Kaier China is looking for historic and culturally valuable items from pigeon racing

Xing Wei, better known as Kaier, is a pigeon fancier with a reputation. He is now calling on pigeon fanciers to collect historic or cultural heritage related to pigeon racing, to be put on display in his new culture park.

Kaier is leading the way

Kaier is a pigeon collector and fancier but he is involved in many other projects as well. As the chairman of the Kaier Charity One Loft Race, he invested for instance in education infrastructure for Chinese elementary students - see one of our earlier articles. Three of these schools were built in the Chinese countryside since then.

Racing Pigeon Museum/culture park

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He started up a non-proft museum in China just a while ago. Anyone who is organising an event related to pigeon racing is welcome to use his conference room, his lobby or his hotel for free. It goes without saying that pigeon racing takes a prominent place in this park, and that is why Kaier is looking for historic and culturally valuable items that have something to do with pigeon racing today or in the past. Pretty much everything that is related to pigeon racing will be accepted:

  • Paper items such as old pictures, ownership deeds, hand-written letters or pedigrees, books, pigeon magazines, certificates, degrees,…
  • Objects from in and around the pigeon loft: drinking bowls, whistles, feeding trays, clocking devices, breeding bowls, brooms, scrapers and other cleaning equipment
  • Peronsal or personalised items: used clothing, hats, gloves, overalls, as well as watches, glasses, pens,…
  • Old furniture and objects: old tables, chairs, trophees, writing boards,...
  • Historic pictures (in high resolution) that tell us something about the history of our sport and which can be displayed in the museum in poster format

If possible, Kaier would like you to include your name and the story behind the items that you choose to donate, so as to be able to display everything as a whole.

We would like to add that Kaier will cover all the expenses, for instance for transport. He also ensures that all objects donated will be thoroughly protected and looked after. Sent your information: nikolaas@pipa.be.