A report on the British International Championship Club race from Alencon on 13th May 2018

Five hundred and two members sent four thousand, nine hundred and fourteen birds to the British International Championship Club race from Alençon. After a one day holdover they were liberated at 08.25CEST into a light south-west wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.


First open and first east section was won by Ray George from Gillingham with a two year old on 1387mpm over 204 miles. Ray races twenty-four cocks on the traditional widowhood system and the winning grizzle was named Mater by grandson Bobby. Mater was one of a kit of six that Ray had from Bob and Jamie Langrish of Chorley. Its bloodlines are Roland Janssen's Rode Bingo. Ray's birds are fed depurative at the beginning of the week and then Vanrobaeys widowhood until basketing. They exercise well around home and have a training toss on a Thursday.

Garry Inkley

Garry Inkley of Hillingdon was second open, first centre section with a two year old on 1383mpm over 216 miles. Garry clocked a widowhood cock containing Syndicate Lofts bloodlines, the sire being a son of Mario and Ivy, direct from Leo Hermans Safier Couple. The dam was a gift bird from Andrew McFenton of Swansea. Garry timed a second bird to also take provisional twelfth open. This was a Premier Koopman x Duncan Ferguson/Albert Tarleton Syndicate Lofts pigeon.

R and N Steptoe of Oxted clocked a two year old on 1379.8mpm over 194 miles to take third open and third east section. The partners also clocked another pigeon which will probably be fifth open in the final result. Both were cocks flown on the widowhood system, the first being a son of Crackerjack, sixth open BICC Agen in 2014.

Mark Bulled

Fourth open and second east section was a two year old on 1379.9mpm over 229 miles for Mark Bulled of Harlow. Mark actually clocked two pigeons in quick succession to also probably take sixth open in the final result. Again the two pigeons were widowhood cocks with the first being a son of Mark's Fougères winner, Eastbourne. Both were bred from Mark's Red Bull family of pigeons.

Fifth open on the provisional result and fourth east section was won by Tony Buckfield of Hockley with a two year old on 1374mpm over a distance of 221 miles. Tony sent sixteen and had fourteen on the day. The winning Soontjen hen had lost its cock the week before the race but it returned home on the night before basketing, much to the delight of its partner.

Paul Liman

Paul Liman of Barkingside was sixth open and fifth east section with a three year old on 1372.8mpm over 218 miles. Paul timed a Ceusters x Hoefkens pigeon, flown on the natural x roundabout system. The sire of this pigeon bred the winner of the East Down Combine for John Patterson of Belfast.

Mark Gilbert of Windsor timed a two year old on 1372.3mpm over 211 miles to take seventh open and second centre section. Mark timed a widowhood hen which is the grand-daughter of Jan Hoyman's Harry and Koopman's Emerven Hope.

Meg Murray

Eighth open and sixth east section was won by Meg Murray from Burnham on Sea with a yearling on 1370mpm over 224 miles. Meg's winner was a blue cock that was gifted to her last season by her clubmate Lee Bastone. The sire is a son of the Lambrecht Kingpin, whilst the dam is a Vandenabeele.

E Guinchard of Upminster was ninth open and eventh east section with a two year old on 1361mpm over a distance of 215 miles. Eric's winner was bred by Tim Rodwell.

Completing the top ten and in third centre section was D Smith of Bethnal Green with a four year old on 1359mpm over 214 miles.

Around the sections

Geoff & Catherine Cooper

Geoff and Catherine Cooper of Peasdown St John were first west section and seventy-first open with a two year old on 1267mpm over 228 miles. The Coopers clocked a widowhood hen that was second back to the loft but first to trap. This hen was bred from a son of George when paired to a sister of Farmer George.

Treetops Lofts

Clive and Jill Rogers and Neil Sales of Treetops Lofts in Writhlington were second west section on 1259mpm over 227 miles. The sire of the partners winner was bred by Bill Keays, being a great grandson of Emiel, whilst the dam came from Terry Preddy. The partners clocked four pigeons which will be high up in the final section result.

R and J Whiteside of Abbots Leigh were third west section.

Rodney Oakes

Rodney Oakes of Northants was first north-centre section and eighty-third open with a three year old on 1259mpm over 276 miles. Rodnye timed a mealy cock flown on the roundabout system and containing Janssen x Busschaert bloodlines.

Dominic Gruzelier

Dominic Gruzelier of Houghton was second north-centre section on 1256mpm over 252 miles. Dom timed a widowhood hen bred down from his best pigeon, Willow.

Mr/s Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith of Rushden were third north-centre section. Mick clocked a Leo Van Rijn widowhood cock bred from Brian and Karen Hawes' bloodlines and on its first race from across the channel.

First north-east section

Jeremy Nicholson of Ipswich was first north-east section and seventy-eighth open with a three year old on 1263mpm over 252 miles. Jeremy clocked a hen that he brought at a breeder buyer sale in Ipswich, it was bred by Dougie and Lee Osbourne from their Jos Thoné family. This hen is a double grand-daughter of Pro Freddie and a grand-daughter of Ian Stafford's National Investment x Celine.

J Davies of Hepworth was second north-east section with a two year old on 1246mpm over 272 miles. Jimmy's pigeons was a Janssen x Soontjen bred for him by Paul Liman from Barkingside. The dam came from his cousins, D and B Price. It was flown on the roundabout system.

A and C Daniels of Norfolk were third north-east section. They clocked a pigeon bred from their own family of birds and raced on the roundabout system.

Matthews and Harris from Bridgnorth were first north-west section and one hundred and forty-first open with a three year old on 1210mpm over 298 miles.

John Rodway

John Rodway of Rushwick was second north-west section with a three year old on 1196mpm over 279 miles. John's pigeon was a blue chequer hen raced on the natural system.

Steve Parkinson

S Parkinson of Crewe was third north-west section. Steve timed a chequer cock raced on the roundabout system. This cock is one of a batch of four that he broke from local fancier Derek Lawton when Derek decided to part with his pigeons.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Alençon.