(AFGEKEURD - GEEN NIEUWE RACE) The Canary Islands hold a new one loft race in Gran Canaria

In 2016, the Canary Islands will no longer have just one, but two one loft races. As well as the Derby Arona on Tenerife, a new one loft race will be organised on the island of Gran Canaria as part of a bigger project bringing people closer to nature.

Part of the domain

Objective of the project

The one loft race is part of a project, the main objective of which is to teach people the values of nature and rural areas, using birds as teaching material both theoretically and practically. The aim is not only to provide knowledge but to convey the importance of conservation and protection of birds and their environment, furthering the scientific development of them. It seeks to meet the wide world of birds and in particular wild genetic origin and evolution of our canary bird (Serinus canarius) of over 700 years of adaptation, and the pigeon (Columba livia) for over 3,000 years. Over the years they have been producing mutations and aesthetic changes resulting in multiple varieties and breeds with different utilities of each of the species. This has led to the development of culture with birds and specifically what is called the 'canaricultura pigeon', both as an artist and as poultry.

The project aims to:

  • Promote the recovery and conservation of nature and the environment;
  • Visualise changes and genetic alterations in birds as the theory of evolution of species (Darwin & Mendel);
  • Submit varieties of pigeon breeds, including their origin (Columba livia);
  • Deepen your knowledge and origin of the canary bird (Serinus canarius) and its adaptation to the environment;
  • Transmit the essential knowledge of activities relating to the canaricultura pigeon;
  • Promote observation and naturally approach the world of culture with birds.


The race is organised on a property called Parra Negra with a surface of 12,000 m². It also houses the thematic facilities project 'Culture With Birds'.
This project is of cultural, educational and environmental public interest and has been set up by the government of the Canary Islands. It comprises:

  • Canary birds (Serinus canarius)
  • the Columba bravia (Columba livia) park
  • crops
  • the one loft race
  • a museum
  • room events
  • the Bodeguilla bar

Map of the Terra Negra site

About 3,000 m² is used for the zoological centre taking in baby birds. Another 3,000 m² is reserved for the housing of (a maximum of) 3,500 pigeons with up to fifteen pigeon lofts and three quarantine stations. The lofts are equipped with automatic, modern cleaning and drinking water system, which makes the loft managers' tasks easier.

The facilities are located near the north coast of the island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain), more specifically in the area known as Costa Bañaderos Cruz de Pineda, belonging to the municipality of Arucas. Arucas is a small town surrounded by many agricultural zones. The climate is subtropical with an ambient temperature of about 23° Celsius and an average humidity of 55-65%. The prevailing wind on the north coast is the NE trade wind, blowing softly or moderately throughout most of the year.

One loft race info

Entering dates & fees

The period of reception and entrance of youngsters is from 1 April to 31 August 2015.

Pre-registration: Young pigeons are collected from 01/04/2015 to 31/08/2015. The payment is made at the entrance of the pigeons in the loft. 150 euros a pigeon. In a team of five, two pigeons can be entered for free.

Definite activation: 40 euros per pigeon remaining after the 6th round.

Race schedule, prize money and competitions

The first race in which prize money can be won is scheduled for the second week of February 2016. The final race will take place in the second week of April 2016. The birds will be liberated at sea for a race of 500 to 600 km. Check out the full race schedule here. More information on the competitions held can be found here.

These are the races that will be held at the Gran Canaria One Loft Race

Contact information

In Spain

Race organiser Carlos Medina Jaber: 0034928627775 (tel.), 0034645096462 (mobile)

Other countries

  • Rafael Medina González: 661213547 (mobile)
  • Information centre: