Van Oeckel Bart and Nance (Oud-Turnhout, BE): pigeons in a hurry!

Get out of the way to make room for the pigeons of Bert & Nance Van Oeckel! It seems that the sprint pigeons of this duo are always in a hurry.

The pigeons of Bart & Nance never take a detour; they always head straight for the finishing line. Their opponents stand no chance against this freight train that cannot be stopped. This pigeon breed has outclassed their opponents throughout the season:

Montluçon   2222 p.: 1-3-10-13-14-15-19-20-21-31-53-54-66-128-135 ...
Vierzon     1297 p.: 15-16-19-46-67 ...
Chateauroux 2478 p.: 2-4-10-25-35-74 ...
Chateauroux 1862 p.: 1-29-33-311-414 ...
Montluçon   1253 p.: 2-4-23 ...
Argenton    2853 p.: 12-19-20-86-161-194-215 ...
Montluçon    887 p.: 6 ...
Blois        374 p.: 4 ...

This team of highly motivated pigeons eventually won the title of General Champion Union Antwerp Grand Middle Distance. Of course Bart and Nance know that winning such a title is not a walk in the park. Bart is a successful businessman and he knows very well that it takes a lot of effort to become successful and that the same applies to pigeon racing: there are no miracles in our sport. Still you need to have the right pigeons; otherwise your efforts will be wasted. That is why Bart and Nance wanted to make sure that their loft houses only the very best pigeons out there. They have obtained pigeons from such fanciers as L. Meulemans, Gaston Van de Wouwer (Kaasboer), Patrick & Guido Claes (Kameel, Figo, Romy), Leo Heremans (Den As), Ad Scharlaekens, Kris Cleirbaut and of course L-B-J Geerinckx. Many fanciers worldwide are familiar with these names.

Zwarten Diamant (6054296/05)

The undisputed star in the breeding loft of Oeckel is Zwarten Diamant. This 100% L-B&J Geerinckx cock is the sire of two champions: the F-16 (6107061/09) and Miss Poznan (6031114/08). Miss Poznan was the first Belgian Olympiad Pigeon Long Distance at Poznan 2011. The F-16 is one of the best pigeons ever to have crossed the sky in Belgium. You can take a look at his impressive list of achievements by clicking here. As a result he was selected as first substitute for the Olympiad.

Plenty of talent

We think their opponents would be happy if they only had to beat these two stars. Unfortunately for them the team of Van Oeckel consists of a whole lot of top class racers. You can click on their names to read their pedigrees.  

 Nadal (6126250/11):

Quievrain local: 41/941
Vierzon int.prov.: 18/3585
Chateauroux nat. z/c: 207/5997
Montluçon nat.: 35/22875
Montluçon nat.: 44/22384
Montluçon prov.: 3/2222
Argenton nat.: 92/7046

Kato (6126284/11) :

Marne loc.: 14/280
Blois int.Prov.: 119/5000
Vierzon int.prov.: 24/3585
Montluçon nat.: 191/22875
Blois int.prov.: 91/1108
Chateauroux prov.: 4/2487
Montluçon prov.: 53/2222
Montluçon prov.: 33/1322

Golden Lady (6031083/08):

This pigeon is already four yours old but she was still able to win 9 prizes per ten in 2012, including three per 100, at the extreme middle distance. This is an overview of her biggest achievements:

Tulle nat.: 107/7467
Vierzon int.prov.: 16/8869
Chateauroux nat z/c: 146/7400
Souillac nat. z/c: 36/2296
Bourges nat.: 132/24676
La Souterraine nat.: 4/3562
Argenton nat.: 46/12390
Blois int.prov.: 4/762
Quievrain loc. (an in between race): 2/209

Miss Chris (6126288/11)

Blois int.prov.: 65/5000
Vierzon int.prov: 26/3585
Argenton nat.: 277/22384
Argenton nat.: 487/7046

Barack Obama

The best is yet to come, that is what the re-elected President Obama said in his victory speech. It looks as if he was inspired by Bart and Nance! The future will show if the best is yet to come for these two fanciers from Oud-Turnhout. It seems nearly impossible to do better than last season, but nothing is impossible for Bart and Nance.