Balkanic Golden Race, the ultimate challenge in Southeast Europe!

One of the steadily growing European one loft races is undoubtedly the Balkanic Golden Race in Romania, also known as the Balkanic Fair-Play elite race.

The lofts of the Balkanic Golden Race

Since the first edition, in 2017, this competition has gathered the best racers from the Balkan region and beyond. The lofts are located in Targoviste (Dambovita, Romania), the capital city of the kingdom of Vlad Tepes, known worldwide as “Dracula”. The city is located only one hour away from the Bucharest airport, which makes it easy to reach for a visit to the Finals.

The contest is designed to provide substantial prize money even for a small number of pigeons. The 1st prize in the finals is 30,000 and is guaranteed regardless the number of participating pigeons, being the biggest prize money offered so far in Romania and the Balkans. Thus, even with, for example, only 700 pigeons at the start, the total prizes exceed 100,000!

Please check the full entry conditions here.

Visitors from Germany and Turkey

In both editions so far, the percentage of pigeons that were basketed on the Final was on average 60% of the first inventory. Of these, at least 50% have arrived from the Final race, and this in very demanding flight conditions, with strong crosswinds and headwinds.

The final will take place on September 7th from a distance of 500 km. The pigeons will have to fly from the east to the west. Two weeks later, the participants have the opportunity to participate in a second optional Derby, this time in a joint liberation with the biggest Romanian race for young birds: Nikolaev Ukraine (550 km) organized by UCPR Dambovita, where a participation of at least 5,000 pigeons is expected.

The winning pigeon of the edition of 2018 of Sebastian Rolff.

So prepare your team for one of the most challenging races in Europe! The next shipment from the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany will take place on 10 and 11 May. You can find the list of shipping agents here.

The other shipments take place on a weekly basis from the same locations until June 1.

Visitors from the Netherlands

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