Astonishing performance on Pau for Michel Dubois (Mainil-Dohem, FR) with the French national victory at the end of the day!

Another well known name from the international pigeon scene that just added its name to the list of national winners from the opening classic of the international calendar, Pau. Michel Dubois won 1th national Pau in France.

Michel Dubois (on the right) & his friend Christian.

Michel Dubois booked another top performance on the first international race from the calendar, Pau. With 16 pigeons in the race, Michel did an amazing job as he clocked no less than 9 (!) pigeons during the first day and he will probably win a 100% of prizes with a fantastic 16/16. The sky from Maisnil-Dohem was the theater of an amazing spectacle and the supporters who were attempting to the race, enjoyed a fantastic performance with several arrivals on day one. Judge by yourself:
21h15, 21h16, 21h39, 21h49, 21h58, 21h58, 21h58, 22h00, 22h35, 06h23, 06h40, 07h29, 07h35, 08h10, 08h36, 08h54... who did better? On the international result, it looks like this: 

Pau (834 km) - 12.119 pigeons: 6-8-17-27-45-46-48-50-125-638-803-1344-1419-1767-1972-2104

Remarkable feat, it was practically the same team that performed so well in 2018 on the Agen international race who just delivered this performance on Pau as several pigeons clocked early on saturday evening already won a similar result last year. As a reminder, here is the result booked by Michel Dubois last year on Agen, a race where the pigeons had to face similar flying conditions like Pau, with a strong head wind and very hot temperatures:

Agen (753 km) - 13.325 pigeons: 6-7-11-46-53-74-1223-1484-1615-2278-3114 (11/12)

The conclusion is quite simple: several pigeons have now 2 prizes into the top 100 from an international result. This also applies to the brand new national winner. 

- 'The Pau' (FR16-087349)

The french national winner of Pau edition 2019 is a nice small sized cock, well balanced and with some top muscles. He represents perfectly the pigeon type of Michel Dubois. He has a very strong vitality and a fantastic eye who will please many fans of the eye theory. But his future will be written in 2 little weeks with the next international race from St-Vincent where he will be basketted with the rest of the team.

1. Pau national      -  3.668 p. '19 (1.068 m/min)
   6. International  - 12.119 p.
9. Agen national     -  2.043 p. '18 (968 m/min)
   11. International - 13.325 p.

Father: '299/04' (FR04-375299), an extra racer with several prizes on the international races and a.o. 5th national Marseille who became later on a super breeder. He was bred out of the old base from Dubois x Didi Devos (via Roger Tantart).
Mother: 'La Peiren' (BE09-3177715), direct from Noel Peiren (via his friend Fred Ianni, national winner FR Pau 2018), a mix between the old glorious lines from Peiren.

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Invictus, Arysto and the others...

Michel Dubois became a household name in the international pigeon scene mostly thanks to the performances of 'Invictus', 1st European Ace Pigeon Extrem Long Distance in 2015 and 'Arysto', 1st European Ace Pigeon Extrem Long Distance in 2018. Both share the same particularity, the fact that they were bred out of the same mother, the 'Jellema hen' who, as her name says it all, comes directly from Jelle Jellema, currently one of the best marathon fancier of the world. With such a breeding material, the success of Michel is not a surprise at all. The performance he just achieved on Pau last weekend proves that he is now at the top of his game and that he is currently managing one of the best European marathon colonies. We are convinced that he will do his best to honor its statut during the coming racing weekends.

To summarize

The pigeons from the racing team seems to be in a great shape actually and the condition is top. For the coming weekend, there will be the race of Agen, a race that Michel already marked by its class last year. About fourty pigeons were basketted for this race and the weather forecasts are predicting a very hard race with the type of weather his pigeons seem to like. We won't be surprised to find one of his pigeon at the top of the international result once again. But we also marked in our agenda the race of St-Vincent that is scheduled for the 12th of July and where the Pau team will again be basketted for. Maybe there is another 'Arysto' in this brilliant generation. Time will tell... By the way, Michel also wanted to thank his friend Christian who is helping him on the daily cares of his colony.