Son Kaasboer returns to Gaston Van de Wouwer's loft (Berlaar, BE)

In the beginning of this week, a pigeon born in 2005 entered Gaston Van de Wouwer's loft. Gaston first thought it was a stray but when he grabbed the bird, the number on its tag looked familiar.

It was the cock BE05-6176146 which found its way back to the lofts in Berlaar a couple of days ago. It came to Gaston's mind that Den 146 is a direct son of his world-renowned breeder De Kaasboer. Den 146 was a good breeder himself as well, being sire of for example:

 64th Nat. Bourges 37,357 birds
 64th Nat. Guéret 2,953 birds
149th Nat. Bourges 17,138 birds

As Gaston browsed through his records, he found that Den 146 was sold late 2011. However, the buyer's name wasn't mentioned. After many hours of thinking who might have bought the pigeon, Gaston still doesn't know the answer: "I don't recall. Which is certain is that the bird was not sold to the Far East. Otherwise, it would have never returned here. It probably escaped somewhere in Belgium or Holland."

We therefore make an appeal to the buyer of Den 146. He can contact us at so we can give him back his bird. However, only after showing us the property card proving that you are the owner.