Verkerk Gerard & Sebastiaan, Stunt season G&S Verkerk knows no boundaries!


After we notified you 2 weeks ago about the record series from Verkerk with 14 pigeons in the top 19 NPO from Bourges, we have to amend our words again 2 weeks later. You've guessed it, the record has been broken yet again, and once more by G&S Verkerk. In the last NPO race for the Old pigeons this season Gerard & Bas gave their all to repeat the stunt from 2 weeks previously. And how they succeeded… 13 pigeons by the first 15 against +-6.700 pigeons from 660Km, never seen before. 


Initially it looked like one wouldn't be able to race at the top of the provincial results because of the predicted W/NW wind. "We lie rather central in the northern half of the province, so it is not easy to be before the eastern corner of the province. That's why we value this performance higher than the one from 2 weeks ago".
In District West:
1°,2°,3°,4°,5°,6°,7°,8°,9°,10°,11°,12°,13° against approx.. 3.500 p. Province 5 South-Holland NPO:
1°,2°,3°,4°,5°,7°,8°,9°,11°,12°,13°,14°,15° against approx. 6.700 p. In the end almost certainly 43 prizes per 5 from 56 pigeons basketted.

The 5 NPO-races old pigeons in a row, every race just gets better…
24 May Vierzon: 14 - 11.608 p.
8 June Chateaurou12 - 8.191p (10 by the first 100)
21 June Blois: 3,5,10,15,17,20,etc - 8.770 p (7,8,24,35,37,46, etc. National 43.064 p)
6 July Bourges: 4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,19,etc. - 8.548 p.
20 July Argenton: 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,11,12,13,14,15,etc - 6.719 p.

What is remarkable is that from the 14 pigeons from Bourges, 10 of the same pigeons can be found in the first 13 from Argenton. Three of these pigeons were also present by Blois National.

The winner: Super hen 'Solange' "
The first 5 pigeons from Argenton were clocked within 8 seconds, a group of 5 pigeons landed, without hesitating, at the trap. Then you have to have the good fortune that your first nominated is in fact the first to walk over the antenna." This yearling hen proved herself as a youngster with a couple of prizes per 100, but only manifested herself this year with an unbelievable list of prizes:
NPO Argenton 6.719 pigeons
National Ace pigeon WHZB May 2008
2° Peronne 2.543 pigeons 3° Creil 3.761 pigeons
3° Creil 2.197 pigeons And in total already 12 X per 100!
She will most likely be 1° National Ace pigeon WHZB 2008 because she has broken the point's record of the winning hen from last year, namely 'Sita', also owned by G&S Verkerk.

'Good blood doesn't lie', 'Good comes out good', … all these sayings are applicable to 'Solange'.
She was bred from the Olympiad pigeon 'Olympic Survivor' coupled with a daughter of Amoré, C&G Koopman, named 'Magic Amoré'.
The latter was obtained 2 years ago from C&G Koopman and is already mother of 5 top 10 NPO notations. We also asked about the care 2 weeks ago… "No-nonsense, just like in our other top years 2002, 2003 and 2004. Simply basket the pigeons every week.
This season the pigeons have flown nearly 6.000 km. Last year we kept the pigeons at home once for a week because we didn't want to take any risks for National Blois, it turned out very badly for us. Something which we find important, but which we haven't paid the normal amount of attention to over the last few years is to make sure that the pigeons gain a lot of experience as youngsters. Last year nearly all the youngsters flew 2 X 350 km and 2 X 450 km." More detailed info over the loft and the Verkerk system can be found in previous reports on Pipa and will be covered in an extensive report after the season.


One of the most spectacular results over the most recent years in the Netherlands!
A unique performance!
Never shown before?!
G&S Verkerk, Alphen aan de Rijn
achieved 14 pigeons in the top 19 NPO from Bourges (± 8.500 p.)!



There have been many superlatives used to describe the performances of this father-son combination. They are well-known in Alphen aan den Rijn for their chain results, their national Ace pigeons and their Olympiad pigeons and this year was no different.
In a moment we will take a quick look at the first part of their super season, but first we have to sit down while when we see what the Verkerks managed to achieve this weekend in the NPO race from Bourges…

Against ± 4.500 pigeons
in District West: 2°,3°,4°,5°,6°,7°,8°,9°,10°,11°,12°,13°,14°,15°
Against ± 8.500 pigeons in NPO South-Holland: 4°,5°,7°,8°,9°,10°,11°,12°,13°,14°,15°,16°,17°,19°
60 pigeons were basketted, wherefrom 37 prizes per 5 were achieved!
The NPO victory in South-Holland was achieved by Mr. J. Vermeulen & Son from Nieuw-Vennep.
Moreover, only Willem De Bruijn manages to come between the series of the Verkerks with 3 pigeons. De Bruijn also had a magnificent result with 14 pigeons before the 92nd prize in province 5 against ± 8.500 pigeons (also 60 basketted).
The above is a result that belongs to the chain of 'historical' results of G&S Verkerk including:
Chateauroux 2003 NPO: 8 by the first 9 against 6.664 p. (with 1°up to and including 6° NPO, still a record in the Netherlands!)
Vierzon 2004 NPO: 5 by the first 10 against 21.984 p.
Chateauroux 2002 NPO: 4 by the first 10 against 9.010 p.

Over the last few years there have also been a great number of results where by 2 or 3 pigeons have been clocked on Teletext (top 10 NPO). 2 weeks ago they even raced 2°,3°,6°, 9°,11° and 13° National Prov. 5 Blois against 4.673 pigeons, 4 of these 6 pigeons can be found by the 'Golden 14' from Bourges (see here under).

A short summary of the best results from 2008

18th of May Moeskroen/Menen, 1.585 p. 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10,16,18,25,26,27, etc. --- 49/79 (per 5)
31st of May Creil, 359 km, 3.761 p. 1,2,3,4,10,12,13,18,19,28,29, etc. --- 43/65
8th of June Chateauroux, 1.264p. 1,3,5,8,9,10,11,14,15,16,18, etc. --- 30/60
12th S.Nat/NPO and 10 pigeons in the top 100 - 8.191 p.
14th of June Sezanne, 7.876 p. 25,32,37,86, etc. --- 32/44
21st of June Blois, 8.770 p. S.Nat/NPO : 3,5,10,15,17,20, etc. --- 29/52 7° and 8° National against 67.000 p.& 6 pigeons in the top 50!

Only a loft with super form and super pigeons could produce such results!
"I've never experience anything like it before" was the first reaction of Bas Verkerk when we congratulated him with his super result. "We first saw 1 pigeon, but within a matter of seconds there were suddenly 5 pigeons flying round the loft. These 5 carried on flying for half a minute, they turned in against each other. They landed at the trap and were clocked. Just after the last of these 5 pigeons went inside another 9 pigeons came out of nowhere and landed together on the trap. Neither my father nor I had seen these 9 pigeons circling. It was as if they had literally just fallen out of the sky!"
It eventually took 34 seconds to clock all these 14 pigeons, from a race of 585 Km one would be inclined to have the euphoria to call this a 'world record'. Whoever has achieved anything better than this, must inform us… The inevitable question on everybody's lips is how you manage to achieve such results. In other words: was there something different about this weekend? "Not at all, after the strange race last week from Epernay it was the intention to train the pigeons ourselves on the Wednesday, but it was raining yet again and we were busy here shooting a film. So there was no question of extra motivation or such like. The pigeons are given Forte Vita every week, and three weeks ago they were checked out by the veterinary surgeon Dr. de Weerd, who told us they couldn't have looked better." "By the way, there are no 'chancers' included in the 14 pigeons, nearly all of them have proved themselves more than once at the absolute top of the results. The 1°, 2° and 4° nominated were also there"

Let's take a closer look at these 'Golden 14' :
4° NPO Bourges:
06-2162368: 'Stradivarius': 1° Peronne 4.876 p.; 3° Duffel 2.114 p.; 8° Chateauroux 1.264 p.; 9° Chantilly 3.185 p.; 14° Moeskroen 4.132 p.; 16° Peronne 6.637 p.; 18° Ablis 20.007 p.; 20° Blois 8.770 p.;
Has now won in total 10 X per 100!
5° NPO Bourges: 07-1817850: 12° Ablis 785 p.; 13° Peronne 4.876 p.; 27° Chantilly 2.058 p.; 55° Moeskroen 4.132 p.;... Comes out 'Figo' X 'Magic Amoré'
7° NPO Bourges: 06-2162275: 'Nadala': 3° Nat. Prov. 5 Blois 4.673 p. (8° entire Netherlands), 23° Peronne 2.543 p.; 35° Duffel 3.152 p.; 42° Chantilly 3.185 p.; Sister 'Bulldozer'

8° NPO Bourges: 07-1817869: 9° Strombeek 2.081 p.; 28° Epernay 9.073 p.; 30° NPO Bouillon 13.710 p.;… Grandchild 'Olympic Ronaldo'
9° NPO Bourges: 07-1818004: Has already won 5 X per 10, son 'Olympic Unbelievable'
10° NPO Bourges: 07-1817923 'Solange': Best pigeon this year by Verkerk, was already 1° national Ace pigeon May WHZB and has now won, including Bourges, 11 times per 100! Including 2° Peronne 2.543 p., 3° Creil 3.761 p., 3° Creil 2.197 p.! Bred out 'Olympic Survivor' X 'Magic Amoré'
11° NPO Bourges: 07-1817969: 5° Moeskroen 4.132 p.; 7° Strombeek 786 p.; 11° Peronne 2.543 p. Bred out 'Mission Impossible' X 'Oprah'
12° NPO Bourges: 07-1817907: 4° Creil 3.761 p.; 17° Peronne 4.876 p.; 19° Chantilly 5.645 p.; Also bred out 'Mission Impossible' X 'Oprah'
13° NPO Bourges: 07-1817922: 'Houdini': 3° Chateauroux 4.069 p. (12° NPO - 8191 p.); 3° Pommeroeul 2.194 p.; 26° Peronne 4.876 p.; Nest brother 'Solange', out 'Olympic Survivor' X 'Magic Amoré'
14° NPO Bourges: 07-1817855: 8° NPO Bouillon 13.710 p.; 9° Meer 436 p.; 13° Creil 3.761 p.; 46° Chateauroux 4.069 p.;… Full brother 'Taylor', 2° Best hen WHZB 2006
15° NPO Bourges: 07-1817985: 'Kournikova': 10° Blois 8.770 p.; 26° Ablis 7.209 p.; 31° Sezanne 2.538 p.; 77° Peronne 4.876 p.,… Half-sister 'Olympic Spongebob'
16° NPO Bourges: 07-1817846 'Sven': Also won 4° Pommeroeul 2.194 p. and 27° Peronne 4.876 p. Son 'Olympic Survivor' X 'Oprah'
17° NPO Bourges: 07-1817981: 5° Chateauroux 1.264 p.; 29° Creil 2.197 p.;… Out 'Bulldozer' X 'Amorina'
19° NPO Bourges: 07-1817891 'Icarus': Has already won 8 X per 100 including: 1° Pommeroeul 323 p.; 4° Moeskroen 4.132 p.; 7° Moeskroen 3.337 p.; 17° Blois 8.770 p.; 23° Laon 10.137 p.; 35° NPO Bouillon 13.710 p.;… Out 'Bulldozer' X 'Olympic Unbelievable'

'Solange', 10° NPO Bourges en al 11 X per 100-tal


A line of top pigeons that makes the mouth fall open! What more could you wish for when you can achieve such results with such top pigeons? One thing is still not right… "This season we have missed the 1° NPO a couple of times by a hair's-breadth, and last year we were often 2° or 3° NPO. A 1° NPO would be the icing on the cake" This remark illustrates the unbelievable perfectionism that the Verkerk family employs. Even the best isn't good enough, they always strive for better. This is without doubt one of the 'secrets' that contributes to their success.