Did you find a Belgian stray in the past week?

After last weekend’s disastrous Belgian national race from Châteauroux many Belgian fanciers are wondering what has happened to their pigeons. Well, we hope to find out together with them. We would like to ask every fancier who has found a stray Belgian pigeon to let us know the location where he or she found the bird.

How? You can let us know the location where the stray was found by posting a new comment below the article. We will add the location to the map below, indicated by a green balloon. This will allow Belgian fanciers to get an overview of where pigeons have been found, if they have been found at all… 

You can also add your name and address to your post. That way, fanciers with lost pigeons in the same area can contact you and organise a joint collecting initiative to make sure every pigeon gets returned to its owner.