Best international acebird on Perpignan over the last 2, 3, 4 & 5 years

The rankings of the best Acebirds from Perpignan over the last 2, 3, 4 and 5 years are known. The winners are all Dutch: Jaap Van der Velden (2007-2011 & 2008-2011), Philip Geerdink (2009-2011) and Ad Fortuin (2010-2011).

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If you have any questions you can consult Steve Vanoverstraeten: tenrv.vttlvbnateeeante ere@ess.eo. More classifications from Steve Vanoverstraeten can be found here.

Son Jaap & father Chris Van der Velden (†) in 2008

Maximus, best Acebird from Perpignan 2007-2011 & 2008-2011

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A short report over the winning pigeon:

Jaap and the late Chris Van Der Velden, Zuid Beijerland: Primus Inter Pares from Perpignan International 2007 – 2011

Last sport season was once again one where Jaap got some beautiful garlands from the arena of the grand distance. By the opening of the grand distance happenings he immediately won 1st national Pau. The closing of the season could also be written in gold letters.

From Perpignan nest cock “Maximus” won his fifth consecutive prize. And what a prize, the 9 national and the 11th international. With this performance he followed in the footsteps of a few other toppers by Jaap, which belong to the best grand distance racers in the Benelux, including  “De Primus”, ringnr 01-1871563, and “de goede 58”  01-1871558, 2 pigeons with a fabulous series of prizes from Barcelona and “De Jonge Favoriet” (the 99-2343332). This latter was also the 1st Acebird nat. Barcelona 2003-2007 (5 years) and 1st Acebird. nat. Perpignan 2001-2005 (5 years) and won a prize 8 times from Barcelona.

Over the last five years Maximus won 5 prizes from Barcelona and 5 from Perpignan. He is also the Primus Inter Pares in the Perpignan races, edition 2007 up to and including 2011. He begand his career in the international races with an 8th nat DAX in 2006 and closed his sporting career with the 11th INT from Perpignan. 

Palmares “Maximus” (04-2036532)

12 x prize in the grand distance

1st Acebird int. Perpignan 2011 over 4 and 5 years

1st Acebird nat. Perpignan'07-'11 (5 yr.) 1st Acebird nat. Perpignan'07-'10 (4 yr.) 1st Acebird nat. Perpignan'07-'09 (3 yr.) 3rd Acebird nat. Barcelona’07-'11 (5 yr.)   804th nat. Bordeaux’05 (as a yearling)

8th   nat. Dax ZLU'06 (very tough) 18th  int. Dax'06 162nd nat. Perpignan'07 (696th int.) 107th nat. Perpignan'08 (368th int.) 285th nat. Perpignan'09 (911th int.) 303rd nat. Perpignan'10 (1292nd int.) 9th   nat. Perpignan'11 11th  int. Perpignan'11

1407th nat. Barcelona’07 (3224th int.) 754th  nat. Barcelona'08 (1308th int.) 1693rd nat. Barcelona’09 (4866th int.) 311th  nat. Barcelona'10 (968th int.) 1033rd nat. Barcelona’11 (2006th int.)