The Olympic of Georges and Jozef Comyn (Kanegem, BE) is winner of 1st national Tulle yearlings; three of four yearlings finish in the top-48 national against 10,251 birds

The first national from Tulle yearlings arrived home near the mill in the town of Kanegem. This mill (Mevrouwmolen) is a listed monument and a while ago they have started to restore the mill. But at the moment its blades have not been replaced yet due to a lack of money to continue the work.

The town of Kanegem, widely known for its flowers, is part of the city of Groot-Tielt and is situated on the border between the provinces of West and East Flanders. When you enter the town you can see rows of red and white roses along the road. The town centre itself has a beautiful display of flowers as well. When you pay a visit to the property of the Comyn family you are welcomed by a wonderful collection of flowers in soil and flower boxes. It is a great environment for the farm of the three brothers who live and work here together. Two of them (Georges and Jozef) are pigeon fanatics and have been successful in the grand distance for many years. They live in an oasis of calm in a natural setting. This town is well known among cyclists and tourists who pay a visit to Kanegem for its historic centre with the wonderful church and the bronze statue of the legendary Flemish cyclist Briek Schotte.

It was exactly 20 years ago that Georges and Jozef had won the first national from Limoges against 8,952 pigeons with their Atleet I (89-3210454) which was soon to become one of the stock fathers of the loft. One of its full brothers has won a first national Zone A yearlings from Limoges. One of the hens that stems from the same bloodlines became an excellent breeding hen and was mother of several first prize winners in races over 500 to 700 km. The Comyn family had for instance Kleine Limoges from 1999, a grandson of Atleet I, with the following list of achievements:

23th national Limoges 23,550 yearlings in 2000 and 1st /373 p. in the long distance club
5th  prov.    Limoges championship race 1,145 p. in 2001 and 1st /105 p. in the long distance club
19th prov.    Limoges championship race 3,619 p. in 2002
4th  prov.    limoges championship race 2,876 p. in 2003

This is really a top class pigeon! But the Comyn family has had several of these cracks throughout their careers as pigeon fanciers. These bloodlines are still part of their present family.

It is Saturday 4 August. We would almost forget but there was also a national race from Tulle! At 14:11’55” the Olympic 11-3123210 was clocked in Kanegem after a race of 620.615 km (with a velocity of 1506.65 m/min). The two fanciers had to wait for the result until 5 o’clock in the afternoon. But as soon as they heard of the national victory everybody wanted to congratulate them. “We gave our winning pigeon the name Olympic because the Olympic Games are taking place right now”, said Jozef.

  •  3 of their 4 yearlings have finished in the national top in the race from Tulle. Impressive!

The two brothers had four yearlings From Tulle and these were the overall results:

Long distance club 136 p: 1st, 3rd  and 4th with their 3rd, 2nd and 1st nominated respectively
Provincial 1,037 p:       1st, 20th and 21th
National 10,251 p:        1st, 47th and 48th an overall success!


  •  A portrait of the Olympic!

As a youngster he did some training rides of about 300 km to gain some experience, just like any pigeon in the loft of Comyn. As a yearling he had his first big test in the national from Chateauroux, of course after a few preparatory training flights. The aim was to do some other national races as well, because the Comyn brothers attach much importance to the long distance and the grand distance, the national races that is. Olympic was coupled mid March along with the other widowers in the loft and they bred for a few days. The previous nest pigeons were released 30 km away and then they were basketed for Clermont (197 km). The experienced old birds had to cover some longer distances and the yearlings did a flight from Clermont a few times and a couple of middle distance races before they started doing national races.

Let’s take a look at some of the excellent results of the Olympic as a yearling, which is an exceptional long distance pigeon:

Chateauroux 02/06 :
Fondclub    27th / 357 p
Provincial 249th / 2,905 p
National   675th / 15,902 p
Limoges 16/7:
Fondclub    16th / 409 p
Provincial 164th / 2,867 p
Zone A     408th / 7,419 p
National   835th / 17,735 p
Tulle 4/8:
Fondclub     1st / 136 p
Provincial   1st / 1,037 p
National :   1st / 10,251 p

His parentage:

Sire: Roman: 04-3069362, a very good long distance racer himself
GF: Urbi : 03-3240187 is a grandson of Witslag Limoges 278/95 of A & R De Saer from Ruiselede
GM: Blauwe Lindelauf Nl-01-5156315, was purchased at the public auction of Lindelauf & Sons
Dam: Vlaminck-duivin: 06-6116518, stems from the lofts of Marc Vlaminck from Ramsel and was purchased from Florimond Verlinden from Middelburg

  • Throughout their careers the Comyn brothers have always had some excellent long distance pigeons!

We have already mentioned that this national win from Tulle was not the first important victory for the brothers from Kanegem.

In 2005 they have won the classification for two year olds in the Euro Diamond in 2004-2005, with their famous Pauman 388-02 who had a great result from Pau in two consecutive seasons: in 2005 he had a 7th international against 8,438 pigeons and a 3rd national against 2,212 pigeons. In 2004 he had a 345th national 8,270 pigeons and a 347th international 19,477 pigeons. Another top class pigeon that was part of the Euro Diamond Team was Ultimo 450-99 who took a 4th national against 6,480 pigeons and a 12th international against 17,570 pigeons from Perpignan.

We have some more results that illustrate the value of this family of pigeons! Let’s take for instance the 2011 season:

Tarbes (Agen) 789 km
Fondclub     159 p : 14 -21 -35 (3/3)
Provincial 1,155 p : 90-125-220
National   4,818 p : 346 – 478 -916
Narbonne old birds
Fondclub      105 p: 6-7-33 (3/3)
Provincial    965 p: 75-85-284
National   12,605 p: 4-547-575-2357
FC Wallonie 6,428 p: 269-287-1299
Narbonne yearlings
Fondclub     101 p: 19th (1/1)
Provincial 1,137 p: 117th
National   7,027 p: 615th
The best results from 2012 !
5th   national Limoges 13,781 p with Rik 10-3040039
24th  national Cahors
78th  national Souillac
130th national Pau (32th in 'Beide Vlaanders' / 471 p)
817th internat Perpignan 15,192 p
Barcelona 2012
Fondclub     226 p: 10-44 (4 sent in)
Provincial 1,650 p: 84-326
National  11,590 p: 595 – 2287
Limoges of 02/06
National  13,781 p: 5-450-512-563-672…. (8/12)

To conclude we would like to introduce you to a pigeon with ring number 11-3123251, who has the same age as Olympic. It seems he just as talented as the national first prize winner from Tulle:

17/6 Montluçon
Fondclub:     5th / 280 p
Provincial:  34th / 2,609 p
National:   933th / 22,875 p
2/6 Chateauroux
Fondclub:    45th / 357 p
Provincial: 364th / 2,905 p
National: 1,082th / 15,902 p
16/7 Limoges
Fondclub:    11th / 409 p
Provincial: 117th / 2,867 p
National:   647th / 17,735 p
04/8 Tulle
Fondclub:     4th / 136 p
Provincial:  24th / 1,037 p
National:    48th / 10,251 p

This was our report on the excellent long distance colony of Comyn that took a national win yearlings from Tulle by the end of the long distance and grand distance season. We would like to congratulate Georges and Jozef on their performance.