Silvere Toye (Otegem, BE): the jewels in the crown shining brightly in Belgium

In late 2009, I wrote an article on the famous Silvere Toye who due to health reasons had decided to sell his entire colony of race and stock birds (minus that years youngsters).

The title of this 2009 article was "Silvere Toye - letting go of the jewels in the crown" and the conclusion of the article read as follows: “anyone fortunate enough to make the journey to the final Toye auctions will see for themselves the class and calibre of the jewels in the Toye crown. Those who are able to take some of those jewels home will almost certainly assure success for the future".


  1st Provincial Ace Pigeon great middle distance KBDB
  4th Provincial Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB


  2nd National (4,866 birds) 4th International Bordeaux 10,611 birds
  3rd Provincial Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB
  5th National Montauban 9,091 birds


  1st National Argenton 4,774 birds
  1st National (Zone A) Gueret 7,174 birds
  3rd National Chateauroux 16,479 birds
  3rd National Bourges 16,859 birds
  5th & 7th National Bourges 20,589 birds
  9th International Narbonne 13,092 birds
  10th National Argenton 4,774 birds

Silvere and Rita receiving their National awards in 2007 from Henk De Weerd

Three years later I'm very pleased to inform readers that although Silvere still has the same health problems he is able to enjoy life with his good wife Rita while maintaining a much smaller colony of pigeons. I'm also pleased to report of the huge success that fanciers are having with the Toye jewels since those 2009 auctions. Success for others started immediately in 2010 with a 1st and 4th Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB (Belgian National organisation). In 2011, there were 2nd and 4th National wins and a 3rd Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB. This year, 2012, the Toye jewels have been responsible for 2 x 1st National, 2 x 3rd National plus 5th, 7th, 8th and 10th National with up to 20,589 birds competing. This article intends to get straight to the point and provide you with details of the Belgian lofts which have achieved success of the highest order with the Toye jewels.

"Libello" - 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB 2010 for Roger Mylle, Bellegem

Roger Mylle, a hugely successful Belgian potato-product exporter, and his good lady Jeanine have found huge success with the "Paris" and "Libelle" line of Silvere. 

Readers will note that "Paris" and "Libelle" were brother and sister and were both super racers and breeders for Silvere. They were both grand-children of "Wittenbuik", "Moriska", "Playboy" and "Francoise" of Gaby Vandenabeele. “Paris” himself won 1st Provincial Limoges 2,222 birds 1998 and three years on the trot from Souillac (1999-2001) he won 28th National 7,154 birds, 64th National 6,035 birds and 87th National 7,214 birds. In turn, he was the sire of Silvere’s super racer, “Paris Express”, a winner of 1st Club (193 birds) 15th Prov Poitiers 2,437 birds, 5th Prov (2,104 birds) 30th National Limoges 9,545 birds, 6th Prov (1,413 birds) 22nd National Souillac 6,475 birds and 24th Prov (2,101 birds) 135th National Montauban 6,187 birds. His sister, "Libelle", won 1st National Bourges for Silvere against 3,397 birds and was a stock hen of pure class. For example, she was grandmother of “Misty” who won 1st Provincial 1,479 birds 2nd National Brive 9,468 birds in 2006 as well as 7th Prov Bourges 2,043 birds; 8th Prov Tours 3,152 birds and 11th Prov Angouleme 2,637 birds. A full brother of “Misty” was also one of Silvere’s best racers, “General Junior” who won 1st Club 2nd Provincial Poitiers 1,917 birds; 34th National Perpignan 3,954 birds, 77th National Brive 16,007 birds; 119th National Tarbes 5,252 birds, 161st National Perpignan 6,785 birds and 185th National Cahors 6,654 birds. Other grandchildren of “Libelle” were as follows: 1st Prov 7th National Gueret in 2002, “Darwin” winner of 11th Nat Souillac 6,611 birds 2006, 3rd Interprov Tulle 1,638 birds; 4th Prov Souillac 1,291 birds and 22nd Prov Limoges 2,260 birds 2007, “Beluga” winner of 8th, 20th and 22nd Prov up to 2,622 birds. Note also that a direct son of “Libelle” is responsible for “Faraday” a winner of 3x1st, 3x2nd, 2x3rd and 4th, 6th, 26th National for Robert Rome (Scotland) and 1st Section (Interprov) 19th National Ypres 2009.

Coming back to the famous "Libello" of Roger Mylle. He is a beautiful 2009 blue cock that won a 16th National Tulle 8,323 birds, 22nd National Argenton 19,816 birds and 85th National Limoges 14,211 birds as a yearling in 2010. He was awarded the 1st prize for the best yearling in the West-Flanders Provincial. In 2011, the "Libello" was raced again but damaged his eye badly. However, he was nursed back to health and prepared for the final National race from Tulle which turned out to be a smash with heavy rain en-route.  "Libello" homed in torrential rain to win 20th Zone (1,831 birds) and 191st National 5,124 birds.

The father of "Libello" came direct from Silvere, being bred direct from the nest-sister of "Paris Express" when paired with a grandson of "Libelle". The mother was a hen direct from Etienne De Vos of the “Kleine Didi” line. Incidentally, the “Kleine Didi” was line bred from the famous “De Kleinen” from 1973 of Silvere!

"Tommeke" - 1st National (Zone A) Gueret 7,174 birds 2012 for Roger Mylle, Bellegem

The very next generation of the "Libello" line struck gold for Roger Mylle in 2012. His third round youngster, "Tommeke" won 1st Provincial 3,318 birds and 1st Zone A National 7,174 birds from Gueret, a distance of 524km.

"Tommeke" is 75% Toye and inbred to the “Libello” line. His dam is a yearling sister of "Libello" and his sire is a yearling son of Roger's "Mathieu" 2nd National Pau 2011. This Pau cock was paired with nest-sister of the sire of "Libello", again a hen direct from the loft of Silvere Toye.

"Tony" - 3rd National Chateauroux 16,479 birds and 5th National Bourges 20,589 birds 2012 for Chris Debacker

The amazing two year old cock, "Tony" won in 2012 for Chris Debacker 3rd National Chateauroux 16,479 birds and 5th National Bourges 20,589 birds. Unbelievable you might think but consider his performances as a yearling in 2011, this same super racer won 1st Ablis 429 birds, 1st Ablis 325 birds, 1st Club (622 birds) 3rd Prov. Bourges 2,322 birds, 1st Prov. Chateauroux 2,572 birds, 26th National Chateauroux 25,263 birds and 38th National Argenton 19,728 birds. Such a list of top results and still only a two year old!

Like the "Libello" and "Tommeke" of Roger Mylle, "Tony" is inbred to the brother and sister "Paris" and "Libelle" line of Silvere. The mother was bred by Silvere and is direct from "Libelle", 1st National Bourges when paired with a son of "Paris" 1st Prov. Limoges 2,222 birds.

"Devil's daughter" - 1st National Argenton 4,774 birds 2012 for Kurt & Raf Platteeuw

Kurt and Raf Platteeuw by their own admission were “nobodies” of the Belgian pigeon sport five years ago. In 2012 they were crowned 1st National Champions of Belgium long middle distance and scooped most of the top accolades in the Provincial Championships. Much of their success today is owed to the purchase of a top quality hen at the 2009 auction of Silvere Toye; this hen is "Devil's Diamond", a winner herself of 2nd Prov (1,799 birds) 5th National La Soutterraine 13,737 birds 2002 for Silvere. She was bred from Silvere's original "Tarzan" and "Dikkop" lines, her father "Typhoon" being a double grandson of "Black Devil" - 1st International Ace Pigeon ZLU 1995. Prior to the auction "Devil's Diamond" had already proved to be a terrific breeding hen for Silvere. She was the mother of “Gotcha”, a winner of many prizes including 3rd National. She was also the dam of 599/2004 1st Provincial Bourges 1,015 birds and Bambino Diamond, 5th Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB 2008.

In her first year of breeding in the loft of Platteeuw, “Devil’s Diamond” bred the 2010 hen “Devil’s daughter”. Make no mistake: this hen is the best pigeon in Belgium in 2012 winning from the first race to the last and collecting the following National positions - 1st National Argenton 4,774 birds, 7th National Bourges 20,589 birds and 18th National Chateauroux 16,479 birds. In 2011 as a yearling, this same hen won 3rd Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB with prizes such as 4th Prov. Bourges 2,322 birds, 11th National Chateauroux 25,263 birds, 18th Prov. Chateauroux 3,486 birds, 24th Prov. Chateauroux 4,072 birds and 4th Prov. Tours 518 birds.

Another direct daughter of "Devils Diamond" which was bred in 2009 in the stock loft of Silvere and raced by Platteeuw is "La Toya". This hen won in 2012 - 77th National Chateauroux 16,479 birds, 96th National Bourges 20,589 birds, 19th Prov. Argenton 3,250 birds, 1st Tours 107 birds, 2nd Clermont 1,908 birds and 41st Prov. Tours 3,501 birds.  This hen also won 4th Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB in 2010 as a yearling.

"Bambo" - 2nd National Bordeaux 4,866 birds 2011 for Jozef Plankaert

The "Bambo" of Jozef Plankaert won 1st Provincial (927 birds) 2nd National (4,866 birds) and 4th International Bordeaux 10,611 birds in 2011. The sire contains the blood of Ignace Pollet (winner of 2nd National Limoges 2011) and the mother contains the finest blood of Silvere Toye, via Lucien Houttekiet.

"Merlot"- 3rd National Bourges 16,859 birds 2012 for Dewaele-Verstraete

Pierre Dewaele is the grandson of Silvere and is an up and coming racing star in Belgium. Pierre is no stranger to success as he was 2nd National Tulle 5,676 birds in 2009 with "Jean", a 75% Toye, descending from Silvere’s “Tarzan”, “Dikkop” and “Grote Barcelona” lines. 

Pierre is also the owner of one of Belgium’s best breeders, namely, “Biggy” which was bred by Silvere Toye. He is a direct son of “Grote Barcelona” 2nd National Ace Pigeon KBDB when paired with a daughter of Vandenabeele’s “Turbo” 1st and 2nd Prov Ace Pigeon KBDB. Up to 2009 “Biggy” was responsible for 9x1st, 3x2nd, 11x3rd against Club competition up to 959 birds; 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 2x7th, 8th Provincial up to 7,871 birds; 2 x 2nd, 9th, 50th, 77th, 78th and 80th National up to 41,783 birds; 3rd & 9th Prov Ace Pigeon KBDB and 1st Million-Dollar race 2,430 birds.

In 2012, the loft's "Merlot", a blue yearling cock, won 1st Provincial (1,877 birds) and 3rd National Bourges 16,859 birds. The sire is owned by Silvere coming from the loft of Etienne Meirlaen and the dam is of 100% Toye blood. The dam was a super racing hen herself, winning 2 x 2nd Provincial and 3rd and 5th Zone National. Her sire, "Visconti", was also a fantastic racer for Pierre winning 2 x 1st and 2 x 2nd at the long distance as well as 41st National Brive 19,477 birds, 63rd National Bordeaux 7,519 birds, 97th National Limoges 9,545 birds and 105th National Souillac 6,475 birds. For his efforts, “Visconti” won 5th Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB and 9th National Ace Pigeon Entente Belge.

“Montauban Zatopek” - 5th National Montauban 9,091 birds 2011 for Eddy Vangheluwe

Eddy Vangheluwe owns a fantastic racer which has won multiple National prizes including 5th National Montauban 9,091 birds 2011. The mother of this cock was bred by Silvere direct from “The Best” (son of the famous Toye breeder “Biggy” of Dewaele-Verstraete when paired with a daughter of Vandenabeele’s “Turbo”) and a daughter of Silvere’s “Zatopek” 1st Ace Pigeon Entente-Belge and 2nd National Ace Pigeon Extreme Distance KBDB 2007.

“Silvester” - 9th International Narbonne 13,092 birds 2012 for Patrick & Dimitri Houfflijn

The now famous “Silvester” raced by Patrick & Dimitri Houfflijn topped his many Club, Provincial and National prize-list in 2012 with an 8th National, 9th International Narbonne 13,092 birds. This fine cock has won from 100km to 1000km. The sire was bred by Silvere Toye, direct from his super racer "Hannibal" and was a grandson of both “Invincible Montauban” 1st National Montauban 1992 and “Romulus” 1st International Ace Pigeon 1994 for Silvere. His dam is the Houfflijn stock hen “Crack duivin”. She won from four National races as a youngster and is bred from a long line of the multi-purpose winning Willequet-based family of Houfflijn.

In conclusion

The Toye auctions in 2009 have proved a turning point for many fanciers who were able to purchase bloodlines of the finest quality. I know that Silvere is extremely proud of the achievements others have made with his stock over the last three years and 2012 in particular. Fortunate indeed that Silvere was able to concentrate those same lines in the youngsters he kept at the original lofts in his home town of Otegem. No wonder Silvere was able to time his first and second nominated birds from the Belgian Nationals in 2012 and in good time!