Pieter Veenstra & sons (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) have a collection of top quality birds led by Return Flojo

Peter Veenstra met zijn zonen Aant Arjen (l) en Gerrit (r)
Pieter Veenstra has a rough diamond in his collection with SAMDPR legend Return Flojo. And he can also rely on several (inter)national ace pigeons, which add up to an unprecedented group of breeding birds.

The 2020 season

Pieter Veenstra & sons have had a great 2020 season, in which they had some rather spectacular results, especially in the one day long distance NPO. They got close to a victory NPO with a 2nd Chalons & Champagne (young birds), 6th and 8th NPO Chateaudun and 9th NPO Troyes. Their most eye-catching results came about with the help of the bloodlines of SAMDPR legend Return Flojo, her dam Densteny Vita, her brothers Cartier, Versace and Jappeloup, as well as some other brothers and sisters. And let's not forget the (inter)national ace pigeons Olympic Bonifac, New Hurricane and Aristo. They have all earned their place in the illustrious breeding lofts in Drachtstercompagnie.


Return Flojo


CHN17-0227000 Return Flojo, one of the very best SAMDPR participants of all time

As a brief introduction to Return Flojo, we go back to that memorable finale of the The South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race (SAMDPR) in February 2018. It was there that the chequered CHN17-0227000 Return Flojo joined the ranks of some of our sport's most legendary racing birds with the following top results:


1 Grand average ace pigeon SA Million Dollar Pigeon race 2018 *with a 2 hour and 16 minute lead (the biggest history in all of SAMDPR history) 2 Knock-Out ace pigeon SA Million Dollar Pigeon race 2018 14 Finale - 2627 p. / 521 km & 947 mpm 17 Hot Spot average ace pigeon SA Million Dollar race 2018 18 Hot Spot 4 - 2874 p. / 212 km & 1119 mpm 90 Hot Spot 5 - 2807 p. / 268 km & 1193 mpm

After this short but rather impressive racing career it was Pieter Veenstra who managed to get his hands on Return Flojo. She joined the breeding team in late 2018, where she bred her first youngsters in 2019, paired to some exceptional partners. All of these youngsters were destined to become breeders one day. 2020 was the first year in which descendants of Return Flojo were basketed for races, and her grandchildren have claimed victory three times in eight young birds' races.


1st Chalons of 1987 p. (and 2nd NPO of 6221 p.) 1st Arlon 580 p. (19th NPO of 10530 p.) 1st Sittard 975 p.

In the NPO race from Chalons en Champagne (of 6221 p.), grandchildren of Return Flojo finished in 13th, 24th, 38th, 42nd and 77th place. And they also won an 85th Burdinne of 10,362 p. and an 86th Venlo of 18,959 p. That sums up some of the best results of her descendants. And racing bird NL20-4214530 won a 2nd NPO Chalons. She is a daughter of Thomas-Flojo 725, which is in turn a daughter of Return Flojo. She was paired to DV01696-18-6 Thomas (winner of 1st final race Golden Algarve OLR 2018 of 2132 p.) as part of a joint breeding with Mike Ganus (Ganger, USA).


Cartier, the sire of a 9th NPO Troyes 7845 p.


NL15-1143962 Cartier, brother of Return Flojo, is a great breeder

You can tell from his brothers and sisters that Return Flojo comes from a very special family. Racing bird NL15-1143962 Cartier is for instance a brother of Return Flojo. And Cartier's youngsters won a 7th and 8th NPO from Courtisols in 2019. Racing bird NL19-4200041 or The 041 in turns wins a 9th NPO Troyes of 7845 p. (1st of 3107 p.), which makes for another important top ten. The dam of this The 041 is NL17-1561821 or 4 Legends 821. 4 legends stands for the fact that she is a granddaughter of Davinci, Special Blue, Harry and Chanel No.5.


Desteny Vita (the dam of Return Flojo) breeds racing sensation Dior


NL12-5200222 Desteny Vita, the dam of Return Flojo

The dam of Return Flojo, NL12-5200222 Desteny Vita, allowed Pieter Veenstra to get some great results in 2020. Her daughter NL17-4289298 Dior won a 6th NPO Chateaudun of 2927 p. this season, and she was transferred to the breeding loft just recently. This pigeon was a consistent performer in the one day long distance NPO over the last two years. It is another telltale sign of the exceptional breeding potential of Destiny Vita, which is a daughter of NL04-5435151 Davinci (1st NPO Ablis) x NL05-1909293 Special Blue (daughter Mr. Blue, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon WHZB 2004). She is also the dam of NL13-5305268 Jappeloup (3 x 1st, 4 x 2nd and 3 x top 16 of more than 18,000 pigeons). And her son NL17-4289324 H.br. Return Flojo is another very successful racing bird with four victories to his name. We take a look at the most important achievements of her daughter Dior:


1 Niergnies 714 p.(40th NPO of 11597 p.) 6 NPO Chateaudun 2927 p. 7 Chimay 7165 p. 7 NPO Vierzon 1379 p. 12 NPO Chateauroux 2379 p. 21 NPO Lorris 2981 d. 30 NPO Sens 6629 d.

Brother Return Flojo leads to great results in Victoria Falls OLR


NL18-4297797 Brother Return Flojo, sire of 1st Hot Spot 3 Victoria Falls OLR Zimbabwe

These pigeons are a force to be reckoned with in the OLR competition, and Return Flojo was the perfect example of the fact that. We saw a similar story in 2020, with a youngster of NL18-4297797 Brother Return Flojo claiming a convincing first place in Hot Spot 3 (318 km) in the Victoria Falls OLR Zimbabwe.


Olympiad and national ace pigeons


CZ 0250-15-311 Olympic Bonifac, 1st cat. B Olympiad Poznan 2019

Pieter Veenstra & Sons are always looking for ways to give their breeding loft an extra edge. And they did so by introducing CZ0250-15-311 Olympic Bonifac, which reached the top of the international podium in cat. B in the 2019 Olympiad in Poznan, for Josef Kucera. Olympic Bonifac has an impressive seven victories on his palmares. And in 2020 his daughter NL20-4214547 claimed a 14th NPO Chalons of 6221 p. and a 57th NPO Arlon of 10,530 pigeons, which shows that this bloodline could have quite a bit of potential indeed.


National ace pigeons in the lofts

Success does not come easy but sometimes you can make your own luck. Pieter and his sons Arjen and Gerrit are well aware of this, and it explains why they leave nothing to chance. This is why they decided to invest in national ace pigeons Aristo and New Hurricane in 2019.


NL18-1718479 Aristo, 1st National ace pigeon one day long distance De Allerbeste competition

Aristo, 1st National ace pigeon one day long distance De Allerbeste

Kees Koetzier (Utrecht, NL) claimed a coveted title of 1st Ace Pigeon one day long distance in the national De Allerbeste competition with NL18-1718479 Aristo. We take a look at the best results of this racing cock:


8th NPO Salbris of 5753 p. (and 1st of 2438 p.) 9th National Vierzon of 8065 p. (and 1st of 901 p.)

New Hurricane, 1st National ace pigeon one day long distance WHZB/TBOTB


DV04665-13-2 New Hurricane 1st National ace pigeon one day long distance WHZB/TBOTB

This title of 1st National ace pigeon one day long distance WHZB/TBOTB 2019 went to Marco Kerkhof (Emmerich) and his six year old DV0465665-13-2 New Hurricane. New Hurricane is for sure one of the best one day long distance racing birds in history, with 4 top 10s and an impressive 10 top 50 placings in NPO races. Here is a brief overview of New Hurricane's palmares:


1 Quiévrain 1977 p. 4 NPO Issoudun 4173 p. 7 NPO Chateauroux 2871 p. 8 NPO Chateaudun 6009 p. 10 NPO Nanteuil 2263 p. 15 NPO Issoudun 1234 p. 17 NPO Issoudun 934 p.

Could this be a prelude

As the number of grandchildren of Return Flojo in the lofts of Pieter, Aant Arjen and Gerrit increases, the expectations are growing as well. Will they surprise us again in 2021? We will know soon enough.