Schuiling Gerard and Remco, "General champion sprint in province 8 GOU"


Gerard and Remco SCHUILING, Wijhe (NL)




Last year I introduced you in detail to Gerard (64) and Remco (38) when their Britney was a representative at the Olympiad in Oostende as 1st in the sport class category Long Distance. In this report no attention will be given to the racing and feeding system etc, only to the pigeons who ensured that they achieved the title provincial champion in 2007. Both gentlemen have won many prizes and titles, but it is not that easy to become provincial champion. In the 2006 season they raced almost as well as this year, but it didn't go very smoothly with the youngsters.
Because of this they coupled their pigeons between Christmas and New Year for the last season and once the youngsters were flying well they darkened up until the 21st of June and then they used lighting. In the 2007 season the youngsters raced excellently, and together with the terrific performances of the old pigeons, it was enough to safeguard the prestigious title of provincial champion sprint.


Championships 2007 in province 8 GOU
Short distance
2nd not nominated
1st nominated Short middle distance
2nd not nominated
1st nominated Youngsters
4th not nominated
Late races
6th not nominated
7th nominated Sprint
1st not nominated
2nd nominated

Ace pigeons 2007 in province 8 GOU

Short Distance
6th with 04-NL-1439221 (4 prizes)
8th with 04-NL-1438765 (4 prizes)
Short middle distance
11th with 05-NL-1986810 (6 prizes) Youngsters
7th with 07-NL-1256237 (6 prizes)
Late races
3rd with 03-NL-1785510 (7 prizes)
7th with 05-NL-1986911 (7 prizes)
with 04-NL-1439221 (15 prizes)
3rd with 03-NL-1785510 (15 prizes)
8th with 03-NL-1784742 (14 prizes)

The Ace pigeons sprint in more detail 04-NL-1439221

This slate red cock answers to the name "Ronaldo" and has the red 02-NL-2315030 as father.
The father of "Ronaldo" was bred from the blue chequer 98-NL-2219819, who was at the time loaned from the Comb. Lansink from Lichtenvoorde and the red 98-NL-1998757 from Gerard Maatman. The mother of "Ronaldo" is the red chequer 00-NL-1268165, a super breeding hen and a beautiful pigeon. She is also the mother of the 3rd Ace pigeon sprint, the "510", and the nest-mate of "Ronaldo", the "220" (also a great racer). The parents of the 00-NL-1268165 are the red 97-NL-2561389,"Schone Rooie" van Bertus Camphuis en de blue hen 97-NL-2561404, "Schoon Blauw", from Bertus Camphuis.


"Ronaldo" raced in 2007 the following honours list:
Lommel 5 against 2775 pigeons
Duffel 20 against 2624 pigeons
Haasrode 129 against 2162 pigeons
Arras 36 against 2334 pigeons
Peronne 35 against 1708 pigeons
Morlincourt 27 against 1141 pigeons
Chantilly 3 against 1150 pigeons
Pommeroeul 18 against 1113 pigeons
Pommeroeul 6 against 1313 pigeons
Boxtel 109 against 1175 pigeons
Lommel 68 against 1192 pigeons
Haasrode 4 against 1210 pigeons
Pommeroeul 48 against 1055 pigeons
Peronne 28 against 704 pigeons
Peronne 3 against 510 pigeons


The "510" is a red cock, whose father is "TURBO", 97-NL-2311926, who in turn was bred from the 89-NL-2804270, "De Kweker" and 90-NL-2942407, "Daughter the Petje" (both of the strain Mees Doornekamp).
The mother of the "510" is the red chequer 00-NL-1268165, a super breeding hen and a very beautiful pigeon. She is also the mother of the 1st Ace pigeon sprint, "Ronaldo" and his nest-mate, the "220" (also a terrific racer). The parents of the 00-NL-1268165 are the red chequer 97-NL-2561389,"Schone Rooie" from Bertus Camphuis and the blue hen 97-NL-2561404, "Schoon Blauw", from Bertus Camphuis.


This chequer cock has as father "the Super 47", 97-NL-2313347, who is also father of "Britney" (1st Olympiad pigeon Long Distance category). "The Super 47" was in: " 2000 1st Ace pigeon of the district Deventer " 2001 5th best cock WHZB " 2002 3rd Ace pigeon short distance from The Best of the Best" 2003 2nd Ace pigeon province 8 GOU "De Super 47" was bred from the stock cock of their loft: "de Vooruitvlieger" and the "526", a fine breeding hen from Mees Doornekamp (strain Janssen). The mother of the "742" is the blue-band 02-NL-1141265 from Bertus Camphuis. The parents of the 02-NL-1141265 are the light chequers, the 92-NL-1525311 and the 97-NL-2561358. 

The most noticeable performances from 2007

" Gerard and Remco SCHUILING raced from Lommel (Late races) 1-5 in region 2! Gerard and Remco had basketted 16 pigeons for this 140 kilometre race. The pigeons were liberated from Lommel at 07.30 am and at 08.50 am five pigeons had returned home. They were all clocked within 8 seconds. The 04-NL-1439274 was first over the antennae with a velocity of nearly 1742 m/m and achieved the regional victory. The other four pigeons were regionally 2-5. 1-5 raced against 4197 old pigeons in this strong region, a real world performance! Not undermining the other four pigeons, I would like to introduce you to the winner: It is a cock that was raced with two-day old eggs.
The father of the winner is the "Vooruitvlieger" (92-NL-2114118) and stock cock of the Schuiling loft. The "Vooruitvlieger" has produced a few cracks, such as "De Strik", 1st Ace pigeon short distance National NPO, "Super 147 (97-NL-2313147 5th best cock WHZB. The descendants of the "Vooruitvlieger" breed exceptionally well because the "Super 147" is in turn father of the 04-NL-1439276 "Britney" Olympiad pigeon Long Distance Oostende 2007.
The mother of the "274" comes from the 99-NL-1643856 "De Inteelt" from Mees Doornekamp from Hoevelaken.

"Gerard and Remco SCHUILING add Morlincourt to their name!

The pigeon that managed a first from Morlincourt against 4369 pigeons in Region 2 is the 06 - NL-1648111. This year the "111" raced a 7th prize from Lommel against 2775 pigeons and an 11th from Peronne against 1708 pigeons. This cock was raced in widowhood.
The father of the "111" is the 00 -NL- 5022561, who in turn comes from the super breeder from Bertus Camphuis from Eefde, the 86-183633 x 94-2688743 sister Xantia.
From mothers side he descends from a self-bred hen, strain Mees Doornekamp from Hoevelaken. The winning "111" had a velocity of 1714 m/m from a distance of 381 km.

The objectives for 2008

Gerard and Remco just want to do their best to obtain good performances. Level-headed as they are, they also add: " Lat season was great, but we will start this season afresh."


Gerard and Remco are passionate fanciers, but have the ability to put everything into perspective. They are still enjoying the provincial championship (and rightly so), but make the remark that in order to achieve that title all the jigsaw pieces have to fall into place at the right time. Gerard and Remco, the best of luck for the coming season.