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Schoors-De Waele, "1st General Champion KBDB (2003)"

Schoors-De Waele from Adegem-Maldegem (BE)

The town Adegem-Maldegem can be situated in the North of East-Flanders, not far from the border with West-Flanders and the border with the Netherlands. It’s the town of the General Champion KBDB of Belgium in 2003. The partnership Schoors-De Waele won it with a coefficient of 22,34%, in front of Marcel Aelbrecht (30,61%) and Hubert Debaene (37,49%) It has been many years that the KBDB has organized this General Championship. The fanciers had to have 8 results with the first signed pigeon on different national races:
3 prizes on the long distance, 2 on the very long distance, 1 with the yearlings and 2 with the youngsters.
Not an easy task!

Who is this partnership Schoors-De Waele?
The father Odiel Schoors is a pigeon fancier for many years. He started as a young boy in Adegem. Odiel was a very good speed racer in those days. It was in 1979 when the famous Staf Theeuwes advice Odiel to start a partnership with Maurice De Waele. The best 7-8 racers of Maurice De Waele were put on the loft of Odiel. Alex Schoors, the son of Odiel, joined the new partnership in 1980. They soon switched to the middle distance and races like Blois, Chateauroux, and Poitiers…since 1983. The first success came in 1985 with 2nd provincial champion youngsters (with the superbird ‘Derby’), General Champion ‘Meetjesland’, 1st prizes on Dourdan-Chateauroux-Argenton-Blois-Poitiers. The birds raced best on the distance 200-500 km. They were not good enough for the longer distance. The strain of birds came from different fanciers, also from F. Grootaert the General Champion KBDB 1983. Other important birds came from Louis van Loon (via Staf Theeuwes) and Robert Vanrobaeys, 1988 (21 eggs) and 1992 (12 eggs). The strain Robert Vanrobaeys made the birds stronger and able to race on longer distances. The second main success came: 1st provincial Brive 1992 with ‘Carmen’ (3rd national) and 1st provincial Champion long distance youngsters 1993. Schoors-De Waele became on of the best fanciers in the big club ‘Meetjesland’ (more than 40 towns and 2000 fanciers). They won General Championship in 1994-1995-1996. Later also General Champion Fond 1997 Meetjesland and General champion half-fond Meetjesland 1996. Two hens, strain Van Robaeys, became the basic hens in this loft:

‘Ons Anneke 4368778/94’, a daughter of ‘Angoulemerke 560/92’ and ‘Bleke Vanrobaeys 488/88’. She is the direct mother of:
Khadaffi : 15-41 nat. Cahors and father of ‘Black Nose’( winner General Championship)
Late Khadaffi : full brother Khadaffi and father of ‘Mistral’ (winner General Championship)
Dundee : 14th nat. Gueret, 1st Ace Pigeon National Fondtrofee, 1st Ace Pigeon Eeklo, 1ste Ace Pigeon Meetjesland
Tina : 1ste Tours, 2nd Tours, 3rd Blois, and excellent breeding hen
Jonge Vincke : 35th nat. Argenton
Zus Jonge Vincke : 77th nat. Argenton
Zus Jonge Vincke : 2: 79th nat. Argenton
Franske : 50th nat. La Souterraine

The other basic hen is ‘De Argenton 4080931/96’, daughter of ‘Bonte Vincke 232/92’ x ‘Sister Angoulerke 559/92’. She not only won 1st nat. Argenton 2185p yl in 1997 but also 20th nat. La Souterraine 1996 against 10530 youngsters and 1st Blois 256 youngsters. She is the direct mother of:
1st Ace Pigeon Fond Meetjesland
2nd Ace Pigeon half fond Meetjesland

The Ugly : 1ste Bourges and sire of ‘Terminator’ (winner General Champion)

Black Nose : winner General Champion
‘ De Argenton’ was really important in the new success: 1st provincial Brive 1995, 1ste national ‘Fancier Half fond youngsters 1999 of the magazine De Duivenkrant, 1st nat. Argenton 1997. Schoors-De Waele wanted to race the extreme long distance races also and invested in new birds, new strains for this races: Gyselbrecht lofts (2 daughters of ‘Laureaat Barcelona’ and one daughter of ‘Turbo’). One of the daughters of ‘Laureaat Barcelona’ (1st international Barcelona 1995) became important in the success in 2003. She is the mother of 4/8 birds that win the General Champion KBDB 2003. Other long distance birds came from Frans Waerniers (son 1ste nat. Marseille X hen Ludo Claessens,NL). The birds of this strain is really super for long distance. Schoors-De Waele wanted to have birds from The Netherlands for the extreme long distance and went to Wim Muller (Eijerkamp-Muller). The results were good and they went for other birds in 2002. The crossbreeding Muller X Gyselbrechts give excellent results: 99th nat. Perpignan 2003, 195th nat. Perpignan 2003, 198th nat. Beziers 2003, 245th nat. Beziers 2003, 298th intern. Dax 2003, 102nd nat. St-Vincent 2003.
Some other birds came from Robert Buysse, Ertvelde (two birds from the brother of 1st nat. Barcelona and two from European Ace Pigeon). The crossbreeding Buysse x Waerniers gave ‘Kim 710/03’.
She won in 2003: Blois 5622p-287, Blois 3259p-135, Vierzon 2535p-250, Argenton 17.129p-703, Vichy 11.510p-710.

To conclude this story of the strains:
Lievens-Versluys (Maldegem): son and daughter of 1ste national Pau which was 50% Schoor-Dewaele
Roger Meyvaert (Ertvelde) Louis van Loon: direct bought in 1998 and 2000, the basic bird for the distance 500 km is direct Louis van Loon ‘Blauwe Van Loon’ Geert en Clare Philips
All these strains are crossbred with the old strain Vanrobaeys.

General Championship 2003
Fond (3 prizes)
Castres (851 km) national 4.101p-190 door ‘Michiel 4221076/00’
Montauban (816 km) national 6.901p-435 door ‘Popeye 4220994/00’
Souillac (718 km) national 8.327p-297 door ‘Mistral 4200305/01’
Very long distance (2 prizes)
Dax (864 km) national 5.026p-70 door ‘Michiel 4221076/00’
Beziers (877 km) national 6.336p-123 door ‘Black Nose 4200340/01’
Yearlings (1 prize)
Perpignan (949 km) national 3.954p-99 door ‘Little Porche 4224401/02’
Youngsters (2 prizes)
La Souterraine (572 km) national 13.988p-220 door ‘Terminator 4127627/03’
Vichy (565 km) zone 4.140p-17 door ‘Terminator 4127627/03’
6 different birds won the General Championship, 2 of them won each to prizes.

These are super in 2003:
Michiel 4221076/00
Beziers 5.886p-123

Castres 4101p-190 - Dax nat. 5.026p-70 - Dax intern. 19.420p-170
Winner General Championship KBDB 2003
The father is ‘Bonte Vincke 232/92’, basic bird and father of basic hen ‘Argenton Duivin 931/96’. The mother is ‘Laureaat ’94 Duivin 4480094/98’, direct daughter of ‘4428350/92’ (1st intern. Barcelona 1995 Gyselbrecht) x ‘sister Ronaldo’ Gyselbrecht (22nd intern. Barcelona 1997 Gyselbrecht).

Terminator 4127627/03
Chartres 1200p-236 - Bourges 1.842p-394 - Argenton nat. 17.129p-282 - La Souterraine nat. 13.988p-220
Vichy nat. 11.510p-79
1st Ace Pigeon Fond Meetjesland - 2nd Ace Pigeon ‘De Reisduif’ fond youngsters
Winner General Championship KBDB 2003
What a talent! The father is ‘Ugly’, son 1ste provincial Brive X ‘Argenton Duivin’. The mother is ‘Miss Belgium Beauty’, from a son of ‘De Marseille’.

Other excellent birds in 2003
Mistral 4200305/01
Chateauroux 641p-59 - Argenton 369p-42 - Souillac 8327p-297
Winner General Championship KBDB 2003
The father is ‘Late Khadaffi’, brother ‘Khadaffi’ (15-41 nat. Cahors) X ‘Mistral Daughter’ (direct Gyselbrecht from strains Vansteenhuyse-Vanbruane, Van Hecke, van der Wegen)

Popeye 4220994/00
Montauban nat. 6901p-435 - Souillac nat. 8327p-421
Winner General Championship KBDB 2003
The father is ‘Witbles Ludo’, son nest-mate 1ste nat. Narbonne ’96 Frans Waerniers. The mother is ‘Laureaat ’94 Duivin’ Gyselbrecht.

Witkop 4523759/99
Chateauroux 2091p-399 - Barcelona 11.806p-2509 - Perpignan 16.800p-343
From ‘Blauwe Buysse’, son of brother 1ste nat. Barcelona R. Buysse, X ‘Oude Gyselbrecht Duivin’, direct Gyselbrecht en Vanbruaene.

Black Nose 4200340/01
Chateauroux 741p-146 - Chateauroux 594p-183 - Limoges 16.504p-2639 - Beziers 6336p-123
Winner General Championship KBDB 2003
The father is ‘Khadaffi’ and the mother is ‘Laureaat ’94 Duivin ‘ Gyselbrecht.

Little Porche 4224401/02
Chateauroux 5349p-97 - Limoges 21.409p-3739 - Perpignan intern. 4534p-110
Winner General Championship KBDB 2003
The father is ‘Muller 47’, direct Eijerkamp-Muller from strain ‘Lady Sarina’ and ‘Porche’. The mother is again ‘Laureaat ’94 Duivin’ Gyselbrecht.

Chateauroux 5349p-204 - Chateauroux 2073p-152 - Argenton 4535-56
This was a good hen in 2003. The father ‘Brive 93’ won 1st prov. Brive 1995 and the mother is ‘Van Loon 492’, direct from Louis van Loon.

The 36 pairs of breeders are matched by the end of November for the first time. Among these pairs are 12 pair for the fast work with the youngsters. This are mostly birds from the strain ‘Argenton Duivin’ and ‘Ons Anneke’. The other pairs for the very long distance are mainly new strain X own fast strain. The speed-blood must be in all the birds. Half of the racing birds are matched by the end of November also. Schoors-De Waele put the eggs of the breeders (12 pair for fast work) on the racing loft. The cocks of these breeders get another hen. The eggs are put with the other pairs on the racing loft. The breeders get the first hen again and start the third nest in a short period of time. Schoors-De Waele have many youngsters of the breeders by this system. They do not use this system for the breeders on the really long distances.

The partnership has 62 widowers (28 old birds and 34 yearlings). They only raise one youngster before racing. The youngsters (and the hens) leave the compartment of the widowers on the age of 16-18 days. The boxes are closed until the beginning of April. The widowers are matched again for 5 days breeding on eggs- the tossing begins immediately. The widowhood starts. The hens are not shows in the beginning of the races. This starts on the races 300 km. The birds are divided for the races in May. Schoors-De Waele want to enter all the races: speed, half-fond, national races.

The racers get food in one box in the middle of the comportment, mainly light diet mixture in the beginning of the week. By end the of the week, they have sport mixture and extra corn en peanuts in their breeding box. They get a cure of 5-6 Ronidazole after the first race and each 3 weeks during the season. Youngsters get a cure every Monday after a race. (Cure of one day). Alex Schoors, specialized with the youngsters, prefers racing his youngsters on the natural system but gets better results with young cocks on widowhood. These young cocks (30) are put on a special compartment immediately. They are darkened from 18.00 PM until 8.00 AM until June. They are paired up with an old hen by the end of May and can breed for 10 days. Now their widowhood can begin. Alex was very successful with this system for several years: He won 4 x 1st Ace pigeon youngsters Meetjesland, 1x 2nd Ace Pigeon, 1x 3rd Ace pigeon!

But this ‘Ace’ birds do not race well as a yearling. This is why Schoors-De Waele does not race them a lot as yearling. They race well again as 2-year-olds.
Carlo Gyselbrecht is the vet of Schoors-De Waele. He does not give many drugs so the partnership gives lots of natural products: Herba, Kreutzer, Tricogo, and De Reiger. As owners of a shop (food and products for animals) it is important to have the best products and the best mixture. Schoors-De Waele give the mixture Wal Zoontjes (superbreed premium and superdiet Beyers) and the French cribs corn of Vanrobaeys.

Results 2003
Old birds
Montauban 6901: 241-435 (3)
Souillac 8327: 297-421-468-1980 (6)
Dax 19.420: 170-298-1393 (3)
Beziers 6336: 123-1260 (4)
Barcelona 11806: 1993-2509 (3)
Perpignan 16.800: 343 (3)
Limoges 21409: 98-393-517-543-585-1180-1209-1819-1901-3052-3131-3341-3739 (24)
Beziers 4959: 198-245 (6)
Perpignan 4534: 110-213-580-1071 (5)
St-Vincent 5101: 102-1017-1180 (7)
Chartres 1200: 7-30-31-32-75-92-93-98-99…
Chartres 403: 4-7-31-33...
Tours 168: 1-4-8-9-17-23-24-30
Bourges 4798: 17-65-87-171-406-428-725-773-884-890
Blois 3259: 2-40-50-135-248-297-337
Tours 287: 4-6-11-20-44-47-59-64-85-95
Tours 7-10-18-40-94-111-147-161-233-287
Bourges 45.684: 748-2278-4377-5777-10179
Argenton 17.129: 282-674-703-899-1118-1193-1211-2128
La Souterraine 13988: 220-1093-1392-1423-2569-3378-3611
Vichy 11510: 79-224-710-948-2290-2353