Sylvain Verhestraeten (Herentals, BE) thrives with descendants of Channel nr 1 and her sons Jaguar 004 and Pichanel

Sylvain Verhestraeten won a 1st National Chateauroux of 12,071 pigeons in 2013 with racing hen Channel Nr. 1. This national victory also led to the discovery of an invaluable new bloodline in Herentals, in the form of her sons Jaguar 004 and Pichanel.

This national victory from Chateauroux in 2013 also led to the discovery of a fantastic bloodline, which the fancier from Herentals has put to good use. Sylvain explains how he went about it: "Chanel Nr. 1 (BE13-6084890), our national winner, and Picasso (BE12-6095595), our 20th National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2014, were both sold in late December 2014 through PIPA. These talented two pigeons moved to the loft of two great champions, namely Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede. Their investment proved an instant success, as two direct youngsters of Chanel Nr. 1 claimed a title of 7th and 14th National Ace Pigeon KBDB for the Vandenheede brothers!"

"On top of that, Fausto, another son of Picasso, became 4th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2016 for team Vandenheede", Sylvain adds.


Sylvain was quite successful with the descendants of Chanel Nr. 1 in his own loft as well. She was paired to Picasso when she bred none other than Pichanel, BE14-6135073.

"The two breeding birds Chanel nr 1 and Picasso were paired once more in late November 2014, just before our auction. It was then that they bred Pichanel, which was a true gift", Sylvain remembers.

Pichanel was quite a gift indeed; his descendants have had some fantastic results over the years in Herentals:

His son ‘The Playboy’ BE18-6048677 is one of the pigeons with which Sylvain won a 1st Provincial and 3rd National Champion Sprint KBDB 2018 young birds. The Playboy wins 9 prizes per ten as a young bird, including:


Click here for The Playboy's full pedigree.

Son ‘The 78’ BE17-6063578

This one year old son of Pichanel had a bit of trouble this season, despite a great start: he won the following prizes from Quiévrain in the first five weeks of the season:
1-241, 2-360, 3-231, 15-2093.
Unfortunately, when he was about to arrive hom from a flight in the sixth week of the season, he was attacted by a goshawk in mid-air. It happened right before Sylvain's eyes. "Fortunately he was able to break loose from this aggressive bird of prey", Sylvain recalls. "However, I saw that his entire tailwing had been pulled off. It took him five weeks to fully recover, and on 24th of June he claimed a 6th of 256 pigeons." Sylvain continues: "He had regained his confidence on 22nd of July, when he went on to win a first prize of 402 pigeons. I submitted his results to the KBDB and he still managed to get a 28th National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2018."

Click here for the pedigree of the 78.

Grandson ‘De Goede Kleine’ BE17-6063441 wins a 30th National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2018, as well as two first prizes and two second prizes.

Click here for his pedigree.

The Soixante-Neuf BE18-6048669 claims two first prizes and 11 prizes per 10 as a young bird:

1-298 (3-2143)
1-205 (5-1660)

Click here for his pedigree.

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Jaguar 004

Chanel Nr. 1 was also paired to stock sire 002 (BE05-6075002), and together they bred Jaguar 004 (BE14-6135004), which is now of Sylvain's top breeders, alongside Pichanel. Jaguar 004 became 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB in 2016, and in 2017 he claimed the title of 1st Olympiad Pigeon Sprint in Brussels! Jaguar 004 wins seven clear first prizes over the course of his racing career.

With such talented pigeons in his breeding loft, it was no surprise that new top class pigeons would soon emerge. And that is exactly what happened in Sylvain's loft: Jaguar 004 is now the sire and grandfather of several top class birds that have won several top prizes in the very competitive Tienverbond Union:

1º  Noyon of 1159 (youngster)
2°  Noyon of 2694 (youngster)
2°  Quiévrain of 1228 (grandchild)
5°  Quiévrain of 1228 (grandchild)
8°  Noyon of 1803 (youngster)
10° Quiévrain of 2384 (grandchild)
13° Noyon of 2018 (youngster)
13° Quiévrain of 2577 (grandchild)
18° Noyon of 1085 (grandchild)
21° Chevrainvilliers of 1521 (grandchild)
21° Noyon of 2112 (youngster)
29° Quiévrain of 2096 (grandchild)
45° Quiévrain of 2795 (grandchild)
45° Quiévrain of 2305 (grandchild)


Jagi 005

Jagi 005 is the full sister of Jaguar 004, and she turns out to be almost just as talented as him. She is the dam of the one year old Blue 54, BE17-6063554. This racing cock claimed a title of 1st Ace Pigeon in Noyon in the Tienverbond Union with the most prizes won. He wins 15 prizes in 15 races, including:


Click here for Blue 54's pedigree.


Like we said earlier, Freddy and Jacques Vandenheede have had some fantastic results with the pigeons obtained from Sylvain Verhestraeten. And they were not the only ones: two pigeons that stem from the Verhestraeten pigeon breed have finished in the top eight Olympiad Pigeons Category F just recently:

  • Raf Claes comes in fourth place with ‘Spitfire’. This racing bird was also 1st Provincial and 20th National Ace Pigeon KBDB!
  • Vercammen-Verhaert finished in eight place in this Olympiad Ranking with their ‘Olympic Sylvester’.

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