Dujaquier Philippe wins the 1st international Béziers yearlings! (2004)

Only two years ago he restarted with racing pigeons and now...
Philippe DUJACQUIER from Naast

This year was the first time that Béziers was a part of the international calender and came in the place of Narbonne. The organizes is “l’Indépendante de Liège". We can’t talk about a real success for the organizers, who didn’t collect the amount of pigeons they wanted. From the foreign countries there was only France and Germany. The Netherlands didn’t participate, because they wanted to protect their own national races like Dax and Bergerac. It’s a pitty, and it’s also a pitty that the organizers didn’t succeed in making a preliminary result. L’indépendante de Liège first had the excuse that not every club sent their results, but one week later, there weren’t any official results either. These small remarks are mentioned because it’s hopefully a lesson for the future and it doesn’t take any shine away from the victory that this fancier won.

He couldn’t participate at the pigeon flights in his yought!

It was in 1975 that Philippe Dujacquier learnt his first lessons about pigeon sport. It was a real coincidence, on a road he found a lost pigeon. He took it with him and later on his friend gave him a second pigeon. The first couple was formed…but weeks passed by and no eggs were coming. Very simple, it were two cocks…

When Philippe realised this, he collected two hens from a person who he could trust more. The 4 pigeons didn’t had a loft yet so they had to stay in the chicken-run for a while. The living together was a disaster, all kinds of diseases appeared. The father of Phillipe then finally decided to build a loft specially for the pigeons, but with a strict rule that he couldn’t participate at the pigeon flights. Breeding pigeons was OK, but flying for money NO…
Phillipe accepted this…that’s what his father thought. Because sometimes Phillipe let one of his pigeons fly a race. But what shouldn’t have happened. His father found the pigeon clock, and from then on Phillipe didn’t race any pigeons anymore, he said…
From this moment Phillipe read everything what he could find about pigeons. He learnt a lot, but his results stayed very bad.
A first meeting with M. Lescot, could change some things. Philippe, who was a good student, took all the advice that Mr. Lescot gave him and the first good results followed…

But in fact it is his second meeting with him that made the definitive change in the right direction. During an auction in Beersel he got in touch with Xavier Vanden Bosch. A long conversation followed and it appeared that they got along very well. Xavier asks Philippe to take all his current pigeons away and start from zero with the pigeons he bought in Beersel. Philippe didn’t doubt for a second and he started with 30 youngsters. The progression was impressive. After a while you found the name Dujacquier at the top of a lot of results. Than there was a period with a lot of moving out because of profesional reasons and because of his marriage. For a while the pigeon sport wasn’t important anymore for Philippe. There was also a time when he couldn’t race pigeons because there were problems with the renting of the houses, he couldn’t keep animals there. But Philippe couldn’t live without pigeons so he kept on playing at his father’s house.

In 1999, he bought a house in Naast , but there was a lot of work on his new house, and this took a long time, that’s why he decided to wait with racing pigeons on his own, but instead he was a loft manager for about three years at the lofts of Clerbaut from Ecaussinnes. Together with his friend Philippe Bert, they decided to build their own lofts at the house of Philippe. In fact it was the start of real Globetrotter-fancier. Philippe Bert did more then just helping to build the loft, he also gave 10 pigeons of his best strain. Also Xavier Vanden Bosch donated a full basket of pigeons.

In fact, the pigeons of Bert were a little bit older then the rest and Philippe started immediately with winning the middle distance championship with the young pigeons, the youngsters came from the loft of Van den Bosch. A race from Toury was almost a disaster for these youngsters. They had to wait for liberating the pigeons untill noon, and in the afternoon the temperature was about 40 °C. It was their third flight and a lot of pigeons need more then one day to find their way back to Naast. The winner of Béziers already showed his class in this race because it was one of the first pigeons that came back to the loft. After one year of racing, they had about 17 victories, which is more then acceptable.

2004, the confirmation!
The season of 2004 started with 16 yearling cocks raced on widowhood. Originally, eight hens were supposed to be raced in the same way. We will look at the results of theses ladies a bit later, let us talk about the cocks first.

We give you a few examples.

22/05 Gien 584 yearlings: 17, 31, 37, 70, 82, 104, 113, 117, 118, 143 van 10.
29/05 Auxerre 506 yearlings: 23, 28, 45, 61, 117, 121, 138, 169 van 8.
06/06 Bourges 406 yearlings: 1, 5, 24, 39, 64, 97, 110, 113, 124, 126, 134 van 11.
19/06 Châteauroux 174 yearlings: 5, 7, 17, 20, 35, 47 van 6.
03/07 La Souterraine 223 yearlings: 3, 4, 10, 17, 29, 37, 43 van 7.
17/07 Limoges 185 yearlings: 1, 2, 12, 13, 15, 18, 60 van 7.

Nice references!
Philippe says the cocks need a little bit more preparation before each flight. The cock finds the motivation to come back to the loft in his hen. That’s why he gives enough time to the cock to present his “ego” to the hen. If we look at the results, we can say it is a good method.
He gives the hens another preparation. First, they are played by widowhood. The team from 8 hens flies at least once per week 50 km. This training is during the morning, when Philippe drives to his work. It’s a pitty that nobody is in the loft to receive ‘the ladies’, that’s why Philippe changed his habit, and now he does it in the evening. He also took the advice of Xavier Vanden Bosch, who said that you have to make sure that the hens have had eggs before their first flight, in this case it was Saint-Vincent national. Now the training is together with the young pigeons and during this training he saw that there was one hen who choses her own way, immediately to the loft. This was the hen that won the 234th from 10.624 pigeons national St.-Vincent.

Pedigree of the winner of the first int. Béziers yearlings

The father comes from the colony Viaene-Morent from Buizingen and is inbred from de “Zot” Imbrecht, by Jean-Marie Demeu from Bernissart.
The mother is a results from co-breeding between De Cock from Temse and the strain De Schepper from Gooik.

This small hen has something vital and has also very elastic muscles. It’s difficult to keep her in your hand. With two great results she made her ‘master’ very happy.

What a comeback!
Two years ago he restarted racing pigeons and now he already has an international victory. It’s some nice history, it all started with a real friendship in Beersel. The results Philippe won this year are almost perfect, and the happiness it brought at the house of Philippe, his wife and their daughter is undescribable. And to be honest, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of them yet…
Congratulations Philippe!

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