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Libourne for Gerard Samyn (Rumbeke, BE) winner of 1st national Libourne yearlings

For Gerard, Saturday 7 July will be a day he will not forget. He took a victory most fanciers can only dream of. His light chequer 11-3021308 took the first place in the national from Libourne for yearlings.

The pigeon was renamed Libourne. As a youngster, it had flown Boves two times to gain some experience. In 2012 the Libourne was basketed for Arras (2 x), Clermont (2 x), L’Aigle and Tours. This proved to be a good preparation for the race from Libourne where he had to cover 711.752 km.

The loft of Gerard is situated in the West-Flemish city of Roeselare. Its family of pigeons is largely based on the lines of Noël Peiren (from Zedegem). It is clear that the winner from Libourne 2012 is a born long distance racer. This loft has about seven stock pairs to breed new long distance racers. 60 youngsters are ringed every year; the 2012 season was started with 35 widowers. The pigeons are flown out in summer as well as in winter. That way they should be able to cope with any kind of weather.

From Libourne Gerard has already won:

Fondclub against 169 pigeons:1-6-24-26-31-36-46-55
Provincial against 1285 pigeons: 1–54–193–205–277–308–419 (7/19)
National: starting with a 1st prize against 7,957 pigeons

Let’s have a look at some of the other results of this family in middle distance races in recent years:

1st  Montauban op 109 d. in the middle distance club (2010)
17th and 43rd Libourne middle distance club against 147 yearlings (2010)
12th Bordeaux (Agen) in in middle disdtance club against 106 old birds (2011)
7th  Montauban in middle distance club against 169 old birds (2012)
9th – 14th - 28th - 43rd - 48th  Bordeaux (Agen) Fondclub against 133 pigeons (2012)

The national winner from Libourne is a 100% Peiren pigeon, this is his pedigree:

Sire : Brouwier: 96-3287022 (winner of 3 x Barcelona, for instance 25th national against 8,915 pigeons in 1987)
GF : Brauwier: 83-3020156
GM: Rosanne: 86-3093547

Dam : Blauw 262: 05-3219262
GF : Temme Molenaar: 94-3320789 (Marseille-Peiren line)
GM: ’t Blauw 76: 01-3013276 (Artiest-Peiren line)

Gerard’s brother Johan is in charge of the administrative side of the loft. Johan is also an avid fancier and the national victory of his brother means a lot to him. Gerard is more of an longer middle distance fancier whereas Johan prefers middle distance and sprint races. We would like to congratulate the entire family on this national win in the race from Libourne.