Ramlot-Flamant, "After a succesful start of the season (2004), Now first national CAHORS"

After wonderful results achieved in the beginning of the long distance season 2004, June 19 meant another "cherry on the cake" with the national winner of Cahors. It cannot be called undeserved. For already several years has this powerful team of father and son been delivering super results.
Since 1995 the team consists of Jean-Pol Ramlot and Jean-François Flamant. The lofts are situated in "Rue F. Bidron 55 " in Vedrin on the outskirts of Namen. It has been only 3 years since the team has switched to long distance, but still they cannot let go of the sprint – two older pigeons and two yearlings are basketed every week to do a small job.
Jean-Pol is 52 and works as a postman in Vedrin. He comes from a family of true pigeon lovers. Ever since he was 10 was he interested in pigeons. His father had two brothers and all three of them were bitten by the same bug of pigeon racing. The father of Jean-Pol appearantly wasn’t the best in pigeon racing and only raced for 3 years. But uncle Pol, also called "Parrain" of Jean-Pol, was for many years one of the best sprint racers in the area. He has already passed away ...and Jean-Pol oftens says : "Too bad that my Parrain is not here to see it anymore".

Only the classical widowhood is played there, without too many frills. The season of 2004 was started with 44 widowers, from which there are 38 left over at the moment. The selection is strict.
About 100 youngsters per year get a ring. They are then basketed 5 times during the first year of their life. From time to time, also young hens are raced on middle distance, but rarely on the national races.

About 10 breeding couples are located at Jean-Pol’s and the same number at his son-in-law’s. There is no talk of a mega-loft, for something like that are the conditions limited and it is also not the goal of the owners. The widowers were coupled on 26 december and they can bring up one or two youngsters.

Jean-Pol believes that his widowers perform better since he stoped showing them a hen before departure. In the season they stay together for 15 minutes after the arrival up to the day after during the long distance races.

New assets

In 2004 they started to breed togehter with the champion Cassaert and Son from Néchin. The "Speedy" or now
" Sky Master" was coupled with the first national Souillac from Néchin. These youngsters go directly to the breeding lofts, but they are not kept inside and can freely fly outside to prevent them from trying to escape from the lofts and not coming back.
Two frequent mottos:

First breed and then race, or the pedigree is worth something but still the prizes are worth more ...

1st National Cahors - 2004.

Although there always is hope, the victory still came unexpected. Could the adding of a few new sitting place have motivated "Zizou" that much?. ... it must have somthing to do with it, because he has defended his new sitting place with all his might. He shot out like an arrow and landed in Vedrin at 18.05. For this one time he stepped very quickly in, what is not usual for him.

It is a blue pigeon,which would probably not make an exhibition pigeon but he has strong will and is shy. His parents are still in the breeding loft. Meanwhile has "Zizou" been sold a will have a chance to see new horizons.

Fourteen days prior to Cahors he flew a prize at Brive. The son-in-law Jean-Francois named the national winner "Zizou" after the star player of the French national soccer team.

Pedigree : "Zizou"

Some more top birds from lofts Ramlot-Flamant.
" Speedy" or now called "Sky Master".
Father : "Jarnac" 8009140/92
6th Semi-national Jarnac 1996 – 15th Semi-national Jarnac 1997
The mother : 1015569/97
Grandfather is the "Gyselbrecht" X "318" out of "Crack 40" 17th International Barcelona.
The grandmother : Granddaughter couple 611."Deroo" X Mother van the "Crack 40"
It was one of the best pigeons they owned ."Speedy" was sold in March 2004 and was named "Sky Master" (Sounds more commercial). It is sad...Jean-Pol and Jean-Francois think. Whole his career they had known him as "Speedy" (His palmares, see picture)

Obelix" -8014637/1998

The father is the 8020611/1996 and was achieved as egg, in the loft of Gebrs Fauche. There it is one of the main breeders.
The grandfather is a son of "51 - Deroo"
The grandmother is a daughter of "38" – 22nd national Cahors.

The mother is the 8009129/92 and is a daughter of the "Barcelona" of Regnier from Couvin.
" Obelix" is still on the racing loft in Vedrin and after a 25th Montélimar against 219 pigeons, he goes to Barcelona. It is a beautiful cock. He won 13 prizes on the long distance up to now
(His palmares, see foto)

Championships 2002
1st General Provincial Champion RFCB - Namen (In 1999, 2000, and 2001
1e Provinciaal Champion Middle Distance RFCB - Namen
13th National Champion Long Distance
5th General Champion Interprovincial RFCB - Wallony
3th Chapion Franco-Belge - All distances
8th Champion Franco-Belge – Middle Distance
1th Criterium Long Distance U.W. Ramillies
2nd Marathon U.W. Ramillies
5th Ace Pigeon Long Distance
" De Belgische Duivensport"
1st Ace Pigeon Long Distance RFCB – Namen

The Breeding loft
Championships 2003
13 Times 1st Acepigeon in different championships.
2nd General Champion Interprovincial RFCB - Wallony
5th Champion Interprovincial Long Distance
2nd Champion "La Colombophilie Belge" - Wallony
2nd Champion "La Vie Colombophile" - Wallony
1st Marathon – Long Distance U.W. Ramillies
5th Champion All-Round Franco-Belge (2nd Belgian)
7th Champion Long Distance Franco-Belge
3th Grand Prix "Javaux – Long Distance - Club de Fond de Wallonie

Regret and luck...
In 2003 they should have won the national ace pigeon long distance, if Cahors would not have been changed to an interprovincial race and in this case did not count for the national rankings... No other pigeon with 3 prizes would have got such a low coefficient.
The luck is on the side of neighbour and friend Joseph Gilsoul, one of the best sprint racers in the region of Namen. Last year he bought a couple of eggs from Ramlot-Flamant. This year he got a couple eggs for free from the national Cahors winner....before they knew it was the winner. They made a deal that something will come back out of those 2 hens to Ramlot-Flament.
Top 1OO results in national and zonal races in the last 5 years
1st. Cahors
6th. Jarnac (Semi-National)
29th. Cahors
15th. Jarnac (Semi-National)
6th. Brive
10th. Montauban
9th. Brive
16h. Montauban
63th. Brive
83th. Marseille
69th. Brive
12th. Bordeaux (Semi-National)
2th. Béziers
67th. Bordeaux (Semi-National)
11th. Béziers
65th. La Souterraine
30th. Béziers
75th. La Souterraine

First prizes, last 5 years
2001 : 4
2002 : 4
2003 : 16 X 1ste and 12 X 2e.
2004 : 9 X 1ste and 7 X 2e till 19 of June .