Victoria Falls: both auction and number of new entries break records

In recent years, the Victoria Falls OLR has grown into the largest OLR outside of China. At this very moment it looks like there will be more than 6000 pigeons participating in the race for next season, a new record!The pigeons from the previous edition are currently being auctio

The pigeons of the previous edition are currently being auctioned on PIPA. For All in One, NL19-1244846, the winner of the final race of Gerard Koopman, 122,000 euros have already been offered at the time of writing. As far as we know, a record amount for a pigeon that has ever raced in an OLR outside of China!

All in One & Pebbles

The first ace pigeon of the last competition is also very popular: at this moment, 87,000 euros have already been offered for Pebbles, ZA19-MRPF-1235! Pebbles was bred by Jason Brown.

How to join in Europe

You can still participate in the upcoming edition, but be quick. The last shipment from Europe will leave next week. Contact your agent before Monday 2 November. Click here for an overview of the agents.

For Belgium and the Netherlands you can contact:

  • Michel Wouters (Flanders and the Netherlands) - Tel: +32 475 897619
  • Adrien Mirabelle (Wallonia) - Tel: +32 473 454025

Busy days for the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race. Because the auction that is currently running on PIPA will also end on Wednesday 4 November.