Total auction (except for the raced 2012 young birds) Marcel Sangers online!

A few minutes ago one of the most sensational auctions of this season started, that of the best Dutch one day long distance loft Marcel Sangers. All his breeders, his entire racing team and a selection of (many inbred) youngsters are sold in an auction that is bound to become legendary … keyword; quality of the next level.

Marcel Sangers and his partner in racing the Phillipine fancier Paul Ung have been dominating the Dutch NPO one day classics for the last decade. In auction all the top breeders and super racers, with as most important pigeons of course the Europa Cup birds ‘Black Diamond’ and ‘Edani’ …

  • ‘Black Diamond’ (5x 1st) was 1. Nat. Europa Cup long distance 2012
  • ‘Edani’ was 3rd Nat. Europa Cup long distance 2012, but also 3rd Nat. acebird in the Nat. competitions NPO and The Best of the Best, 1st & 3rd prov. acebird and 1st Nat. Chateauroux.

More champions in auction are for instance

  • ‘Fast as Lightning’ (1st Heverlee 9,076 birds, 2x top 10 NPO and NEW TOP BREEDER) and his son ‘Fast Red’ (winner 1st-7th-7th NPO) … 
  • ‘Pigem’ (2nd Nat. 16,500 birds & TOP BREEDER) and his super daughter ‘Amber’ (1st prov. acebird 38,000 birds, 7th Nat. 27,491 birds & 8th Nat. 12,995 birds)
  • ‘Stipo’ (2. NPO winner and last son to ‘The Super Breeder’)
  • ‘Amari’ (1st Peronne 8,372 b. & multiple acebird)
  • ‘Fara’ (2e acebird & 4th Nat. Blois 27,491 birds)
  • ‘Bibi’ (1st Pommeroeul 5,965 birds & 7. NPO Chateauroux)
  • etc., etc.