Wout Spierings (Waalwijk, NL) shows his potential in the NPO races

Ten years after gaining a reputation by winning the national one day long distance race GP Le Mans, Wout Spierings is back in the game with some excellent results in the one day long distance. It seems that a crowning achievement is just a matter of time.

“You can call this a new beginning”, Wout explains. “I lost a number of super class breeders earlier on, which is why I decided to sell my racing birds with the best pedigrees and to start again with a brand new team of young pigeons. I am now competing in the province of Brabant with 8 old birds and 32 yearlings. You could say I am back to square one. Luckily enough I have quickly been able to step up my game in the one day long distance, my favourite discipline!”

Wout is running a team of 40 racing birds, and he is still just as motivated as in his early years. The third NPO race this season was quite a success – you can say that his young racing team has been well prepared for this season. This is their palmares so far:

      25 May Bourges (545 km)
        MFC De Langstraat  1,031 p.: 7th-13th-14th-17th-26th-47th-56th-59th-66th-87th-94th-etc. (28/51)
        Rayon              1,648 p.: 10th-17th-18th-24th-38th-76th-88th-92nd-etc.
        NPO Brabant 2000   8,103 p.: 28th-64th-65th-85th-etc. (30/51)
      7 June Argenton (622 km)
        MFC De Langstraat    755 p.: 1st-15th-18th-28th-29th-43rd-50th-77th-80th-98th-etc. (21/42)
        Rayon              1,277 p.: 1st-24th-29th-46th-47th-68th-87th-etc.
        NPO Brabant 2000   5,608 p.: 4th-107th-122nd-171st-172nd-etc.(19/42)
      20 June La Souterraine (659 km)
        MFC De Langstraat    654 p.: 7th-9th-17th-39th-45th-46th-58th-64th-78th-83rd-etc. (15/34)
        Rayon              1,163 p.: 17th-19th-42nd-86th-98th-99th-etc.
        NPO Brabant 2000   3,785 p.: 47th-52nd-100th-etc. (15/34)

These are excellent results, especially because Wout has to cover an extra 55km in Brabant 2000, an extra 30km in Rayon 4 and an extra 20km in MFC Langstraat. If the champion from Waalwijk had competed in the union, he would have dominated all NPO races so far (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th – 1st, 2nd, 3rd – 1st, 2nd).

1st Entente / 4th NPO Argenton

Besides his victory in the rayon, we were particularly impressed with his 4th place in the NPO, especially because Wout has to cover an additional 55km in this demanding race, which was quite a disadvantage compared to the fanciers that had to cover a much shorter distance. This illustrates the characteristics of an average Spierings pigeon: they can really stand out from the rest of the group! The one year old cock NL14-3403021 ‘The Opinionated’ was the winner of a 4th place NPO. He originates from 100% Ludo Claessens bloodlines, being a son of Medal of Honour x Young Supervedette (the dam of Triple One, winner of 3 first prizes). Click here for the full pedigree.

The Claessens bloodlines are an integral part of Wout's pigeon collection, which is based on super class breeders Amerigo, Supercracks Talent, and Zwaardje. They appear to combine really well with Wout's own old breed, and the Creator bloodline in particular. This bloodline was really successful in the loft of Mike Ganus. Super class racer and breeder Peter (1st Nat. Ace Cock WHZB 2008) also plays an important role, as well as the hen Apollonaria (an inbred Aladin), the direct Veenstra breeders Royal Prins (son Mr. Blue) and Special Hen (a sister of Dolce Vita). Jan Hooymans provided a son of Harry and a daughter of Alexia (which is also a full sister of the 1st NPO Jan Hooymans of 20 June). In other words, Wout's loft is home to a collection of top class pigeons.

Wout: "I feel I have only just started to create something. I also paired my most successful newcomers of 2015 to my old breed, and I think the future looks promising." He has also started working together with his fellow fancier Bas Strijbosch from Tilburg, where the two fanciers will be basketing pigeons under the name Strijbosch/Spierings. "This is an interesting challenge, and I can now put my newly bred pigeons to the test from two different locations. I am partially satisfied with my season so far. You should not expect too much from such a young team but I am used to winning more prizes in the course of a season. Still, I am really motivated to create a successful racing team based on my top quality breeders. A strong breeding loft is no guarantee of success but I would be surprised not to have bred any new champions in a few years' time!"