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Near Dagadushet Ganpati Chowk, Pune- 411002

Pune Pakshimitra Association was started in the year 2012 to be a platform in which Pigeon fancier are encouraged to race and improve the sport. Since the formation of PPMA our members have been actively involved in conducting and participating in racing seasons. The Goal of PPMA is go further improve the sport and to get it recognized as a sport in the Pune (India), Currently PPMA is one of the registered club in Pune. The member of PPMA are from various Place in Pune (Maharashtra). Our sincerer thanks Government Of Maharashtra and Mr. R.R. Prasad (CMHC-Chennai) and Mr. Edison Thomas for the inspiration of Homing pigeon sport to keep alive.
We want pigeon racing to become a family hobby so that we have a more diverse, balanced and well-represented set of pigeon fanciers in our club. In upcoming years we want our members to participate in all national-level races and win medals and certificates. We also want to promote the activities of the club so that more youngsters and are interested in taking up the sport.

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700km Highest velocity and India Rezultat 09-08-2021
Wardha 550km Rezultat 09-08-2021
Umarkhed 400km Rezultat 09-08-2021
Manvat 300KM Rezultat 09-08-2021
Motori 180KM Rezultat 09-08-2021