A report on the Irish National Flying Club yearling race from Sennen Cove

Seven hundred and six members sent four thousand, two hundred and sixty-four pigeons to the Irish National Flying Club race from Sennen Cove. They were liberated at 07.45CEST into a westerly wind. The following is a report on the final result.

Kevin Douglas

First north section and first open was won by J Douglas and Son from Lurgan Social Flying Club, flying 305 miles on a velocity of 1,360ypm and winning £1,463 and the Nelson Corry Trophy. Martin and Kevin timed a chequer pied cock racing on the widowhood system. The winner was a gift pigeon from Joe and Sharon Flood from Fortfield in Belfast, one of four that the Floods gifted the partners last season. Another of these gift pigeons was fifth open in the Northern Ireland Provincial Amalgamation young bird race from Talbenny last season. The partners were also young bird fanciers of the year in section E of the NIPA last season. Martin and Kevin entered three pigeons into the race, competing against fanciers with many more entries.

Michael Fitzpatrick

Aecond north section and second open went to O Fitzpatrick and Son from Gilford, flying 298 miles on a velocity of 1,358ypm and winning £1,100. Michael clocked four more pigeons and his others will be fortieth, two hundred and twenty-fifth, two hundred and eighty-ninth and three hundredth in the result. First on the clock was a blue pied cock the sire of which was bred down from a gift bird from Darren Thompson of Tandragee containing Van Wildermeersch bloodlines. The dam is a Vandenabeele hen that was third open in the Penzance classic race of 2011. The breeding on this side is from a gift bird from Des Breen of Gilford.

Dennis & Jaqueline Lyness

Third north section and third open went to D & B Lyness of Lurgan Social, flying 303 miles on a velocity of 1,357ypm and winning £473. Dennis timed a blue pied hen sent to the race sitting ten day eggs. The breeding contains Willy Jacobs Grondelaar bloodlines origination from Mr and Mrs Gerald Delany. Dennis is good friends with the race winner, Martin and the two of them train together from Annagassan, located on the coast between Dundalk and Drogheda.

Ronnie, Jason & David Bell

R Bell and Sons from Edgarstwon were fourth north section and fourth open with a velocity of 1,355ypm over 301 miles and winning £640. Ronnie and Jason clocked a pigeon bred by their friends and neighbours John Trimble and Son. The sire is one of the Bell's pigeons which is bred off Ronnie Williamson's Nicky's Pride. The dam is a half-sister to Willie Neil's first open St Malo and contains Jacobs x Massenhoven bloodlines obtained via Mr and Mrs Gerald Delany, it being a full sister to Oroory Surprise.

Paul Hope & Wayne Kennaway

P Hope from Edgarstown was fifth north section and fifth open with a velocity of 1,345ypm over 301 miles and winning £155 and the Sam Buckley Memorial Cup for best two bird average. Paul had seven birds on the day and his second on the clock was fourteenth open. The winner is a André Roodhooft hen bred by Jeff Greenaway of Dromore, it being a grandaughter of the Not For Sale cock. It was sent to the race sitting sixteen day eggs.

A, T & J Houston

Sixth north section and sixth open was won by A, T and J Houston from Lisburn and District. Alan, son Timothy and daughter Jolene, timed a blue chequer, roundabout cock at 1,339ypm over 306 miles to win £438. The breeding of this winner is Willy Can Herck x Van Loon. The Housten's family of pigeons can all be traced back to one cock and two hens, so it is an inbred family that performs consistently well both inland and from across the channel.

Tommy Fitzpatrick

T Fitzpatrick Of Wilton Cross was seventh north section and seventh open with a velocity of 1,338ypm over a distance of 302 miles and winning £155. Tommy clocked a blue bar cock raced on the natural system and sent sitting a five day old squeaker. The breeding contains French distance bloodlines from Maurice Wilkinson and Jeffrey Douglas. The dam of this pigeon has bred ten first prize winners.

Bingham & Seaton

Eighth north section and eighth open was won by Bingham and Seaton from Ligoniel on a velocity of 1333.7ypm over 313 miles and winning £125. The partners are Lee Bingham and Billy Seaton and they clocked a mealy cock sent to the race sitting a three day old squeaker. The sire of this pigeon was a gift from Bill Gilmore of Shakhill, whilst the dam is down from the NIPA Roscarberry winner, John Boy. Earlier in the season a goshawk got into the partners' natural loft and killed a few birds so the others had to be given a few weeks to settle themselves again.

Tommy McClean

T McClean of Annaghmore was ninth north section and ninth open on 133.2ypm over 303 miles, winning £615. Tommy timed a blue Soontjens cock which was bred by Jim Newall from his Blue Thunder bloodlines. This yearling has been to every race this season including both Talbeenys and then Penzance.

Dessie & Robert Turkington

Completing the top ten is D and R Turkington from Doagh and District on a velocity of 1331ypm over 324 miles and winning £1,696 and the Charles Ingle Trophy for tenth open yearling national. Father and son, Dessie and Robert clocked a chequer cock that had no nestbox and wasn't paired to a hen. The sire is a Leo Van Rijn from M and A Johnston of Ballylesson and is named Brother Joshua. The dam was a gift from Mr and Mrs Brian McNeilly and is a sister to Matthew, second section and second open in the yearling national in 2013.

That concludes the report on the final result of the Irish National Flying Club yearling national from Sennen Cove.