chequer hen bred by Griffiths and Jewkins of Banwen. Second was a dark chequer cock bred from a son of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Sebastian when paired to a gift hen from Billy Greenaway. 

Terry Haley of Watford timed a youngster on 1422ypm to take twenty-fourth open and eighth section D. This was a home bred blue bar hen. 

Rob Jones, Jamie Wells and Jamie-Joe

Bartlett, Jones and Wells of Southampton were the section A winners and twenty-fifth open on 1364ypm. The section winner was bred by Billy Norman out of a pair of birds on loan from Rob Jones. This young cock in now named Wind Cheater as it has had three weeks of hard racing with the wind and odds mostly against it. 

Wind Cheater
Vince, Sue & Jack Durrant

Mr and Mrs Durrant and Son of Godalming were twenty-sixth open and first section G on 1354.7ypm. The partners timed a further two pigeons to also take second and third section. All were bred from pigeons from Steve and Paul Kulpa. 

Wearn Bros & Neilson young bird

Wearn Brothers and Neilson of Ramsdean timed two youngsters on 1354.6ypm and 1315ypm to take twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth open and second and third section A. They timed a further five pigeons to also take thirtieth to thirty-fourth position. First on the clock was bred by Ian Gibbs of Ireland and is a grandson of his super breeder, The Raven. 

Mr & Mrs Mike Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith and Grandson of Guildford were twenty-ninth open and second section G on 1265ypm. The partners timed a chequer hen the sire of which is a Keith Mott cock and the dam was a Tumley Lofts bred hen bought at Terry Peart's charity sale. 

Around the sections 

Danny Lanahan, John Gerard and Hazel Lanahan

Danny Lanahan of Poole took the first three in section B. His first two were both on 1090ypm. Both were part of a kit of ten that he bought from John Gerard and contain Andre Paulssen and Son bloodlines. 

James Fulford

James Fulford of Salisbury was the section B runner-up on 1087ypm. James sent sixteen birds and had thirteen on the day. His fourth section winner was bred from a Jelle Jellema gift pigeon from John Halstead when paired to a grandson of his own, Crazy John. 

Roger & Julie Whiteside & Summer

R and J Whiteside of Bristol were the section C winners on 1172ypm. The section winner was a blue cock, the sire of which is a direct son of Jan Hooymans' Beauty Harry. The dam is a direct daughter of De Jonge Harry x Daughter Brenley. 

Dave & John Staddon

D and J Staddon of Shepton Mallet were the section C runners-up on 1134ypm. David and John timed Lady Jane, bred by their good friend Jayne Mitchell of TMP breeding. It contains Kurt and Raff Platteeuw bloodlines. 

Lourens Londt's hen

The runner-up in section E was Lourens Londt of Cannock with a youngster on 716ypm. Lourens timed a blue bar hen, the dam of which was his NFC young bird section I winner. The sire is on loan from Arthur Jones. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club young bird race from Wakefield.