Martial Maindrelle (Bretteville-sur-Laize, FR), genetics at the service of the performances

It's been several years that Martial Maindrelle is considered as one of the best fanciers from France. In Normandy, shows an overwhelming domination at all distances. He is also using the most recent scientifical discoveries in his loft.

The man relies indeed on a family of super racers bred from an extremely strong family line in which the prestigious pedigrees have been replaced by performers only. Thus, Martial's career was punctuated by several titles of national ace birds as well as some so-called Olympic pigeons. All of them moved to the breeding loft after their racing career, so the breeding team could be strengthened by another acebird. We stopped counting the number of victories and early prizes won by the descendants of 'Olympic Cannonball', 'Olympic Nico', 'Olympic Nadir' and others, a proof that Martial knows in which direction he is moving. In Normandy, his record list is unmatched as he has been stacking federal victories since a decade. In 2020, he finished 1st Federal Champion middle distance old birds, 1st Federal Champion young birds and 3rd General Federal Champion while we found him back three times at the 1st place of an acebird championship (1st Federal Ace youngsters, 1st Federal Ace yearlings, 1st Federal Ace Federal middle distance old birds).

In the 'World Best Pigeon' championships organized by the FCI, the Maindrelle colony dominated the whole top 3 of the French ranking in the middle distance category. And, last but not least, in the French national championships, we found the Maindrelle loft once again at the top of its game as he classified himself 2nd National Champion middle distance as well as 2nd-3rd & 5th National Ace bird middle distance. The middle distance races, it is precisely in this discipline that Martial Maindrelle became a specialist. With his solid team of breeders, following a very demanding selection philosophy and driven by a well-thought-out ambition, he has succeeded in reaching a very high racing level. But he also used his knowledge in the scientific field to try to take out the most from the latest research in this field and especially in the genetical domain.

Genetics at the service of the performances

Several years ago, Martial got interested in the most recent genetical studies developed in the world of the pigeon sports since 2002 and especially everything around the performance genes. The two most famous (the LDHA & DRD4 genes) seemed to offer some guarantees. Technically, it is possible to breed 'the perfect pigeon' while pairing together two pigeons carrying these genes. From a matter of fact, it is like a dream.

However, you have to know how to put those interpretations into perspective because obviously, pigeons do not fly with their genetic passport. But it is clear that these information provides very often guarantees. Thus, the best pigeons from the colony were tested for their performance genes and the result was astonishing with the presence of the LDHA and DRD4 genes. This can't be explained only by hazard. It was therefore in this direction that Martial wanted to go further after having read and researched a lot on the subject. He also spoke a lot with other pigeon fanciers who were also convinced on the topic, and especially with the pigeon veterinary Ruben Lanckriet with who it was also decided to make a special joint breeding. Thus, the sire of ‘National Sparkle’ (the new gem of the 2020 season with ao. 2 x 2. National Acebird in France) comes from the Lanckriet colony. He is carrying the AB-TTCC genes while ‘Rosetta’, the mother of ‘National Sparkle’, is carrying the AB-CCTT genes. Therefore, all their youngsters are carrying the famous DRD4-CTCT performance gene who is a combination of the DRD4 gene (still very rare) that we often find back on the very best performance pigeons. For example, on the race of Roullet on 24/7/2020 when 'National Sparkle' and her nest sister won the two first places of the federal race against 715 youngsters.

- 'National Sparkle' (FR20-000550)

The wing of 'National Sparkle'.

Another important pigeon from the racing loft is 'Mr Robot'. This pigeon has been making Martial a happy man since 2018 and his performance list shows already several prizes per 100:

- 'Mr Robot' (FR17-018196)

New ambition?

After he won almost everything he could win in his discipline, Martial is now also targeting some international races. Several purchases and joint-breeding have been realised in this direction so that he could start to prepare the ground slowly but surely. With the ambition and the passion that drives him, the man will undoubtedly set himself new goals up to the level of his colony. But only time will tell!