A report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club old hen race from Coutances

Sixty-two members sent two hundred and forty-four old hens to Countances for the British Barcelona Club race. After a one day holdover, they were liberated at 09.15 CEST into a westerly breeze. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

David Deveson & grandson, Teddy

First open and first section G was won by D Deveson from Newhaven with a four year old hen on 1668mpm. David timed a Eric Cannon hen sent sitting fourteen days, the sire and dam of which came from Mick Tuck of Witney. David's winner is named Jessica, after his grandaughter.

Dave & June Newman

Mr and Mrs Newman of Aylesbury clocked a yearling on 1608ypm to take second open and first section D. Dave and June' pigeon was bred from a Nigel Bennett Staf Van Reet and was used as a widowhood hen earlier in the season.

Steve Wells

Sherman and Wells of Oxford were third open and second section D with a two year old hen on 1563ypm. Steve timed the same hen that was third section, twelfth open from Countances last season. This hen was bred from a Drapa cock when paired to a Koopman hen.

Terry Haley of Watford timed two hens to take fourth and fifth open, third and fourth section D. The first was a two year old on 1517ypm. Second to time was a yearling on 1516ypm.

J Deville of Camberley timed a yearling hen on 1514ypm to take sixth open and fifth section D.

Robert and Yvonne Thompson of Stotfold were seventh open and sixth section D with a two year old on 1508.5ypm.

Derek Reid

Derek Reid of Weybridge clocked a yearling on 1508.4ypm to take eighth open and second section G. Derek timed a grandaughter of his National Flying Club winner

Ninth open and seventh section D was a yearling clocked by J and P Treanor of Luton. 

Mick & Lyn Chaplin

Completing the top ten and in third section G are Mick and Lynn Chaplin of Woking with a three year old hen on 1473ypm. Mick and Lyn's pigeon was on only its second race of the season having previously been used as a widowhood hen. It was paired up a month before the race and sent sitting chipping eggs.

Around the sections

Johnny Attrill

Johnny Attrill of Salisbury clocked a four year old on 1418 to take first section A. Johnny timed a second bird, a two year old on 1380ypm to also take third section A. All Johnny's arrivals came in the rain from the north. First home was a German bred Scellings and second was a daughter of Nightmare which contains Boshua bloodlines.

Keith Davison

Keith Davison of Southampton was second section A on 1405ypm. Keith's old hen was bred from a Willy Jacobs Janssen cock when paired to a Frans Lemmens (Hasaelt) hen that he obtained from Rex Doe of Cornwall.

Martyn Richmond & Tony Cotterell

Cotterell, Richmond and Son of Wimborne were first section B with a two year old on 975ypm. The partners clocked a second hen on 889ypm to also take third section. The partners timed Merrifield Mizzle, a consistent racer that was sent sitting chipping eggs. The sire of their second pigeon was bred by Dave Vowles of Street and contains his R and M Venner bloodlines.

Mike Staddon

Mike Staddon of Crewkerne was second section B with a yearling on 949ypm. Mike clocked two nest sisters, sent on the natural system and sent sitting fifteen days.

Mark Brown

Mark and Clare Brown of Hungerford timed three pigeons to take first, second and third section C on 1373, 1211 and 1202ypm respectively. Mark and Clare's first on the clock was thier first arrival from Guernsey a week previously. Second and third section were two nest sisters bred from the stock loft, the sire being a half-brother to their 2010 NFC winner containing Gaby Vandenabeele bloodlines.

Louis Yemm & Logan, Lloyd, Harvey & Scarlett

Louis Yemm of Newcastle took the first three places in section E. The first two dropped together and were both timed on 1417ypm. The third was shortly afterwards on 1403ypm. The first and third section winners were bred by Neil Boulton of Stoke on Trent, whilst second section came from Steve Windsor of Clayton.

J & J Brady

J and J Brady of Benfleet were first section J with a yearling on 1436ypm. The two Johns timed a hen bred from a full brother to their 2008 national winner as a youngster. The dam is Zuni. Both sire and dam contain Jos Thoné bloodlines.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club old hens race from Coutances.