Rinkema Cor, "Winner in sector 3 from a very fast St. Vincent against 5925 pigeons"

Cor RINKEMA, Lelystad, (NL)
Cor with the winning hen

Cor (37) is manager of his own construction company and in order to relax from his busy schedule he attended the Seaborn jazzfestival in Lelystad Saturday evening. He finally got to bed at 02.15h. After sleeping for only two hours he went to pick up his pigeon friend Bart Knol. It was still quite dark outside. To be on the safe side Cor had activated his electronic system the evening before. Cor and Bart were stood near the loft talking when Cor suddenly heard a short bleep that sounded like his antennae. Cor and Bart walked towards the loft, but thought it couldn’t be a pigeon because it was still quite dark. Cor checked the system and saw St. Vincent on the screen. It didn’t get through to him that it was a pigeon from St. Vincent (he was still feeling the effects of the party the night before). Cor became more nervous and decided to turn the light on, and indeed, there was a pigeon sitting there, but it could be one from the previous week. Cor was still doubtful. Then it dawned on him that the pigeon was the “900” and she had been entered for St. Vincent. Could it be true? The system was checked once again and now he saw: 03-NL-1804900, entered 4th, clocked at 04.45.38h. Cor and Bart were over the moon, still not believing what had happened. When Cor went to register the pigeon, he had to wake the man up and the man thought Cor was playing a joke on him, because when the pigeons were basketted for St. Vincent Cor kept saying “I’m going to get you out of bed tomorrow!” Bart took over and finally convinced the man that it wasn’t a prank. Then the circus began, as only national winners know. The telephone rang constantly. It was so bad that it took Cor a great deal of effort to register his second pigeon.

The winning hen
The “900” is a chequered hen bred by Jan Bos from Urk.
The father is a Delbar x line “46” Verbarth.
The mother is Jan Aarden strain. Cor became friends with Jan Bos through a stray pigeon.
The achievements of the “900” were nothing special up until this St. Vincent.  In 2004 she raced Bergerac as a yearling: no prize, but came home the same day looking well.
In 2005 19th from Brive in the club “P.V. de Flevokoerier” and a small prize from Bergerac. She always looked well when she came home.
In 2006 she returned the same day from a difficult St. Vincent, but no prize. And it was exactly the same from Mont de Marsan.
In 2007 she won St. Vincent against 5925 pigeons in sector 3.

The winning hen St. Vincent 2007


Cor has lofts totalling 25 metres, with the front facing east-south-east. Because Cor doesn’t have much time, he uses the dry method. Up until 2001 Cor took part in the sprint races, but in order to spend more time with his family he switched to the overnight races. Cor is still busy building up a long distance loft. Cor has pigeons from Schoenmaker, Amsterdam, Bert de Graaff, Lelystad from his Bordeaux-line and Chris van de Velde, Strijen. Cor has 10 breeding couples. Cor is of the opinion that you have to breed a lot of pigeons in order to see which ones are any good. In 2003 he bred about 100 youngsters but now has only 8 useable pigeons left.

Racing system
Cor races his pigeons while they are nesting, because widowhood didn’t suit him. He lost too many pigeons. In preparation for the overnight flights Cor enters his pigeons for a short or middle distance race on alternating weeks. He always uses the same food: Unie Star from Bert Wielink, IJsselmuiden. Cor feeds the pigeons 30 grams per day, which is more than enough. As the long distance races approach Cor adds peanuts from Bert Wielink so that the pigeons become well-rounded. Two days before basketting the pigeons are fed according to the weather forecast.
The pigeons train in teams for about an hour, with the youngsters being trained last at 16.30h.

Medical matters
Before the start of the season the racing pigeons are given a preventive cure for trichomoniasis. After the first two or three races the pigeons are given, depending on the weather conditions, orni-mix from Nanne Wolff in the drinking water. Cor doesn’t like giving his pigeons medicine just for the sake of it, because too many antibiotics are not good for them and it is also expensive. According to Cor, the pigeons should be “clean” when they are basketted. 10-12 days prior to basketting for St. Vincent the pigeons raced a difficult Peronne and when they returned home Cor gave them a capsule for trichomoniasis from Nanne Wolff and treated them for three days with orni-mix I. Then he increased the food because a south westerly wind was forecast. The day before and the day of basketting Cor gave the pigeons drops in their eyes. If the drops disappear straight away, then the pigeon has a clear head.

In 2003 Cor achieved 128th national Bergerac against approximately 26.000 pigeons.
In 2006 the 66th national Mont de Marsan.
In 2007 Brive division 8 GOU, a tough race with north east wind in district long distance  Flevoland against 439 pigeons and 41 competitors: 6th (139th in district 8 GOU against 6857 pigeons), 23rd, 37th,38th,45th,51st,71st, 72nd, 75th, 86th, 87th. Cor had entered 41 pigeons for this race.
Cor only clocked on the overnight races, so he can’t show us what his pigeons did in the training races.

Aims for the future
Cor wants to add to his stock birds and carry on the way he is going... He is going the right way if you look at what he has achieved with this national victory.

I was the guest of a fancier, who doesn’t make a fuss about keeping pigeons and who tries to keep the game as simple as possible. He tries to keep pigeons in a relatively cheap manner. His pigeons take second place, and as he rightly says, his family come first. He has enjoyed what this victory has brought, but keeps in touch with reality.
Cor, congratulations with this fantastic victory and success with the following long distance races.